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BRMA Adaptation for Water as Secondary

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  • harvich
    The Binary Resonant Magnetic Amplifier, BRMA as I call it was put into operation again today, where initially the results seemed disapointing. In Colorado
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2002
      The Binary Resonant Magnetic Amplifier, BRMA as I call it was put
      into operation again today, where initially the results seemed
      disapointing. In Colorado Spring Notes, Tesla makes reference in
      August to the fact that sunlight itself seems to inhibit arcing of
      his coils, a very most improbable statement. Later on in Tesla's
      lifetime he came to some understanding about Cosmic Rays, which I
      have little rememberance of, but it has something to do with the suns
      radiation coming out on the other side of the earth at night time. If
      some of the great historical researchers of Tesla that have made
      comments to this list in the past can make a commentary in this
      regard, it would be greatly appreciated. It seems there may now be a
      sensible way to measure this effect.

      In that regard I have not taken the first steps to measure it, but
      this will be done in the next several days when time permits, and
      before the writing of this post is completed I will make this first
      preliminary measurement to record for records the experimental
      situation, which can be compared to tommorows daylight observation.

      Some time ago on the list I have described the Binary Resonant System
      Itself, which is the result of using a pair of high induction coils
      placed in 60 Hz resonance. The KEY to using a pair of them is they
      can be wired oppositely in their series resonances, so that they are
      180 out of phase. In that condition each opposite polarity resonant
      voltage rise will occur simultaneously in opposite directions. This
      makes the function of a center tap resonant transformer, but there
      are important differences with the grounding issue.

      The voltage rise with each ~ 60 henry coil of 23 gauge wire is about
      17 fold on each side, where the coils are tuned for mutual induction
      in resonance with the fields made in magnetic unison. This device
      then makes a ~ 34 fold voltage rise between those 180 phased LC
      midpoints. We can power this BRS itself with a 440 transformer to
      produce ~ 10 to 12,000 volts between those midpoints. The system has
      produced arcing between needle electrodes 1.5 cm apart with loud
      retort. In that ordinary situation, a computer online will be
      sensitive to this arcing, and typically you get knocked offline, even
      with very small arcing stuff. However when things are run from a
      variac, supplying isolation from ground, this isolates the backlashes
      from arcing to return to ground, but instead this becomes a somewhat
      dangerous deal as electrical explosions can occur on the input to the
      device. Amazingly my left thumb once came close to one of these
      explosions, and months later I took off the thumbnail with a circular
      saw, which is merely a coincidence, but nothing does amaze me here
      with the possibility of those most dangerous discharges. Some jpegs
      of those return discharges were spectacular, and even evidence of
      stuff moving through time was found. Some jpegs were found with split
      frames, or the time period between frames of the recording.
      The frame prior to these electrical explosions show yellow fireballs
      heading to their destination in the future, and also some blue line
      deviations afterwards. It is some fairly dangerous stuff, as my
      thumbnail will tell you.

      I will delete the copper magnetic motor Mpeg soon, and replace this
      with my more dangerous mpeg of these past backlashes. I do not know
      how far this danger exists, and whether the backlashes themselves can
      act again to wreak havok. I do know that my last teslafy website this
      was on kicked me out, and never gave no explanation. I was playing
      this mpeg from that site one time late at night, to show my fireworks
      freind and the radio player with the AM station tuned to Art Bell
      turned on by itself! So it is most amazing that the virtual replay of
      recorded high frequency bangs could have an effect on replay as if
      the effect was actually occuring!

      Anyhows, it sounds like I am going off topic again, but the subject
      shouldnt be totally dismissed without at least showing a jpeg of one
      of these split frames, from a FIRING BACKLASH.

      This is from the file 1.5 cm Arc Gap & Kickbacks

      Note: that damn long url might never take but a split frame jpeg from
      there is

      Most remarkable, perhaps the loading stops at the big bang, dont
      understand the bottom line here, (or there either!) What you see is
      the precursor event before the bang in the upper frame, but if you
      get through the whole event horizon the next frame is the bang! The
      yellow sprite is heading for the bang before it happens!

