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Re: [teslafy] Returning to Flux Capacitor Research

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  • Doc green
    Hi Harv cant get hold of you at the number you left me, not from this phone anyway.(I am at the shop) Bobby s portrait will be done in about 10 more hours. it
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2010
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      Hi Harv' cant get hold of you at the number you left me, not from this phone anyway.(I am at the shop) Bobby's portrait will be done in about 10 more hours. it is 12:30 pm on Wednesday Sept.1.

      From: Harvey D Norris <harvich@...>
      To: teslafy@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thu, August 26, 2010 8:49:51 PM
      Subject: [teslafy] Returning to Flux Capacitor Research


      In order to keep the group apprised of recent research, it becomes necessary to travel to a place where I can access the internet. Here I am at brother Michael Norris' residence, where I will figure a way to travel here to keep the group informed as to recent activities.
      A host of tragedies has occurred for both me and the Norris family, including the death of my brother Robert W Norris, who helped me in the hydroxy research and was shown exploding a bag of hydrogen and filling the bag on some of my you tube videos.

      The return of the flux capacitor research reads like a Sherlock Holmes mystery with the loops that have been thrown. I still do not understand some of the difficulties involved now on simply duplicating things that have already been done in 2009.

      Nevertheless certain hurdles have been made, and duplicating the central premise has been partially accomplished. I will be working with my remaining brother; Michael R Norris to continue my important work.

      Let me reassure the teslafy group, I have spent a lifetime working on this project to make spatially interacted electric and magnetic fields in resonance, and to my knowledge no one besides myself in THE ENTIRE WORLD has copied or even made the effort to r3eplicate my claims. All of my efforts started with the Joseph Newman idea in the late 80's of using large air core magnetic fields to rotate a magnet; whereby he claimed that his energy output was greater then the input. Working on his initial premise, and making the work of being an inventor to replicate things, almost immediately I discovered things.

      I am still discovering things to this day, and as I say my work to this day almost resembles a Sherlock Holmes mystery novel. In the early days "Doc" was a collaborator, and we are still in touch. Doc made the first two flux capacitor models in 2009, which are now in disrepair. I will be contacting him to fix things in the future or figure out what must be done.

      Speaking of "Doc" as he likes to be called, he also loved my brother Bob very well who also did favors for him and he has pledged to make a ingraved portrait on his gravestone. Luckily for me however he has already made one for both me and Tesla, so we are ready for death should it occur.

      I will iron out the problems involved with my endeavors, and insist on continuing...

      Harvey D Norris

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