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Plant Growth in Electric Field

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  • Cal Schindel
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2001
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    • harvey norris
      ... Rick Andersen has very good stuff at his Esoteric Physics site, but going to the homepage indexed from the above page as homepage, I see the following
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 4, 2001
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        --- Cal Schindel <calsch@...> wrote:
        > <http://www.tricountyi.net/~randerse/lfg.htm>
        Rick Andersen has very good stuff at his Esoteric
        Physics site, but going to the homepage indexed from
        the above page as homepage, I see the following

        <[taking Esoteric Physics Web Page offline]> Yup, this
        USED to be the homepage for Rick Andersen's Esoteric
        but it's now off line until further notice. Time to
        regroup and renovate. Maybe it will
        be back, maybe not. Emails based on what used to be
        here will not be answered.

        Here is an excerpt from the above cited Lorentz Force

        "A "fluid" demonstration of Lorentz force, said by
        some to be the "secret" to exotic forms of propulsion,
        can be seen by filling a cylindrical metal can with
        water (to which a small amount of acid has been added
        to enhance conduction of electricity), connecting that
        can to a negative battery terminal, and inserting a
        positive-connected, rod-shaped terminal into the
        center of the water in the can (without shorting out
        the two terminals). This cylindrical capacitor, filled
        with liquid electrolyte, is then placed within the
        field of a stack of ring magnets.

        The result is that the water begins to bubble and
        churn in a spiralling vortex, the direction depending
        on the relative polarities of the crossed fields."

        See the diagrams of this at this site showing the
        orthogonal crossed E and B fields and the resultant
        orthogonal,(right angle) E x B vector.

        What I have done with the flux cap idea, is to
        institute the same principle, using AC instead of DC.
        Since a magnet cannot supply an AC oscillating
        magnetic field, this is replaced with a large coil in
        resonance. The electric field is made from the
        capacitor used to make the resonance. This is the
        specially constructed axial cylindrical capacity I
        have reffered to. However the theorized net result of
        constructing a right angle reaction force is not in
        one direction, as Rick's DC example supplies. That
        reaction force for the case of a single phased flux
        capacitor with its resonating electric field
        orthogonally contained in the magnetic, would be an
        oscillation of twice the input frequency. That happens
        because those electric and magnetic fields from the
        single phased example, are not in identical timings,
        but offset by 90 degrees in timing.

        To make the example yeild the same results as the DC
        counterpart, we must use TWO (90 degree phased) phases
        of resonance, and juxtapose the capacitive cylinders
        interphasingly in a manner so that both fields exist
        in the same space,AND the same timing. When BOTH the
        electric and magnetic fields are cohered in this
        timing, so that both go to zero and reemerge in
        opposite polarities identical in timings, this changes
        the reaction force from an AC oscillation, to a (DC)
        unidirectional pulse, similar to Rick's example. This
        is simply the result of the mathematics of (-1) X
        (-1)= 1

        I have not tried Ricks example of making the plant
        life experiment. Work on the morning Glory coil is
        ongoing. HDN

        Binary Resonant System http://members3.boardhost.com/teslafy/

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