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Passing of John Pennell

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Jon Pennell helped me investigate aspects of electrotherapy back in 2003 as a patient. He had boils all over his back and a rigid discipline of electrical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2011
      Jon Pennell helped me investigate aspects of electrotherapy back in 2003 as a patient. He had boils all over his back and a rigid discipline of electrical treatment and silver water consumption was agreed to. The man was deathly ill. It was his illness that propelled a lot of work on my part that led up new avenues. John Pennell was a great advocate of alternative medicine and wanted me to make silver water for him. It was then that the idea of using a current limited NST with the outputs hooked to DC rectification; all powered by a variac set on very low voltage input was used to make silver water for him on a daily basis; where initially I made very concentrated 14 oz glassfuls by running the process up to 12 hours overnight. The electrical treatment consisted of laying back across an aluminum foil plate connected via a four inch neon in series to the original binary resonant system; made from 80 lb coils,(formerly used in a Newman motor Prototype) 23 gauge, ~60 Henry large 5 inch inside diameter air core coils placed together at their poles and tuned for 60 hz resonance by wiring the coils for INCREASE of inductive reactance by the prescence of the neighbors currents by mutual induction of direct air core interaction; thus the C value used to balance each side would become smaller as the inductance had increased by the mutual inductance; and also because the multiplication of L and C together will be a constant value in the resonance formula. when L goes up, C goes down where even today I can recall the LC= 376.6 @ 60 hz resonance. In any case those were the early days before I fully understood the ramifications of the BRS, and how actually it was a sort of bucking magnetic field device, or a scalar oscillator presumably emmitting scalr waves which I also found initially at distant spots in its equatorial plane. But not to be long winded I formed the MED file at this time and will make comments of that research;
      Magnet windings under CS glass process
      This was the power station situated in the bedroom, during the treatment process only the electrified ceramic magnet bottom portion was used and speaker wire wrapped around that magnet led the high voltage through its ground path through the patient where a long wire delivery down the hallway to a living room couch was used.
      It was discovered that the bulb would ignite at 260 volts between the body /plate /ground arrangement, and that it would emit EM.
      Single neon to body/ neon EM measured by 30,000 hz inductor
      If an arc gap was put in the series path to ground this decreased the voltage for neon ignition and added more high frequency ringdowns per cycle, where normally only two of these occured.
      200 volt neon discharge using arc gap in series with bodily polar capacity
      Lakhovsky adaptation to Rife treatment
      The ending body capacity emits RF throught the finger to inductor
      Close up scoping of EM emmited by patients finger; .2 volts/div, 10 us/div
      Close up scoping of 200 volt arc gap neon discharge, 1 volt/div;10 us /div
      ~23 rf bursts/cycle; Neon with arc gap/ voltage

      In any case My treatments didnt help John, and he almost died after 4-5 months of this treatments I gave; where they then found in the hospital he had a blood virus. He then had a heart operation, where they put a pigs heart valve in his heart I guess. He then lived another eight years I guess, he always stopped by to watch TV, help with the garden, or give a ride to the store to this poor guy like me without a drivers liscence. In the end John got a brain tumor that took him out quick, about a month and he was getting senile. My brother Michael advised him to get checked out, and thats what they did, they grapped him and wouldnt let go till he died, which only took three or four days.

      Respectively RIP John, maybe I'll see you up the road one of these days...

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