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  • xyme3@aol.com
    In a message dated 1/25/2003 11:07:44 AM, dave@volantis.org writes: Thanks for your reply. I hate to quote reference from memory, however I am still unpacking
    Message 1 of 14 , Feb 1, 2003
      In a message dated 1/25/2003 11:07:44 AM, dave@... writes:
      Thanks for your reply. I hate to quote reference from memory, however I am
      still unpacking from a recent move. Will list exact reference when I can
      locate materials.

      >What do you think was the source of the particles in the Wardencliffe patent
      and how were the particles used in the receivers? <

      Either a tungsten rod or some other material, perhaps hydrogen.
      The particles were used to transmit energy to the ionosphere. The receiver
      was simply tuned to receive energy from an overcharged ionosphere. The most
      recent book I read stated the arcs from Wardencliff could be seen hundreds of
      miles out at sea and as far south as Nashville.

      > The Tesla carbon button and ruby crystal experiments were previous
      > experiments directed along these lines. Different materials charged to
      > degrees were found to break apart into tiny pieces and be
      > repelled sometimes emitting brilliant light. All that was needed was an
      > ended vacuum tube so the charged particles could escape from the
      > housing.

      >You're discussing four separate inventions here. Wardencliffe, the carbon
      button lamp, brilliant light from a vacuum in a high potential - high
      frequency field, and his "death ray". <

      Not to mention the Tesla turbine, which was also to be employed. "Wizard" by
      Seifer, has a passage that states that the Wardencliff project involved four
      separate inventions. Most of the quotes are from that book and Martains book,
      Research writings and inventions of Nikola Tesla.

      >Other than all of these inventions
      are powered by high frequency, high potential electricity, they have little
      in common. The particle gun definitely was not a part of Wardencliffe.
      There were no vacuum tubes in the Wardencliffe design. The technology of
      using grids in a vacuum tube for emitting high energy particles was not
      discovered until after Wardencliffe was dynamited to the ground.<

      In my opinion, the common link you mention is an important clue.

      His death ray, light from a vacuum in high potential, and Wardencliff
      all involved transfer of energy.
      The carbon button lamp was one of several experiments, which proved that
      crystals exposed to intense electrical fields produced particles that flew
      off so fast they shattered the vacuum tube. This is thought to be the
      forerunner experiment for the ruby crystal laser, only it was much better in
      that it utilized charged particles to carry the energy. I suspect Tesla kept
      some of the technology hidden until after Wardencliff.
      Also in my opinion, the entire central shaft of Wardencliff was an open-ended
      vacuum tube of sorts. An element, such as tungsten, could be exposed to an
      intense electrical field and the particles that fly off should be repelled by
      the magnetic field of the primary.

      The carbon button lamp did emit particles, but these particles remained
      within the lamp and formed a plasma which swirled about the terminal. The
      reason the "death ray" vacuum tube had an open end was to allow the
      particles to escape. That is something that couldn't have happened in the
      carbon button lamp.<

      Agreed, the carbon button lamp was for the purpose of lighting. I suspect the
      other materials experimented in a high potential field were utilized.

      >>High speed steam injected into a tube at a 45 degree angle is
      >>currently used to create a vacuum at chemical plants.

      >This is the aspirator principle. And that is likely the mechanism used by
      Tesla in his death ray tube.<

      Again I suspect Tesla did not reveal the particle beam research for some time
      after its discovery.

      >The Wardencliff tower
      >was designed to contain two high speed turbo blowers to accomplish the task
      >of creating an open ended vacuum tube. One worker at the tower was quoted
      >saying the central tube was designed to contain the energy as it flowed

      >Can you quote a source? >

      Wizard, by Seifer. The quote I mention is from a worker that was employed at

      >I have studied Tesla's Wardencliffe patents and
      writings for several years and have not come across this account. The
      "central tube" you are referring to was likely the tall, skinny solenoid
      coil that dramatically increased the potential of the energy being sent to
      the top capacitance. <

      If you look closely at actual photos of the Wardencliff project, you can see
      the central tube. Also some earlier diagrams of the Tesla transmitter and
      receiver, depict a metal pole, which has a wooden pole on top. An interview
      with one of the workers at Wardencliff indicated he thought energy was
      supposed to flow up through the central tube. I think he goes on to say Tesla
      spent a lot more time below ground than on tower construction.

      >My tall solenoid was only a 1 to 3 ratio to the pancake secondary. Tesla's
      tall solenoid was a much greater ratio. Someday I'll wind a taller,
      skinnier solenoid with a ratio of something like 1 length in the pancake to
      15 lengths in the solenoid. This will give me a much higher voltage. With
      the 1 to 3 ratio I still have too much current in the top terminal and the
      sparks are bright white and very hot.<

      >the tar lined caverns were vented some distance away from the
      >tower where the gas was burned to produce heat.) It is also suspected the
      >lower tar lined caverns would be flooded by the ocean at high tide,
      >effectively dumping the charge of the primary coil.

      >Yes, the tar lined caverns were intended to be flooded to serve as a ground
      for the system. Being directly connected to the highly saline Atlantic
      Ocean would give the best possible ground connection to Earth. These
      caverns had steel pipes in them that were directly connected to the ground
      of the Wardencliffe coil system.<

      Imagine if you will connecting the ground to 6 lake sized capacitors. The
      torrid connected to 4 capacitors, about a meter cubed. The energy between
      torrid and primary is in a state of balance, the charge on the torrid tending
      to be attracted to the charge on the primary. (If the energy in the primary
      is suddenly dumped, the energy stored in the torrid has no place to go.)
      Charged particles created inside the base of the open ended vacuum tube would
      be attracted to the torrid, just as they are repelled by the primary,
      resulting in acceleration of charged particles.
      Recent developments in metal coating demonstrate charged particles can be
      accelerated to several hundred meters per second in distances as little as 2
      centimeters. (Nasa Tech) I think this same technology was applied at the turn
      of the last century.

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