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Re: [teslafy] URL for Brown Dwarfs

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  • Doc green
    Hey Harv; It would be best if you use liquid nails (comes in a calk gun) on the wood, that way you don t run into the problems that metal can cause. I have
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2011
       Hey Harv;
          It would be best if you use liquid nails (comes in a calk gun) on the wood, that way you don't run into the problems that metal can cause. I have some extra thompsons water seal that you need to use anyway to preserve the wood you have. I have a sprayer and you have a compressor. should be able to spay it all down in no time. and in will shed water like a ducks back.. Call me..

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      Hey Ulley, check this site out, it says that stars exist as brown dwarfs that do not emit visible light. If they are not big enough,(only several times the diameter of Jupiter), then nuclear fusion does not happen, BUT nuclear fusion still occurs because of the deuterium isotopes present in the hydrogen mass. Interesting stuff. I have an interesting project coming up that will need some signal generator testing. My current tesla coils are tuned for 250,000 hz. But what makes them resonate at that freq is the top domes of inverted salad bowls. It is this top load capacity that REDUCES the 2 ft TC's secondary down in frequency from what it would have without that top load. What I plan to do is to take the top load off and replace it with some 1600 ft of wire present on my outside large diameter coil. Originally I had the ending of that coil wire length attached to the small neon bulb, which in turn was connected to the grounded top brass dome. However the
      birds have made nests on the tower and also inside the top dome: and the ending neon has become disconnected from the top dome. This means that the old process of using a 60 hz resonance to make the bulb blink no longer works, because it has lost its ground connection. However if I substituted my 465 hz alternator powered TC as the input, and replaced the top capacity of salad bowls with the ~1600 ft of wire, it should be possible to negotiate a tuning near the needed 250,000 hz. If that can be done the alternator powered TC should be able to light the ending neon bulb without having the former direct wire ground connection. Actually from looking at the bulb some 25 ft high, it looks like the bulb ending now may be very close now the the metal in the tower itself. I should be able to see arcing from the bulb to the tower itself if every thing is tuned correctly. (This is definitely a night time experiment.) So the first thing I need to do is make some
      signal generator sweeps to find out what the new resonant frequency of the system is. If it is not near 250,000 hz, I can compensate by either adding or subtracting primary winds around the TC. I should never have used wood glue on the support pieces for the outside windings, as many of these have fallen out of place. I'm going to have Jim help repair these things using nails instead. It definitely needs done before all the windings start coming undone, then I'll have a real mess on my hands. Just thought I'd give you an update on whats going on with my experimentation. See ya later dude.


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