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State Of Ohio Employs Attorney To Divert Fraud Claims

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  • harvich
    Harvey D Norris/American Bar Association 1396 Russell Dr. Streetsboro Ohio 44241 Your office has sent the letter enclosed, stating this office will vigorously
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2002
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      Harvey D Norris/American Bar Association
      1396 Russell Dr.
      Streetsboro Ohio 44241

      Your office has sent the letter enclosed, stating "this office will
      vigorously pursue enforcement through suit, garnishment, attachment
      and legal execution."

      This letter also specifies the following;
      "Unless you dispute the validity of all or any portion of this debt
      within (30) days from reciept of this letter, the debt will be
      assumed to be valid. If you provide notice of said dispute in
      writing, we shall obtain verification of the debt against you and
      said verification will be made to you."

      I can say in no uncertain terms that I would like to see this
      verification of debt, where the State of Ohio has been sent the
      records of taxes paid for this time period. In my lifelong residence
      of this State of Ohio Oppression, I have often experienced this same
      criminal effort of the attempts by the State to collect an imaginary
      debt on paper. Please realize that your office, by the aquiesance to
      the whore of Babylon, aka Betty D Montgomery, de facto Attorney
      General, will also be held liable in common pleas court according to
      statutes made in the Ohio legislature concerning "PAPER TERRORISM"

      Please be advised on the following Ohio Revised Code Statute pursuant
      to illegal placement of liens, and the consequences thereof;

      ยง 2921.03 Intimidation.
      Text of Statute
      (A) No person, knowingly and by force, by unlawful threat of harm to
      any person or property, or by filing, recording, or otherwise using a
      materially false or fraudulent writing with malicious purpose, in bad
      faith, or in a wanton or reckless manner, shall attempt to influence,
      intimidate, or hinder a public servant, party official, or witness in
      the discharge of the person's duty.*
      (B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of intimidation, a felony
      of the third degree.
      (C) A person who violates this section is liable in a civil action to
      any person harmed by the violation for injury, death, or loss to
      person or property incurred as a result of the commission of the
      offense and for reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, and other
      expenses incurred as a result of prosecuting the civil action
      commenced under this division. A civil action under this division is
      not the exclusive remedy of a person who incurs injury, death, or
      loss to person or property as a result of a violation of this section.
      * The first paragraph as amended by HB 88 (146 v --) reads as
      ". . . a party official, or an attorney or witness involved in a
      civil action or proceeding in the discharge of the duties of the
      public servant, party official, attorney, or witness."
      Also see attached a record of state taxes for 1997 paid in by
      Commonwealth Aluminum, where the action of obtaining these duely paid
      funds by placement of liens consists of malicious purpose, in bad
      faith, in a wanton in reckless manner.

      Employee Harvey D Norris ceased employment on 11/12/97 due to a 6
      month mandated incarceration via Portage County Justice Center.
      This former Employee did file no taxes for this year 1997 for the
      simple reason he never recieved W-2 forms from his employer who had
      mailed them to his former residence, and became lost records upon his
      release as those new residents ,(at the former residing address)
      claimed to have recieved no sent records. Efforts to obtain these
      records from Commonwealth Aluminum five years later only resulted in
      them telling Mr Norris to ask the State of Ohio for these records, as
      they no longer have them.


      The State of Ohio, in previous encounters of this manner when I did
      not file has always renounced their claim to funds when this evidence
      was made. Essentially the State's position unequivocally is that of a
      criminal nature; where non filers will be billed the same amount
      that the employer has already paid into the account. It is easy for
      an attorney to argue fraud under the existant statutes, where here
      explicitely your office in entirely engaged in promulgating that

      Since your office by conspiracy appears to be now in criminal
      violation of existant state statutes by the submission of this
      recieved letter: demanding payment for a debt to be paid twice,
      without acknowledgement of the debt previously paid; I have no other
      option than to seek criminal damages from a party seeking to gain
      monetary PROFIT by fraud.

      Thank you for amply supplying an address where these claims of fraud
      can be focused on the actual offending party commiting that fraud, in
      the guise of diverting those fraud claims against the actual "STATE
      OF OHIO"

      Your letter of intention to commit this fraud will be held as exhibit

      Sincerely HDN /American Bar Association
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