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Re: [Vo]:OT: The 23 Enigma

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  • Harvey D Norris
    The periodicity of the cyclic voltages present on the spiralled 666 machine phase voltage outputs and its secondary loadings can be shown to be vastly expanded
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5 10:53 AM
      The periodicity of the cyclic voltages present on the spiralled 666 machine phase voltage outputs and its secondary loadings can be shown to be vastly expanded during maximum energy transfer to components. What this means in laymans terms is that ordinarily the extra effect of this rotating vector in time only causes the frequency of the entire scoped waveform to be slightly increased and decreased very rapidly at the set sweep rate frequency for seeing the entire cycle. It would literally be a frequency modulated signal betweeen 490 and 465 hz, which causes the viewing of the scoped signal to appear as a horizontal oscillation. Now when maximum loading of the primary input occurs this longitudinal oscillation in time gets converted into a somewhat profound amplitude modulation, but it too is not immediately evident until we turn down the sweep rate to see the history of 100 cycles on the screen. Here is where the scope as a tool delivers significant
      information that the amperage meter measurement of that input does not. The power input has become a very slow heterodyned one that is PULSING at a rate twice that in amplitude of normal level. This is rather bizaare in that then we should see the secondary pulsing at the same deviance of max and min voltages, but this does not seem to appear on its amp meter. The periodicity of this phenomenon will now be recorded~ 23-25 cycles. Will send back pic HDN
      Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

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      > From: Jones Beene <jonesb9@...>
      > Subject: [Vo]:OT: The 23 Enigma
      > To: vortex-l@...
      > Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2012, 8:52 PM
      > There is a meme "out there" about
      > cycles of 23 years.
      > It is the so-called "23 Enigma" and refers to the belief
      > popularized by
      > Robert Anton Wilson and others that meaningful incidents and
      > events are
      > connected to the number 23 (and alternatively by the rule of
      > fives 2+3=5).
      > Some of this is found in the widely misunderstood
      > Illuminatus Trilogy.
      Dont forget the movie 23. I once had an 26 year cycle hit me from another person, the whole episode was bizaare. I will have to check out your cited Illuminatius trilogy...
      > There are strange coincidences of 23-year cycles popping up
      > in modern
      > history and personal anecdote that make it seem more than
      > random, but the
      > connection to this year is probably bogus; yet... as of
      > today... more
      > provocative. 2012 is 80% gone now - yet going back - there
      > is little doubt
      > that 1989 was a red-letter year for many who read this list.
      > We cannot
      > overlook the implications of a ~23 year gap ... if something
      > should turn up
      > in LENR in the next few months, and we can blame the 23
      > Enigma (or the
      > Illuminati) on the delay.
      > Also, for those who live in the SF Bay area of California,
      > as did Wilson -
      > 1989 was the year of the devastating Loma Prieta Earthquake.
      > A big-one is
      > overdue here, and October is looming ominous. If a Big-one
      > does happen this
      > year, 23 years later, then it will probably be during the
      > "Series."
      > 1989 was the year of another oddity in the Bay area - in
      > Baseball of all
      > things. That year both the local ball clubs won their
      > respective pennants
      > and appeared is what was called the Bay Bridge World Series.
      > The big quake
      > was seen on National TV during one of the games and the
      > Goodyear Blimp
      > caught the resulting fires for a large audience. The
      > ball-parks are across
      > the Bay from one another, and having two local teams in a
      > World Series is
      > extremely rare, but that rare event could happen again this
      > year.
      > IOW - that coincidence of Big Quake, Baseball oddity, LENR
      > discovery, and so
      > on - would not even be worth a passing mention - if the
      > Oakland Club had not
      > done something today that has never been done in Baseball
      > before, preserving
      > a chance to be in the 2012 World Series later this month -
      > and the SF Giants
      > are also in the playoffs. And if Brillouin and SRI/EPRI are
      > listening, then
      > they might consider that they are destined to be integral to
      > the final part
      > of this revised RAW 23 year Trilogy (since Rossi and DGT
      > seem to have
      > defaulted). Or maybe an unknown inventor, quien sabe?
      > Wilson wrote about QM in the Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy, and
      > Prometheus
      > Rising and some tales which are predictive of future energy
      > including The
      > Final Secret of the Illuminati which I should probably
      > reread - to see if
      > they offer further insight. Many consider Wilson to have
      > been a real
      > prophet, but in the Trickster disguise - often leading the
      > reader to an
      > opposite conclusion to what the actual words suggest. Others
      > think the
      > Illuminati stuff too far-out or if anything, closer to
      > metaphor, than real
      > ... (even before the doomsday cults picked up on it,
      > inappropriately).
      > There is a way that they, the Illuminati could be both
      > benign and real to
      > some extent; and it is not just as a meme, or as "aliens,"
      > in the Philip
      > Dick tradition ... or modern-day Greek gods, or even satanic
      > - but all of
      > that is as real as anything else in your brain, on the
      > bottom line.
      > Ah... the 23 Enigma... bring it on.
      > Jones
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