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Natural Resonant Frequency of Scoping Inductors Shown by Halide

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  • Harvey D Norris
    These are the 2.3 mh pancake coils whereby the mutual inductance between layers is maximimized by the geometry of the inductor, and further yet the constructed
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2010
      These are the 2.3 mh pancake coils whereby the mutual inductance between layers is maximimized by the geometry of the inductor, and further yet the constructed inductive reactance as a series of winds then constructed as a 4 layer pancake coil can be wired in such a way so that two oppositely wound dual layers are employed in the wirings. This also means that the winding direction viewed from both ends or poles is identical, a sort of bifilar inductor wiring made in magnetic agreement. In that method the internal capacity between layerings is enhanced to "slow down" the natural resonant frequency of the four layer combination, by gain of internal capacity beyond the larger amount made by the flattened ribbon type wire sold as Radio Shack Megacable Speaker wire; which is sold in ready made spirals. For my purposes I had Doc rewind these into triangular windings, which now becomes convenient for making mutual inductance between phasings observations with these 2.3 mh pancake coils, in actual 3D space. Here however we examine the tightest coupling enabled in 2D space, enabled by stacking all 2.3 mh/.25 ohm four layer winds per phase @ 465 hz delta loads, formerly noted as the shell game. In this instance only two combinations for maximum effect of either reducing the inductive reactance, or increasing it are noted. But here because of Lenz law applied to phase rotation coupled with the high mutual inductance between phasings; IN THE STACKING OF THREE LAYERS FOR 3 PHASES FOR MUTUAL INDUCTANCE THIS SECURES A POLAR INTERACTION BETWEEN ONLY TWO OF THREE POSSIBLE ONES MADE IF INSTEAD 3D GEOMETRY WERE APPLIED TO THE MUTUAL INDUCTANCE BETWEEN PHASINGS.
      Because of this a top layer will always contain more current then the bottom one, in both configurations of the 263 and 266 one. This why a 666 or 663 configuration corrects this misbalance to a great degree. The shell game consists of trying to find the configuration whereby all three layers will have reduced current by virtue of increased inductive reactance between phasings. This combination cannot be found using only 3 layers, but logically it should be found using six, as I have done with the 666 machine.

      However, the investigation of the 266 machine using spiraled inductors is truly remarkable. It can itself twist the time period beween application of magnetic fields from polar fields in space on each side of the total twelve layers of windings placed adjacently. More magnetic field comes out one end then the other. In the 263 machine however the timing of the sources is preserved. But in the 266 machine the poles come closer in time towards 60 degrees, as it is that middle layer influence now adjusted oppositely to react at 60 degrees difference in time rather then 120 degrees.

      What this all means is that a non symmetrical magnetic influence can be shown by reacting 3 layers using 3 phases in timing MAGNETICALLY, Whereby the magnetic field is concentrated to emit more on one side then the other. The solution to the shell game reveals a magnificent method to employ "TIME TRANSFORMERS" to a secondary. Immediate protests ensue when such a subject is first presented. Let us immediately clear up some confusion. In the "ordinary" resonant transmission of resonant vibrations, the reciever of vibrations will damp or impede the source vibration. Where great confusion comes into the matter is when extraordinary recievers are brought into the picture, AND A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PICTURE OF OPPOSITE ACTIONS IS PRESENTED. In this case the part to be vibrated electrically by its line connections, and then furthermore impart energy through space to another vibration by air core rather then ferromagnetic means, when this added vibration is made by the tighest mutual induction between air core coils, the source sees this as a further load and acts exactly as occurs with ferromagnetic transformers, whereby more current then ensues through the primary.

      What the 266 machine stupendously accomplishes is a "STIFF" vibration where the inductors responding to its magnetic field forced by opposition means will not significantly reflect this back to the source demand of amperage, and an oscillation from a source is obtained without significantly altering its source of vibration.

      Preliminary to all of this we will note the natural resonant frequency of the scope sensoring also using identical 4 layer spirals. These are placed on the top and bottom of the 266 coil assembly prior to any energization, as channel one and channel two as dual scope tracings. Notice that after the top sensor is reversed from condition of grounds in elevation identically in space, its phase becomes identical to the bottom coil, but the voltage of its signal is increased to be equal, but when they were sensors arranged to pick up opposite signals, the voltage is reduced for that opposite top coil. The grounds between scope leads are not made common here in this example. The four min video will now be posted to you tube, and tommorrow further work will continue. I will notifify the group when the URL becomes available.

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