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The Missing Piece of Information

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  • Harvey D Norris
    The reply that tigger made on scoping information is correct, and for awhile I was very confused. But now I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and so
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2012
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      The reply that tigger made on scoping information is correct, and for awhile I was very confused. But now I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and so then I will first pass the confusion forward, and then later give the answer. Actually this morning I readied things for a video, but now it will have to wait till tomorrow, or later...
      What I have done in the video is disconnected all the former connections to the 666 pancake machine; and done tests for resonance on only a single 11 mh 500 ft coil of 1.2 ohms, from only a single phase, driven at the 465 hz from the three phase alternator, where the remaining phases are left completely open connection. First I calculate X(L), and then perfectly balance it with an identical X(C) quantity in series. The actual L and C readings will be shown by LCR wavetech meter. The reason for this backtracking is to show everyone that when they rely on book knowledge, they will find a tremendous difference between what the book knowledge supposedly predicts, and what actually happens.
      Now a tremendous question comes into place. THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THAT BOOK KNOWLEDGE MUST HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THE GREATER PIECE OF MISSING INFORMATION, IF THEY ACTUALLY DID THE TESTS! There can only be two alternatives here, either they are just parroting the information they have accepted as dogma, or they are intentionally with-holding information; which would essentially be completely impossible! What reason could they possibly have for doing so and teaching people the wrong thing!!! Nevertheless in the end I will EXPLAIN completely what these descrepancies involve, and lead the readership through this tunnel of darkness until we emerge again back into the light of day. But what I ASK in this process is for even a SINGLE FORMER BOOK KNOWLEDGE REFERENCE ANYWHERE IN THE LITERATURE, to illustrate the same conclusions that I have reached. And now as "Paul Harvey" says; here is the rest of the story....
      What will happen when I take a solitary coil, and cancel its inductive reactance from an AC input,(under 500 hz for this example) by using equal opposite capacitive reactances in series? Should I obtain the Ohms law value?

      My Grandpa told me this was a spoon fed delusion whereby the masses are informed that due to the cancellations of the reactances, it cost nothing and the amount of current released will be in accordance to the demand. In lawyer languish this means that the current obeys Ohms law, and the cancelled reactances do not come into the billings. What this spoon fed delusion actually is: is a CONDITIONAL STATEMENT, where it is actually possible to make the VA apparent power equal the I^2R inductor heat loss as real power, and the reactances are truly cancelled. However opposites cannot act or express themselves in a single part. It takes at least two parts, and three is better. Technically this means there is no difference in the heat loss experienced by the primary line coupling or the secondarie(s) by air coupling via tuned coupled resonances. You can actually exploit three opposites in the following manner. By contracting the time circle by detuning one side, because of phase rotation the next adjacent phase will be more severely retarded; with the net result that TWO opposite vector solutions exist by the 60 degree time removal. Each of those two solutions exist as branches going into the missing time period. Didn't they already say a stitch in time saves nine, or am I imagining things? On one side of these opposites, that opposite itself is split apart. It seems tremendously remeniscent of the nucleus of the atom, perhaps it is the so called weak forces, where all the identical charges of the positive are held together. And the EV Gray technology talks of splitting the positive? Well; we will see about these things, I think I saw a link there on vortex. So now I am going off to Yahoo Q&A to see if grandpa was right.
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