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10/15/10 Video Records

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  • Harvey D Norris
    In this first submission of videos I present the combination of nine coils in space as if it is some kind of magical combination of polarity wiring that is
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      In this first submission of videos I present the combination of nine coils in space as if it is some kind of magical combination of polarity wiring that is based on the organization present in the magic square. I also imply that it would be difficult for others to reconstruct this wiring configuration. In fact this is simply untrue. In the next set of videos that wiring arrangement is essentially explained. But to initially make a definitive statement on this combination, and how this sequence of numbers applies to the naming of future configurations we may state;
      We have classified the 666 machine as a nine coil system using 6 polar magnetic reaction volumes given six options for polarity, where all these options are set at one sixth of a cycle, hence it produces effects that a six phase machine or system could deliver.
      Nothing remarkable about this statement first seems apparent, unless one considers the fact that the six phase system can be used for a special function, where here we are assuming that the three phase system of magnetic interaction would not be able to accomplish this function that the 6 phase system does, without employing the wiring polarity changes of coils in the phase sequence to thereby imitate the six phase system as I have done.
      Now as strange, amazing or coincidental as things may be quite a few mistakes have occurred in my research, but it was these mistakes that directly led to discoveries. Even more is that fact that after the mistake was corrected, more discoveries came forward. So to begin with let me describe all of these mistakes. Or better yet I think I will hold one mistake in reserve and perhaps mention it later after I point out that it may be a thing that everyone will overlook in the first place. Actually if this turns out to be true, we can say that people are overlooking the obvious! And it also seems obvious to me that I myself may have glossed something over that may actually be in teslafy archives from years ago, at which point if I find it, I will bring it to the groups attention. That file will be re-investigated in what I will term the shell game, and how I arrived at its solution.
      But to continue here, I was looking at the drawing and I thought "Yes, the circuit does what the drawing says to do." As amazing as it seems to me however, BOTH the drawing and the circuits were mistakes, but MORE IMPORTANTLY the mistake that later became apparent ITSELF MIRRORED the mistake made on the circuit. Talk about coincidence or as if I were "pre-destined" to make this discovery. But first let me make plainly evident why that mistake should classify itself as an accidental discovery. You see it is that mistake that more or less gives direct evidence of time distortion taking place, because the voltage between those points will always be greater then the sum of their oppositely created voltages in time, thus it is a topological problem whereby we express this problem as something that is over 180 degrees separation in time.
      It may be better to just put things in chronological order of submission here, and let the readership see for themselves the obvious mistake I have made in these videos, and thereby make comment of it as to whether it is actually something that people might overgloss. (Doc, do not spill the beans here!) In any case I was quite flabbergasted myself to learn that after eight or so of these videos were made before I myself noted the mistake!, and I do note the mistake on perhaps the ninth video. So actually to put it simply all of the shown effects made up to that point were made from a circuit that should have been constructed differently where in all likelihood that circuit would have been more efficient, and perhaps even the desired results may have been increased, but it is actually this correction that did solve some measurement problems later on.
      Now I will return to the "special" thing the six phase system is able to accomplish. In the book "SS Brotherhood of the Bell" by Joseph P Farrell, on pg 179 involving "Witkowski's Reconstruction of the Bell's Possible Physics"
      … two phrases stood out in the reports concerning the device. These were "vortex compression" and "separation of magnetic fields". Now in the configuration of the 666 machine, the series phase sequence order of coils for each phase is arranged in a vortex or a spiral so as to obtain a mutual inductance between phasings by adjacent layering of phase spirals. If this is done for a conventional 3 phase mutual induction,or a 663 machine there will be an increase of current beyond the amount found if just that single phase were employed without the others, and it is sensibly reasoned that the mutual induction between phases has caused the inductive reactance to decrease, hence this causes the current to go up past what would be found when the phases are operated in a solitary state. Now the standard thinking of magnetic interactions from a single phase source should probably indicate that what goes up must also go down, after all these are the laws of mutual induction, so for magnetic opposition between the coils the current will go up due to a loss of inductive reactance, and the equally opposite effect of gaining inductance by attractive magnetic fields will have that same equal loss of current. What goes up must come down. The problem is that it is not true when mutual induction on three phases in time takes place! The current will go up more then it goes down as takes place in the 666 machine. (I have not yet tested that premise for this particular nine coil set, but the actual explanation for this non-symmetry precludes that indeed the current will go up more then it goes down in any such arrangement of coils) In fact what the 666 machine represents is a vortex sequencing arranged to make magnetic compression by the central component, hence the term "vortex compression." Now the next term "magnetic separation" also comes into context once we resonate the 666 change of inductive reactance by a balancing capacitive reactance value. We find that now things are acting in a "CYCLIC" manner