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  • harvich
    Previous letter sent to attorney representing de facto State of Ohio, ect has been sent out exactly verbatim as shown in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1 9:27 PM
      Previous letter sent to attorney representing "de facto" State of
      Ohio, ect has been sent out exactly verbatim as shown in

      No responce concerning the allegations of extortion: and the practice
      of state paper terrorism have been returned from those offices. That
      lawyer representing the State is only another lawyer they have
      employed, when other lawyers representing the State have discontinued
      that practice for logical reasons. The plain and simple truths in
      these matters are the simple fact that if you have no gumption to
      stand on your rights: imaginary as they can become by statutes, then
      you simply have no rights whatsoever, and that is what those folks
      count on.

      I am now leaving the teslafy group for an extended period. No
      scientific postings will be occuring for a time period. When and if
      these things return they will be in good tiding for future results.

      The discovery of unknown scientific effects remains high on the
      agenda, but it is the the application against the present police
      state that makes the gun in the hand. We look forward to the day
      that every police state vehicle can be placed dead in their tracts by
      obfuscating those automobiles by scalar interferometry.

      We look forward to the day when the criminals of the state will be
      tried as virtual criminals; as the same punishments they have meted
      out to innocents will be placed upon the heads of those
      that "supposedly" obeyed their instructions. They were "instructed"
      to engage in common extortion on the populace for commiting
      hypothetical crimes of traveling from point A to point B, without
      mailing in their proof of insurance to do so, ect.

      There is no difference between a robber on a roadway and the modern
      tactics of legal extortion those complicent agents of the state act

      A call to the agents of (tax) extortion in this state met with a
      simple question and answer. I asked them if it is the standard
      practice to charge a citizen for the same amount an employer pays in
      to the state fund; if that person fails to file and claim that his
      employer had already paid that amount. Yes the spokesmen said: that
      is the usual procedure. I asked how to remedy that situation? In
      the past when I failed to file for a particular return; once I had
      shown the W2 forms to the agency; they renounced their claim. Why is
      it different now? Now is because of the fact of submission; they can
      do what they want; and the only way they will renounce an imaginary
      debt is if you refile the appropriate state tax form: sending in the
      W2 forms means nothing if extortion can still be employed by the
      state, because they have done it over and over for a number of years,
      so now the rules are changed: there is only one way they will not
      engage in placing illegal liens on a land holdings : that is to
      follow their rules of procedure. I said sure; send the friggin
      paperwork and I will make your red tape BS.

      Then I thought about being submissive for the purpose of extortion by
      the state: here they are telling me how to act to get out of their
      extortion, simply because it can be done if I follow their rules to
      the letter. Then I thought about what a coward I would be if I
      complied: then I knew what it means to say NO, HELL NO: I will fight
      you tooth and nail, where these things have also happened in the
      past: they call that the history of civilisation and the acts of
      overthrowing repressive governments.

      That was the attitude of a submissive individual; and his conversion
      tro revolutionary thinking of realization and what can happen if
      everyone did became submissive; then only more repression would
      follow because once again the state has used intimidation to make
      their way. So I will not do that. I will buy an AK- 47 with the
      money instead and pick a spot of land to defend instead. Eff them and
      their extortion tactics.

      There is no government itself: it is only the empowerment of smug
      individuals that do not understand that the rules of war that do not
      preclude them from being lined up on a wall and being executed by
      firing squad. It is the purpose of military cadre to obey those
      orders, but to also obey the usual conduct in military tribunals
      determining those outcomes. Those procedures have been noted.

      PRESENTED ITSELF. That is the simple truth: when they stuck their
      foot in the door and started taking drivers liscensces away for
      things in no way related to any driving activity they saw how meek
      and humble the population could become, and how every legislator then
      could pass more laws until everyone has to ask permission to use the

      Those legislators and enforcement judges will be tried for criminal
      activities in this regard in the future Republic: when these freedoms
      are restored.


      The word itself of intention is a powerful thing, so those detractors
      of freedom should know which side of the line they stand on. The
      possession of guns and military hardware are the only things that
      separate a conscientious citizenry from their oppressors.

      Just the Truth;
      Harvey D Norris
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