      To hopefully try to get back on topic, we dont have to make that high
      voltage discharge do those radical things, instead we can instead
      send it skirting over the surface of water, as I have done on the
      jpeg on Teslafy Yahoo homepage. To accomplish that the opposite (BRS
      MIDPOINT) polarity electrode is also immersed in the water, by
      aluminum foil connection to make the arc try to reach its opposition
      polarity resonant voltage rise made by the BRS, but the needle from
      the arcing electrode then needs to be slightly over the water surface
      so that the arcing can be initiated.

      Now having noted these things already explained in the past, the
      future can be explained as to how this high voltage process was
      modified by magnets.
      As shown on the homepage as arcing skirting a water surface, there
      was actually a further parameter involved here, because the glass of
      water rests on a 3 inch water stack of SrFe magnets. The magnetic
      field will supposedly also act to deflect the charge movement from
      reaching its destination, because by Lorentz Law, it pushes at right
      angles to the charge movements through air, somewhat of a large scale
      demonstration of magnetic quenching, or the idea anyways.

      In the line of Sweet/VTA experimentation, a single layer of 16
      speaker wire winds were put around the magnet, and lo and behold:
      look the windings produce energy! They also produce energy similar to
      that of a tesla air core secondary, where the energy seems to come
      out more efficiently in one ended methods, and a 4 inch neon loaded
      between the magnet wind endings will deliver less discharge than two
      bulbs with no endings.

      And those magnet winding effects are obtained by further separating
      each of those 180 phased BRS resonant voltage rises, wherby the
      process of displaying this spectacular water suface area arcing
      actually produces a minimum of effect on the magnet windings. In the
      earliest experimentation this BRS high voltage system, the idea of
      influencing plant life with high frequency was thought about. Because
      it is the arcing mechanism itself that changes the source frequency
      into high frequency, the first experimentation involved producing
      this arcing on a miniscule scale, and then applying some logic to the

      Hillbilly Bob from Arizona is to be commended for his efforts here.
      Once upon a time he became a hunted man, appearing on the local
      Ravenna Paper Front Page News: who sought refuge from the law under
      my auspices. I always enjoyed his company, but he was a bit of a
      drunk, and I hope he has alleviated his alcoholic ways some. Folks
      like us in our fourties need to temper our drinking. One can rest
      assured that every illogical post that I have made has its foundation
      in drinking alcohol. In fact I am drinking now, which goes to show
      that everything is not degraded by a preformed opinion.

      Now Hillbilly Bob always liked to talk real slow, being from the
      South I guess, and one day We was drinkin Tequila in Waylons Tavern,
      (NOTE: no take uh that anymores), and he got home in Ravenna and
      caused an episode with his guns, with a sort of family dispute
      thingy. His old lady calls the police and they come to get him and
      he's gone. Tear gas and everything, So Those pigs are pissed, how
      did he get out of there! Well he wound up at my place the next day,
      and can get a lawyer and turn himself in, get right with the
      government extortionists, and get the hell out of Ohio for a better
      return in the future.

      Hillbilly Bob once gave me these 4 long copper alloy metal bars, and
      says "I know you can put good use to these things, but DONT tell
      anyone I gave them to you." Next thing I know I am accidentally
      mentioning them to his colleague, which he has a few of them, and a
      verbal accident has been made.
      He later comments; "What the fuck did I tell you idiot, I SAID NOT
      for you to say ANYTHING about me giving YOU those parts!" Yeah, that
      Hillbilly BoB has a temper I guess, but he also built the alternator
      assembly I have put to good use, so congratulations on his efforts
      are in order. I remember he lives in some kind of city named after a
      fort in arizona, maybe for worth or something like that, I could
      later hunt him down and give him a medal for his efforts! He would
      like this story about telling others about the bar story, since I
      wasnt supposed to tell anyone about him giving me the bars ect....

      The bars could be put to many good uses. The smooth edges could be
      placed closely together to instigate arcing beteen the BRS midpoints,
      for the most quenchable arc gap concievable. 21 rf bursts per 60 hz
      cycle could be had in this manner, and shown with scope forms. The 4
      bars could be used instead of two for putting a load between the
      arcing. Each of the inner bars then arc to the central load.

