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Comparisons Of Actions

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  • Harvey Norris
    Deaths of five inmates raise questions about Portage County Jail By Harlan Spector, The Plain Dealer | Monday, November 28, 2011, 8:15 PM doakpic.jpg Three
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      Deaths of five inmates raise questions about Portage County Jail
      By Harlan Spector, The Plain Dealer | Monday, November 28, 2011, 8:15 PM

      Three inmates have committed suicide, while the deaths of two others call attention to medical care at the jail. Sheriff David Doak said in an interview his department has stepped up suicide- prevention training for jailers.
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      Harvey D Norris November 28, 2011, 9:00PM

      I could also add my descriptions of inappropriate treatment for medical problems while I was incarcerated there in Portage Co Jail for months at a time, but this was not life threatening. Indeed Portage Co. has a dark history concerning graft and corruption and monetary gain made by legal means, where the favorite beneficiary is the probation dept. It is patently rediculous how many people have been put on probation for first time offences just so they can fork over $50 dollars a month for a year, until their monetary extortion is finished with. As the founder of the Ohio Republic, and because of this monetary graft, I have issued the following proclamation...

      Drivers Liscence Reinstatement Fees Abolished in Ohio Republic

      The time is coming when the former "State of Ohio" will be replaced with the
      "Ohio Republic", pending the achieving of independence from the so called
      "United States of America." As such the inheritors of this mess will have the
      same problems that the current administration will have. As a first measure to
      restore the faith of the people in their government, we declare that ALL former
      reinstatement fees for the priviledge of using an insured car for travel within
      the Ohio Republic are NEGATED and ABOLISHED as issued by the former Bureau of
      Public Extortion- aka the notorious "Bureau of Public Safety."

      There are some that do not understand the will of the people. The people to be
      free have to first understand and act as if they were free, when in reality they
      are not. They have to "pretend" that the OHIO REPUBLIC actually exists. Some
      others may laugh and say; "So Ohio is just a state of mind?" We reply, yes it
      is, but you do not know the collective power of minds. Just ask Mohatma Ghandi.

      In the history of the USA, in the middle of a civil war, President Lincoln
      declared that all the slaves of the states in rebellion were now given freedom
      by his edict. In this same manner as the founder of the Ohio Republic, I now
      declare that all former repressive measures made by the former government to
      make you a slave by removing the so called right to travel in a insured vehicle
      to and from your workplace and stores to purchase goods are hereby revoked; made
      null and void, and if the citizens support this measure they may support the
      Republic of Ohio by obtaining certificates of citizenship in this new Republic.

      From the beginning this founder took notice of what occurred in the regime
      change in Serbia, and how they used the symbol of a fist with the slogan "They
      are Finished". I have adopted this same slogan for the Republic of Ohio. This
      will be made into a BUMPER STICKER as shown on our homepage;

      Sincerely Harvey D Norris

      This was sent to cleveland.com, the Plain Dealer web site. But because of the nature of its origin, I am quite sure they will not allow it to be disseminated. But for political rhetoric let us pose the following question; a question in your exclusive possession to be possibly used for tea party campaigns, at your own risk.

      "If the federal government will loan money to students to go to colleges supported by the governments with a future promise to pay, even though the cost from those colleges is set at exorbitant rates, is this sensible?"

      Will the students get a job after graduation to pay back the government? What happens if they default? This means the government has lost money, because they invested a sum with no return, because their clients found no work.

      Now what about the situation of workers loosing their right to travel to and from work in cars from DUI convictions? Sure the local county governments will grant that permit, but only during the term of the liscense suspension. After that; no permit is available until the EXCESSIVE reinstatement fee is paid to the state.

      So why cant the state LOAN the worker the money needed to PAY his re-instatement fee with the promise to repay that loan from the income he already has from his job? The fantastic thing about this proposition is this; it doesn't cost the state ANYTHING to do this, because the money is already owed by the client? They aren't loaning out anything but the imaginary debt they created. So what is wrong with this picture?

      The problem is that they make more money off the client by the monies made by further legal extortions of the client when he still has to violate the law by traveling in a car to go to work! Those bloodsuckers want even more then what they got the first time around. This is government by EXTORTION!

      The OHIO REPUBLIC insists that the tea party declare their opinion in this matter, do they support a moratorium on renewed liscense fees, or a promise to pay given to students equally applied to workers; or do they support the extortion practiced by the State of Ohio?

      Harvey D Norris

      Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/
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