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Note on Impossible Correspondence.

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  • harvich
    Michael R Norris, younger brother of 5 years and founder of the American Bar Association in Ohio has become incarcerated for some minor infractions concerning
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2002
      Michael R Norris, younger brother of 5 years and founder of the
      American Bar Association in Ohio has become incarcerated for some
      minor infractions concerning a speeding ticket he refuses to pay at
      this point in time where he refuses to acknowlege the admiralty
      courts in the State of Ohio repression. Because he sent the ticket
      back to the courts, never appeared in court a warrant was issued and
      he was arrested in traveling duties in Hudson Ohio, but he refuses to
      bailed out of jail by aquiesing to his signature on any document. He
      has a scheduled appearance in court on July 23rd, where developements
      in his case will be noted.

      As noted, I no longer have the time to continue much work, however I
      happened to note some replies on the old Binary Resonant System
      message board that might be of interest. This is at
      ( Please Excuse the repetitive nature of pasting to wordpad and
      resending as unnecessary URL additions may appear when they are
      pasted to wordpad and resent))
      Robert Grace MetPhys@...

      has an collection of stuff at

      Impossible Correspondence

      I am quite sure I dont have the time to go there, but for those that
      like to surf have at it.

      He had posed a question concerning group 3 squares where the records
      of postings are repeated again here.

      3 dimensional bifilar windings.
      Posted by HDN on 1/17/2002, 10:49 am
      According to each windings ability, there is a need to procure the
      highest adjacent portion of a solitary winding, with reverence to the
      potential differences on that adjacent pathway. This simplest Group 1
      Square is the first 3 dimensional bifilar winding. Such a winding is
      logically built from the inside out. The purpose of these windings
      will be to lower a coils resonant frequency by encompassing the
      largest possible internal capacity. The group 3 squares will be
      necessay for binary application. I will be working out a document on
      this monumental possibility. HDN

      Re: Question..3 dimensional bifilar windings.
      Posted by Met <mailto:MetPhys@...> on 4/2/2002, 4:44 pm
      Harvey, Is a group 3 square an order-3 magic square? Robert Grace
      Link: Impossible Correspondence

      Re: Question..3 dimensional bifilar windings. <270.html> harvich
      7/11/2002, 11:26 pm
      Re: Question..3 dimensional bifilar windings.
      Posted by harvich <mailto:harvich@...> on 7/11/2002, 11:26 pm ,
      in reply to "Re: Question..3 dimensional bifilar windings. <257.html>"
      No. A group 3 square is the group that carries both the qualities of
      the odd no. size group 1 square; which places the ordering of numbers
      as 3 laws of diagonal progression: AND the group 2 square which has
      no progressional or sequential pattern in its reorganizational
      pattern from uniform sequential state of ordering. Instead the group
      2 square uses three laws of juxtapositioning, and also the
      mathematical code of 4 square ordering noted by Searl. The group 2
      square itself demands a bit of study before the group 3 square can be
      looked into. The first group 3 square has six no.s to a side and is
      the first DIFFICULT SQUARE, concerning the formation of no.s from
      uniform state. I do not yet understand those laws of formation, but
      to indicate its nature and problems of formation it can be said that
      the 4 code nature of a group 2 square is obeyed on all portions of
      the square EXCEPT for the portions of of numbers comprising a center
      cross two squares wide that crosses the center both verticaqlly and
      horizontally. The next group 3 square after the 6 square is the 10
      square of 100. By understanding the 4 code square arrangement alone,
      and how the juxtapositions can be altered without disturbing the
      integrity of the square, it can be ascertained that over 100 trillion
      (switchings for succession of each individual cycle of transmission)
      of combinations will be valid, and this is done without even
      considering how the cross function might permutate or juxtapose if it
      even has THAT FUNCTION as they say. If that function were known then
      it could be further determined THE ACTUAL AMOUNT OF POSSIBILITIES
      with that square. Needless to say the group 3 square has not been
      fully understood by the methods of discovery I have employed. Where
      the purpose of squares might be realized in electrical delivery is
      its value for coding a signal. This is the primary determination for
      when power transmission through the earth becomes practical, that on
      every cycle the generating station uses another combination of
      sending currents through its magic square coil grounded to earth,
      while still satisfying the requirement that the sending coil is in
      the arrangement of that magic square having a maximum internal
      capacity. In order for the recieving coil to be effective in
      recieving that earth transmission it must also have that key that
      unlocks the encoded signal, or exact signature mimicing the
      transmittor. This makes the metered delivery of electrical energy
      through the earth possible, for the inevitable arguments of unwilling
      investors; although similar to ALL encoding schemes it will initially
      be easy for hackers to extract that power for free. All of this is
      only scinece fiction for now, but it is easy to forcast comments on
      the possible or probable futures involved here.
      Sincerely HDN
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