      To realize the high frequency effects of arcing on the magnet winds,
      the situation of making the arc directly hitting the water surface,
      without spreading and displaying large energy to the opposite
      electrode was realized by simply removing that completion journey
      electrode from the water. Instead then, the sole completion of
      midpoint voltage rises is made by the metal plate underneath the
      glass. In that sitaution the arc will hit the surface of the water
      and rapidly entiguish itself, in the high voltage situation this will
      happen not just 2 times per cycle but easily 6 times per cycle or

      Then the magnet windings seem to display better energy. The number of
      electrical strikes to water can also be seen by measuring the EM
      fields coming from the neons itself excited by the magnet windings,
      where these show up as magnetic fields around the neon as no. of rf
      bursts/cycle picked up by inductors scope monitored around the
      process. The end plate polar capacity ending for those bulbs will
      also inductively pick up the same electrical activity of fields
      rapidly changing in space.

      All of that stuff makes sense because we still have the arc
      functioning to change a source frequency to a high frequency: BUT
      THEN it was found the if the needle punctures the water surface, and
      no arc takes place, the magnet windings still produce a more tamed
      down version of the same high frequency, but now the rf bursts are
      more equal on each polarity, and also more equally spaced.

      In that situation only water and glass are the barriers between the
      resonant potentials, and the arc made by an air barrier is taken out
      of the situation. But again as I have noted the windings still convey
      high frequency. The water and glass barrier might be called a non
      linear dielectric, which nevertheless functions efficiently to cause
      high frequency bleed off of the phenomenon, similar to that of the
      traditional air arc gap.

      Essentially then those components can act as "arcless high frequency".
      Now then the next job would seem to be to determine any resonant
      frequency arrangement on the magnet secondary windings, compared to
      the delivery it makes with capacities attached to those windings.
      Doing this I had ascertained that perhaps the 3 inch SrFe stack with
      bifilar windings best delivered at 400,000 hz.

      That seems to be a bunch of bullshit however, because the wiring of
      the arrangements on the bifilar windings makes no difference
      whatsoever to the neon discharge as a measuring tool. It (the magnet
      windings)is only a piece of metal, with a path seeking to go to
      ground. The windings themselves can be shorted, with a neon still
      making delivery from that shorted junction, to its polar capacity,
      which if made to fullest extent can be connected to earth.

      Today, in full sunlight the neon disharge method to earth was tried,
      and absolutely no neon discharge could be found at the former levels
      when this could be found. Shade over the neon bulb indicated no
      discharge. To make the process work in sunlight required the changing
      of the BRS from 120 volt variac variac to 440 volt transformer
      regulation, where it then took 85*4 volts input to make the neon
      discharge, at night this takes 25*4 the voltage input. AT first
      glance this subject might appear to be due to OPTICAL ILLUSION.
      However with the scientific use of actual amperage metering of the
      neon to EARTH, we should in fact be able to determine whether this is
      all such an optical illusion as common sence would first try to tell

      So to end posting at AM 303 for now I will make amperage posting.
      Looking at this situation it is already 3:09 AM and the only sensible
      measurement is for that between the ground post and the process, Da
      got to turn the halide on to see what I am doing, be back in a sec...

      Readings of .27 and uncharacteristally stable .37 ma are obtained
      between ground rod and process. Usually such readings would be
      fluctuating, but the readings freeze on the figures, picking the
      meter up reads .37 ma. Its a cold night for Ohio, but now a
      comparison reading for daytime can be made,... or will it?, because
      the variac is set at 25 volts, and to see the neon in daytime I used
      85 volts input... Will try nevertheless, but if the bulb doesnt
      ignite in the daytime at this input voltage, the amperage readings
      should be nill or zero, thus as I indicate by the use of instruments
      we may in fact observe whether sunlight itself can have such a
      detrimental effect on high frequency processes, in this case only the
      neon to earth discharge, whereby the case of illusion caused by
      sunlight can be tested by amperage consumptions to earth.

      Lack of time indicates full descriptions here, but jpegs of process
      have been tried and dismissed for bad detail. Because the wire
      pathways from the magnet show no sensible manipulations by wiring
      arragements, the secondary itself has been dismissed, and in its
      place a plastic tub of water is placed around the magnet wafers. The
      skin effect of the suface of the water can be felt by touch. End
      electrodes on the tub convey neon discharge to earth via intermediary
      plant trays.

      Have this year good try with Russian Tomatoes, 4 varieties to
      distribute next year for growing: this is in understanding of making
      fertile varieties available, where generally the previously grown
      year will be very productive in the next.

      Sincerely, a late night posting HDN

      PS, I will explain the magnetic ozonization potential of my new
      continual garden water supply in the next post.
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