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Re: [Vo]:Can HAARP Alter Spacetime?

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  • Harvey Norris
    Here s the actual paper from which the authors draw their conclusions; http://users.elo.com.br/~deaquino/ELF%20Earthquakes I was able to wade through the math
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2012
      Here's the actual paper from which the authors draw their conclusions;
      I was able to wade through the math to grasp his essential points, some very interesting theoretical data...
      I had formerly made objections to what Aquino made known back in 2000 concerning his antigravitational claims, as the data presented seemed non sensible. I was thinking he must had made a spelling error or something when he specified his frequency of operation as he was using minus signs on his exponent with ten as the base. I spent yesterday looking through JLN archives to coroborate that info. Finally I came across his webpage of which this latest 2011 paper appears. I havent yet looked at earlier papers to find out what freq he was talking about in 2000, but a thing called "system H" is also talked about for levitating a cannon ball perhaps?, in which a reply was reached saying that Aquino was using 10^-3 hz Then on Fri the 13th,2002 I finally reached the point of non sensibility to make some kind of reply to some other guy espousing Infrasonics....
      Infrasonics/G and Weapons
      My reply;
      Re: [jlnlabs] Infrasonics/G and Weapons

      > > gravity. I have no idea how to engineer a 120 dB
      > 0.001Hz sound
      > wave
      > > speaker as he proposed.
      > >
      > > Steve
      If I recall, this Brazilian guy had quoted a frequency
      of one microhertz, or a freq of 10^-6 hertz.
      If that were a sound wave the speaker cone would go
      back and forth as a cycle in 10^6 seconds, or a cycle
      time of 277.7 hours or 23.1 days. Pretty damn
      illogical. If we applied it as EM it is still totally
      illogical. The quarterwavelength radio antennae would
      be 36 times the diameter of the earth! If we took an
      arbitrarily large inductance, say 1000 henries, and
      calculated the C value it would need to resonate at
      that frequency, it is also impractically incredibly
      small, something like .04 picofarad.
      Well anyways reading his paper cleared some things up, this very low freq; HAARP uses 2.5 hz is actually contained as a modulation of the much higher radio wave that is used to heat the ionisphere. In turn this sets up currents in the very long lengths of the ionosphere that mimic a very long radio antennae far above the earth that should be broadcasting this very enhanced low harmonic signal back to earth. I recall that the USA has a buried 22 mile spiralled antennae in Michigan to achieve underwater communication with submarines, perhaps that antennae might pick up the HAARP modulated low frequency signal? I myself have some 300 H in large inductance air core coils that might be paired with capacity to receive a 2.5 hz signal. But dismissing these speculations, including the many sounds people heard comming from the sky not long ago when the trumpet of Jericho was sounding off, the Aquino paper has some amusing things on page 13...

      Aquino makes a proposition of an airplane making a 3000km journey. He uses his derived equation and both the density and conductivity of aluminum to conclude that if a low frequency 1 hz electric field oscillation @ 100,000 volts(rms)/meter suddenly appeared along the planes trajectory, the new distance of the journey would be just .08 km! Whoa, its a good thing he put that rms figure in there for accuracy! If this doesnt make your petunia pucker the next proposition should. Next he uses a steel ship in the ocean and its density considerations and his magic formulas to conclude that this time he only needs 1360 volts(rms) per meter @ 1hz for a uniform field and when the ship starts out in Jan 1st 1943, it automatically instantly arrives at Jan 1st, 1981, down to the O hours,0min,0sec.s!!!! However it is very important to note that the electromagnetic field, besides being uniform, must remain with the ship during this time transition. It must be
      contained on the ship itself, but another problem,(that he next proposes to fix!), is that because of persons on the ship containing different conductivities and densities they will perform different transitions to different times, in italics he reveals that "in this way it is unsuitable and highly dangerous to make transitions to the future with persons". Hope everyone had as much laughter as I did when reading his material. Perhaps he has been conversing with Al Bielec or Preston Nichols here? In any case I decided to post my own resume at this newspaper site known as before its news... Back again later with that info...
      Sincerely Harvey D Norris
      Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

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      > Inquiring minds want to know:
      > http://beforeitsnews.com/story/2167/703/Physicist:_HAARP_Manipulates_Time.html
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