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Re: The Number 23 - The illuminati Code

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  • Harvey D Norris
    ... It becomes possible to run and detect two time frames simultaneously whereby the change in frequency between the systems is exceedingly small, measured in
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 13, 2013
      --- In teslafy@yahoogroups.com, "Harvey D Norris" <harvich@...> wrote:
      > http://youtu.be/Fsy0nKfC5hE
      > my comment;
      > In the invention of the 666 machine,the essence of a 6 phase system is employed in air core tuned mutual inductance so that the preceding phase in the phase rotation induces a signal AHEAD in time of the phase rotation dictated actual line input signal. It takes 23 more cycles for the rotating timed induced signal to return to its starting point. During the 24 cycles from the extra field rotation, only 23 cycles take place on the normal time frame dictated by the frequency source.
      > In certain polyphased secondary arrangements, that phases secondary sees both the influence of its primary, and the adjacent influence of the secondaries action preceding in the phase rotation; where the net result of both emf sources is to create a selected time period of the pulsing where the back emf is completely opposing the source voltage in magnitude, and no conduction ensues on that primary; indeed the load is now powering the source of voltage on that affected phase which is essentially being "run backwards".
      > http://www.flickr.com/photos/harvich/8458835031/
      > Notice that the secondary signal is somehow about seven cycles ahead of the primary beam sweep showing that field collapse. It may be just a scoping ideosynchrousy, or there may differing time frames going on in the observation of both signal beam sweeps, where the secondary sweep appears faster then the primary, and we are actually technically receiving signals from the future as regards to the primary sweep.
      > http://www.flickr.com/photos/harvich/8292106544/
      > The fact that 23 cycles take place for completion in this scheme is dependent of the 1/6ths time division of that time circle. Other more closely heterodyned systems close to the resonant frequency of the earth are imagined as teslafarian schemes for the use of this illuminati group, which should take heed of the principalities involved here, and soon advance funds for exploratory avenues.
      > HDN
      It becomes possible to run and detect two time frames simultaneously whereby the change in frequency between the systems is exceedingly small, measured in one video to be a tenth of one percent. In this procedure the video camera is capturing a neon discharge made from the air core transformer itself that exhibits that neon discharge from a reduced time frame. Due to this slow difference in freq between the sources, the camera from our time frame will begin recording the zero point on the AC

      Then we can be looking at the discharge appearing constant to us, but which is actually blinking at 120 times per second. But in the camera version of this recording we see no discharge for many frames! The cameras time frame is only slightly differing from that offered by the copper magnetic fields, and we are recording this interference effect between those sources, which may have a long cycle time. This is what Haarp is doing in Alaska, using two slightly different freq radio waves .
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