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Re: [teslafy] Cold Fusion Bomb

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  • Jacques Le Vangie
    Harvey he couldn t get his paper on the server without some kind of affiliation. Have checked his footnotes?
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 21, 2012
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      Harvey he couldn't get his paper on the server without some kind of affiliation. Have checked his footnotes?

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      Subject: [teslafy] Cold Fusion Bomb
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      Cant decipher the mathematics, but for perusal;
      A Possible Explanation for Anomalous Heat Production in N-H Systems. He concludes that a cold fusion bomb is possible, ha ha ha, what seeming rubbish!
      This Fran Aquino Guy must do nothing but speculate in an ivory tower of arcane mathematics.. Pretty mysterious about how he forms his hypotheses' on many subjects. One commentator noted the following to the editor Chris Kitze who supplied some other valid URL's concerning Aquino work...(from April 2012)
      "Hey, Chris, just to be clear: I’m not denying this guy was a legit scientist at one time, it’s just that I couldn’t find any evidence he is currently a working scientist or academic, or that he’s even alive.

      I saw those links when I tried to find the context of this recent claim. I also went to the univerity website. I could find no evidence Aquino still works at that or any university. There is no indication the paper now under discussion has been published in a journal or reviewed by any scientists whatsoever.

      This is important because no one here can assess the validity of the science in the paper. Some people here don’t care: Aquino supports their pet theories so Aquino must be right. They show no interest in checking if his claims are actually verifiable.

      I think we need to ask questions of a science paper that can’t be attached to a working scientist, to a research facility, or to a science journal.

      If anyone can find this information, great — please post it here."
      I obliged him with the following that gives a sort of answer as to why my inputs appear to be heterodyned....
      Inventor Shows Heterodyned Pulsed Power as HAARP back engineering.
      What we are talking about here is the use of the 666 machines geometry to induce a self emf whereby the component due to self induction arrives “ahead” of the normal 3 phase rotation from the source line connections. This magnetic field component as an additional source of current on the windings does not appear to predominate the line current volume, but initially in the fullest field state, it only adds its current for half its beat frequency and opposes that current for the second half cycle of the beat frequency; all causing a small amount of total AC cyclic change to appear on the output as a much slower rise and fall of amperage on the actual AC circuit. However when that component is asked to do work on another component via air core primary/secondary relationships deemed feasible by the spiral geometries high mutual coupling; an astounding thing is observed, now the higher frequency self induced component as primary amperage begins to
      approach the value of the line connection voltage and amperage to such a degree that when it opposes that line voltage it also reduces that line voltage to load to such a degree that the input now appears with a significant pulsing factor superimposed upon the normal stable AC line freq. Another rotating magnetic field at a slightly higher frequency has been “Induced” by employing spirals of the highest mutual inductance on the phasings themselves and made to interact at 1/6 cycle BETWEEN PHASINGS for Lenz law effects where those effects normally take 1/4 cycle to assume themselves. Then the lenz law effect will actually be the result of an advanced phase rotation beyond the phase itself where this effect actually, apparently recycles itself, cycle after cycle, where in this process it takes 24-25 cycles for a complete added revolution to show itself on the outputs. Correspondingly the 666 machine has a contracted time frame whereby it takes a
      measured 345 degrees for a complete circle of time. See the following references..
      “Localized time- space curvature demonstrated from 3 phase alternator powered 666 machine”
      Inventor Shows ~ 5 fold Wireless Gain of Amperage Between Equal Coils
      Oct 19, 2012, 9:03 am

      Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

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