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  • Harvey D Norris
    I have approved rob99hina as a probationary member. However it should be noted that in normal circumstances, a simple greeting as hi should not enable one
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2010
      I have approved rob99hina as a probationary member. However it should be noted that in normal circumstances, a simple greeting as hi should not enable one membership to this exclusive organization! In fact were it not for desparate times, this new one would not be admitted, but on the basis that two nines are in the address, they will be permitted access. I do actually now have something to present for sixteen parties whereby it should be us who decides what is to be doled out for public consumption, and to what we have hidden in reserve, or whether in fact anything in reserve actually exists in the first place. The name for this LLC or miniature corporation will be presented in the evolution of 3 hours of research contained as videos for you tube, whereby it has come to my attention that perhaps I should not be as forthcoming with this information, because of the ramifications of what it represents in terms of previous experiments, namely project Kronos, or time as a Deutsche interpretation, or actually the elusive Nazi Bell, where I have presented the experimentation up to a point and shown a remarkable thing, but have drawn no conclusions from there, and only conclude that this experiment shows what should be done in furtherance for what might be termed the Nazi Bell experiment, ONLY as an analogy. Essentially the power source itself, named the 666 machine ALREADY distorts time by 10% to begin with as an expansion of time, and since such a thing can be tested in such a manner to reveal an additional 10% more energy by presumption then the amount of the intial entering energy;[This claim has only been tested at higher voltage gas disharges] the Nazi Bell experiment as I propose will only investigate possible ways of increasing this advantage. {There are even machines that do the opposite effect of contracting time, which we shall call the shell game.}This becomes rather laborious to just make such an experiment and the technical obstacles it represents, however the job and its requirements are being looked at. Clearly the purpose of forming a group of sixteen investors that will believe in the principles set forward by the demonstrations, they also need to know where their money is going. The next thing on the agenda will be the construction of a 966 machine, and possible multiples thereof based on the results of that machine.
      Let us say that I will enjoy raising this ruckuss, and also on this agenda plans are being made to demonstrate the conversion of time into energy as incandescendent ferrite heat release, where here the demonstration must be more conclusive then the same demonstration conducted with noble gas discharges, and we cannot always presume that when actual heat release energy is shown as the energy transfer between components that the same amount of time distortion will occur as noted by the previous demonstrations. As such this becomes real time experimentation on a hoped for principle. And in fact the immediate need for funds to establish this experimentation will become self evident. So now I will go about the job of seeing the preliminary release of information made possible by this connection.
      I shall return in the next entry to describe what is involved in the shell game, and how it should predicate my ninth invention.
      Sincerely Harvey D Norris
      Teslafy Yahoo Group Founder.
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