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  • Harvey D Norris
    One of the crazy things at the beginning was loading a certain jpeg file many years ago, at 6/2001, 6 months after yahoo teslafy began... where it went into
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      One of the crazy things at the beginning was loading a certain jpeg
      file many years ago, at 6/2001, 6 months after yahoo teslafy began...
      where it went into the wrong place, and remained at the bottom in the
      files section in

      This was called...
      tube immersion.jpg
      Let me state the complications involved here... It costs a lot of
      money to do what I do, but I do it for the hope of scientific
      discovery, and the logical extension of an idea that should be
      possible by the understandings of the laws of physics. To confront
      the idea of a flux capacitor: we are quickly repelled from even
      exploring that possibilility because we recognize that even better
      possibilities exist by going to the next step of thinking, which is
      to have better than a single phase reaction, so to progress in the
      spatial interaction of magnetic and electric fields in resonance,
      instead we should create two phases of resonance from the alternator
      high frequency three phase, and then begin to experiment with aspects
      of putting the electric field from one phases resonance inside the
      magnetic field of another phases resonance, and looking at possible
      reactions there. Those reactions indicate that one phase could add
      current ot another phase past the junction point of the currents
      being joined in unison to connect to the common resonances on the
      inside three phase triangles, (inner DSR's on a three phase resonant
      outer DSR(Delta Series Resonant triangle)
      In this case here it is easy to see why things might be had by better
      thinking, however skipping such a essential step always goes back to
      haunt the mind, whereby if we see an effect; shouldnt we first
      explore the effect more methodically in the first place: and then
      expand on more sure territorry by replicating the same thing from
      more fundamental understandings? By believing in the future so well,
      it is like taking two steps forward, and then one step backward to
      rediscover how we got there. So the single phase flux capacitor gig
      has never even been put in place, so lets let Peabodies cartoon time
      machine explain why.
      When the reactance demands of the existant high induction coils were
      first measured and resonated using plexiglass capacities @ 480 hz
      standard alternator freq in this set up, the construction of a axial
      water capacity to match that value was not possible with a ~ 2inch
      central copper pipe electrode, and the 5 inch aluminum foil water
      pichure insulator. To make up the difference of lack of capacity a
      second inner plate was added as an insertable test tube with an
      electrode inside as foil connection in that aqueous solution of
      water., and then the predicted value needed for resonance could be
      tested prior to insertion into the countermanded magnetic phase of
      The futility of the idea of trying this approach via a single phase
      of resonance, is that then it reminds one of the Zen saying: what is
      the sound of one hand clapping?
      This is because with only a single manifestation of energy
      oscillations between the energies of those magnetic and electric
      fields reacting among themselves in space, it resembles that koan.
      But with two sources of energy transpositions the possibilities for
      obtaining a reaction of fields sounds much better, more like the
      sounds made by two hands clapping, therefore quite more logical.
      So in the beginning the logical methods were chosen. Then eventually
      it was discovered that for one phase, connections could be made in
      one polarity so that the water capacity necessary for resonance didnt
      need to be so high as the predictions made them, so that the inner
      electrode was not needed, or so we imagine....
      This was because the changing electric field made by one phase in
      resonance: being spatially reacted with the adjacent phase of
      resonance: in turn produced a magnetic field as an after -effect in
      that core; thereby changing the demands for that capacity needed to
      resonate on that phase, ...add infinatim, into quite an issue of
      confusion. The reverse effect also takes place in that the resonance
      being used as a interacting electric field also has its demands for
      resonance changed so that both interact with each other in a
      problematic way. Since the original intention of all of these
      mechanisms is to exploit the possible 90 degree reactions, if we are
      shooting in the dark, it should be appropriate to start back at the
      beginning to try first to set some laws down.
      That is why the mutual inductance of two coils as a resonator might
      supply some beginning answers. Then the total inductance will go down
      somewhat, and the axial water capacitive resonator to match it will
      not need the extra inner elctrode assembly to begin with. Then we can
      say here is the value of resonance before insertion into the sound of
      one hand clapping, and here is the results giving reverse polarity of
      that one hand clapping. Then we can better imagine how to correctly
      make the sounds of two hands clapping....

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