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  • harvey norris
    ... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/files/BRMA/Dzl9356.jpg ... Da, the reason no harmonics are present is because the magnet has cohered those high
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2002
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      --- Keith Nagel <knagel@...> wrote:
      > Hi All.
      > Jesus, what a mess!
      > Harvey has a trigger problem, to start with. The
      > waveform
      > being measured is long and varied, and the trigger
      > is firing
      > every couple of cycles of the fundamental shown on
      > the screen.
      > Hence the weird "multitrace". A digital scope would
      > have the
      > same problem, although the resulting display would
      > vary depending
      > on whether averaging was being used. You need a
      > trigger that's
      > meaningful to the whole waveform and not just the
      > fundamental.

      Da, the reason no harmonics are present is because the
      magnet has cohered those high frequency vibrations!!!
      Let us first look at the ways that they are created.

      With a Binary Resonant Sytem,(BRS); two high induction
      (air core) coils can be tuned by parallel wirings to
      each be resonant to the mutual inductions of each
      coil (at 60 hz wall resonance values) by simple
      arrangements of recording each reactance current, and
      balancing that branch by equal placement of capacitive
      reactance currents on those branches. They call those
      resonances made in a bifilar manner : but because the
      electrical system is also delivered in the same
      manner with the ground designated as neutral; the BRS
      coil system by this mutual inductance of each coil
      system can draw amperage and voltage from a off switch
      : by virtue of a one ended; or polar capacity current
      seeking its return to ground. Thus that system can
      show both voltage and amperage expression to ground;
      even though the switch enabling conduction has not
      been turned on. The dual 60 henry coil system made in
      this way will have its actions increased double fold
      if windings around a ceramic magnet intervene between
      the ground and that connection. In this way the
      voltage recorded as 60 volts without that winding will
      become 120 volts: and then that level becomes
      sufficient to show a smallest neon example of
      conduction to ground enabled by a magnet winding where
      the source itself is a switch turned to the off

      shows the small illumination obtained from the
      smallest neon bulb from a switch normally deemed to be
      in that off switch configuration; that 120 volts
      measured by meter is sufficient to cause discharge of
      this smallest neon available in size.

      Now this is the background to the effect being shown:
      the magnet winding/ or its influence has already been
      shown to be conducive to resonant currents back to
      ground. The ground can actually be a large plate area
      with respect to ground , ect.

      However in actual circuit application, an opposite
      voltage rise by resonance should circumvent that
      current from returning to ground, and it will seek its
      completion of electrical journey of currents to that
      path: but as a side consequence, a portion of current
      willl still be diverted towards that grounding.

      In the process of making that resonant voltage rise
      enabled by source frequency 60 hz resonance to
      increase each resonant voltage rise 15 fold with
      respect to the other by each coils q factor/ with a 30
      fold difference of voltage between them a barrier can
      be established between those resonant voltage rise
      sources: and with a barrier of glass and water and a
      needle suspended over the water, the arc will strike
      the water at a rapid rate, so technically the needle
      electrode conveying that arc to water will show the
      amount of rf spikes created everytime that arc strike
      occurs. Thse will be recorded by the (magnetic
      winding) inductor also measuring that influence as EM
      emanations connnected to a neon seeking its path to

      This recorded display of arcing to water is also
      recognized by the term; bursts per second, or a BPS
      rate. If a scope signature can be shown on a typical
      60 hz observation: if we can determine the amount of
      rf strikes /cycle, we can then multiply those strikes
      per cycle, or 60 times that amount per second, to site
      the example of of how many electrical strikes to
      water surface per second are actually occurring.
      Because we know that the actual charge carrier
      consists of an electron metallic substance as the
      needle where the arcing actually issues forth the arc,
      that signature should appear as a difference in the rf
      burst in the second half of the cycle/ when the water
      surface itself must be issuing the arc. These
      differences for rapid rf electrical strikes upon a
      water surface for 60 hz polarity changes are shown at
      The large strikes of rf are on that half of the cycle
      that favors it. Now then look at the situation when no
      strikes at all take place at all: this takes place by
      allowing the needle to puncture the water surface;

      Now it would be good to show how that can change by
      simply turning up the variac to make so many rf
      bursts/cycle, Via arcless high frequency; that things
      start to become unrecognizable at that future sweep
      rate, here shown again at the lower source frequency

      That is the reason for comment; there is no error
      here: the phenomenon itself when expanded in time will
      show the same result on observation: there is no
      triggering issue here at all. 4 different scopes
      recording the same thing are just what an electron
      beam sweep will see.

      In short/ If the magnet windings were not in place to
      cohere the recording of vibrations/ then you would
      really have a great mess of things, and even then
      things can become messy anyways...

      Sincerely HDN

      The file in this regard is located at
      Magnet windings excited by 60 hz BRS

      Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

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