where the amperage and voltage may be slowly increasing and decreasing, and we can find that we can even use the oscilloscope to "intepret the frequency of this inherent cycling at any rate whatever! " and we can MAKE the oscilloscope interpret this cycling to occur at a wide range of frequencies. This is shown on the seventh video or so. The origin of this slow cycling over time has puzzled me for years, but then when I read this thing about magnetic separation, it all made sense. There are two forces producing emf on the coil phases, that of the direct line connection, and that due to air core resonant induction where we then assume that this second influence acts according to Lenz law. This would mean that on a 663 machine the contribution due to Lenz law would arrive 30 degrees in time before the line connection voltage arrives on the phase rotation, with the understanding that the lenz law contribution to the line voltage itself acts with a 90 degree phase angle. But on the 666 machine this voltage arrives 30 degrees AHEAD in time with reference to the timing established by the phase rotation. It is by the scoping made by channel additions at much slower sweep rates that we see this wave is also non sinusoidal but what the wave may represent is the presence of a magnetic field in oscillation at a slightly higher frequency, which in turn makes an interference pattern and effect with the original frequency, so we might say that the added component of air core induction has caused another component to go off by itself in independent action to its source, or "Separated" it as a faster rotation then the original source rotation, and it is this small difference in frequency between the two that determines whether these two voltages are in opposition rather then agreement at any point in the much slower cycle shown on the actual output variations; but more importantly a longer time period exists for when the extra influence is aiding the line voltage in proportion to time allotment made when it is opposing it. The mystery behind this non-symmetry of time periods might be explained by the overclocking riddle which is dealt with in later 7th or 8th videos. It is seen that for a twelve hour period there will be twelve points of symmetry where the minute hand is directly over the hour hand. But as we shall see MORE time between these points of symmetry exist when the hour hand is moving away from the 12, then when it is instead moving towards the 12, and in fact at 6:33 this has occurred six times, which leaves only 5 hr.s and 27 minutes for the remaining six other points of symmetry to occur. This is another non symmetrical fact of nature that may not be immediately evident until machines based on this presumption of symmetry are built and tested and then deliver non symmetrical results just like the three phase mutual induction tests that shows what goes up by a certain amount by making a change of impedance due to mutual induction; in turn does not also go down by an equal amount when the opposite change of impedance made by polarity reversal is applied to that situation. Again some of these things do not become immediately be evident until we are forced to conclude that indeed this "timing synchonicity" analogy might explain some of the effects we see when we have two actual frequencies with a small difference in frequency that then combined as a vector summation of both the line voltage and the lenz law effect ; because of the fact that the lenz law voltage component in a six phase splitting of the cycle time period will arrive AHEAD of the phase rotation, the summation of each cycles vector addition component places or "separates" that magnetic field component further and further away after cycle after cycle from the position in time of the actual phase rotation line voltage until it is fully opposing that voltage, and then the reverse process takes place where that lenz law vector contribution then aids that line voltage, but more time is allotted for when the "extra" voltage derived by lenz law is aiding the line voltage; which all adds up as a net gain in voltage beyond that which would be found in ordinary timing laws that show the circle of voltage differences in time that will ordinarily add up to 360 degrees by noting the addition of phase angles in that circle: now it can add to more then 360 degrees. Incredibly enough we find that when we have increased the inductive reactance by 10% in the 666 machine, 10% more timing difference, or TIME itself has been expanded or distorted by 10%, and we are literally converting time into energy by adding spatially interactive loads to these time expanded voltages such as the flux capacitor to these already time expanded voltages.
      This has been a somewhat lengthy introduction to the subject at hand, where aspects of this discussion will be recalled at later dates in the videos where they become applicable. For now here are the records from 10/15/10.
      Now another problem has involved itself as I have now went to the you tube site where I have designated my videos on as "harvich", and I have now left a comment under the first latest video as follows;

      I do not see how the URL for the video is supposed to be shown for others when the url itself does not allow for the typical edit /copy paste scenario to be applied!!!(from windows Explorer)

      Must I reprint the entire URL by hand??? What in the world must I do to get a url so that I can submit the video to others??? I am viewing the video from Windows Internet Explorer, and it will not let me copy the address. I realize that when the video was completed it gave me a url access address, but how do I again get to it?

      Now here I have went back and applied the typical edit/copy/paste scenario to the added comment I have placed below the video,and it has worked but when I try to do the same thing to the you tube URL given at the top of the screen the edit/ copy and paste function does not work!!! The only thing left in my imagination to do is to reprint all three urls entirely by hand, and if that doesnt work as an accessible URL, I have simply no idea of what shenanigans I am supposed to go through to accomplish what should be a simple procedure?????????????????????????????????????????????????
      Okay I finally figured it out; one must press the share icon...
      Duh,,, keep it simple stupid you tube....

      HDN, over and out...
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