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Reckonings of True Magnetic Actions

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  • Harvey D Norris
    A true reckoning is easy to recognize, because it can have no disguise, it is obvious. For two coils suspended with adjacent poles by ropes from gravity, it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2010
      A true reckoning is easy to recognize, because it can have no disguise, it is obvious.

      For two coils suspended with adjacent poles by ropes from gravity, it is obvious that when the poles of the coils are brought closest for mutual induction to show forces between them; with alternating currents in time each magnetic field can act in unison to either attract or oppose by polarity arrangement differences between the pairs. This is true even though the magnetic fields in space are moving between them, but because they are moving correctly in concert with one another, a somewhat pulsed reaction force exists between them in that one specified direction of reaction forse is obtained; although the magnitude of that force experiences momentary lapses in time due to the field on each side also simultaneously going to zero before reversals of magnetic polarity.

      Having fathomed this somewhat simple fact that magnetic forces can act in concert with independent timings; as the progressions of thoughts go two examples become self evident concerning the forces between thin wired multiturned coils of thousands of winds, suspended by ropes to measure the forces between them as in a pendulum.

      For a DC current example the forces between the coils are constant in time; but for an AC voltage and lagging current, they are not constant in time. In fact then the forces between the coils are entirely reduced by the coils impedance at the imposed frequency, where 60 hz can be used as a convenient wall freq. example.

      Now supposing that these two coils can be separated at their poles by any distance to gauge the reaction force between them, or their mutual inductance. There will never be any difference in forces between them if the coils alone act, but if each coil is given the appropriate capacity in series to act at the resonant frequency, the magnetic forces between them also are magnified in comparison. The mutual inductance between the coils now becomes more important, as one sides action is dependent on the others.

      This two sided coin is expressed by simple analogy. There can be two sources of current on a coil, the voltage made by the simple line connection, but now a neighbor is present which induces voltage through the air, which even further gets magnified by connections of resonant capacities between the pairings. Now when one side quits working, it dramatically influences the other one on a mutually tuned system.

      So for these coils facing each other at their face poles by suspension of ropes; and even expressing forces bewteen them as repulsion for example where each side has a formulated C value based on that repulsion enabling loss of impedance on the tuning of the pair...

      Now voila as the French say, we disconnect the power supply from one side and give it a short instead. And indeed its amperage meter shows only a small difference from when it actually had line connections to the source.

      Which came first; the chicken or the egg? The earths magnetic field from molten core currents comes from the induced currents around it from the solar wind ect..

      In this case example however time is of great importance.

      Krista said I should be Noble, and I agree to the prize.

      The unconnected power source coil in suspension exhibiting its reactionary currents has no reaction force against its neighbor in mutual induction.

      Lenz law is a two edged sword; now it opposes the source with expansion; and chases it on collapse.

      This is because of Lenz Law.

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