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Fractal Coincidence

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Following the following chain of enquiree; New Energy Times Blog http://newenergytimes.com/v2/blog/?p=113#comments Third comment down from the blog, pardon me
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      Following the following chain of enquiree;
      New Energy Times Blog
      Third comment down from the blog, pardon me I'm not to hip on what a blog is anyhows;

      Dear Steven,

      I'm so glad you published your investigative report. I'm certain that you could throw away most of [those] experimental results … and have a clearer concept of where LENR is in the real world than wading through the experiments that have been the hallmark of the `community.'

      I have some research last year on Superwaves that I've been looking at. You probably know that Dr. Ary Goldberger found the self similarity of fractals and heart rhythms after reading Mandelbrot. Irving Dardik took Ary's discovery and commercialized an exercise regimen that would be better realized, more transparent and more beneficial in a nonprofit setting.

      A Google Books search shows that Dardik and Goldberger have a checkered history of collaboration, and there seems to be Dr. Goldberger quietly distancing himself from Dr. Dardik, even though they worked together after Dardik's conviction… Dr. Goldberger might be a good source for you to interview sometime.

      Here is the transcript that describes the fractal now known as Superwaves.


      This then leads me to my own comments, where the above long URL seems highly informative. I don't watch pbs hardly at all, but I would like to see this episode, If I see the time for a rebroadcast of this OCT 2008 showing I will post it. Here apparently is part of the commentary.

      NATHAN COHEN (Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.): As someone who's been working with fractals for 20 years, I'm not going to tell you fractals are cool, I'm going to tell you fractals are useful. And that's what's important to me.

      NARRATOR: In the 1990s, a Boston radio astronomer named Nathan Cohen used fractal mathematics to make a technological breakthrough in electronic communication.

      Cohen had a hobby: he was a ham radio operator. But his landlord had a rule against rigging antennas on the building.

      NATHAN COHEN: I was at an astronomy conference in Hungary, and Dr. Mandelbrot was giving a talk about the large-scale structure of the universe, and reporting how using fractals is a very good way of understanding that kind of structure, which really wowed the entire group of astronomers.

      He showed several different fractals that I, in my own mind, looked at and said, "Oh, wouldn't it be funny if you made an antenna out of that shape. I wonder what it would do."

      NARRATOR: One of the first designs he tried was inspired by one of the 19th century "monsters," the snowflake of Helge von Koch.

      NATHAN COHEN: I thought back to the lecture and said, "Well, I've got a piece of wire, what happens if I bend it?" After I bent the wire, I hooked it up to the cable and my ham radio, and I was quite surprised to see that it worked the first time out of the box. It worked very well. And I discovered that—much of a surprise to me—that I could actually make the antenna much smaller, using the fractal design. So it was, frankly, an interesting way to beat a bad rap with the landlord.

      NARRATOR: Cohen's experiments soon led him to another discovery. Using a fractal design not only made antennas smaller, but enabled them to receive a much wider range of frequencies.

      NATHAN COHEN: Using fractals, experimentally, I came up with a very-wide-band antenna, and then I worked backwards and said, "Why is it working this way? What is it about nature that requires you to use the fractal to get there?"

      The result of that work was a mathematical theorem that showed if you want to get something that works as an antenna over a very wide range of frequencies, you need to have self-similarity. It has to be fractal in its shape to make it work. And that was an exact solution. It wasn't like, "Oh, here's a way of doing it and there's a lot of other ways of doing it." It turned out, mathematically, we were able to demonstrate that was the only technique we could use to get there.

      NARRATOR: Cohen made his discovery at a time when cell phone companies were facing a problem. They were offering new features to their customers, like Bluetooth, walkie-talkie and Wi-Fi, but each of them ran on a separate frequency.

      NATHAN COHEN: You need to be able to use all those different frequencies and have access to them, without 10 stubby antennas sticking out at the same time. The alternative option is you can let your cell phone look like a porcupine, but most people don't want to carry around a porcupine.

      NARRATOR: Today, fractal antennas are used in tens of millions of cell phones and other wireless communication devices all over the world.

      NATHAN COHEN: We're going to see over the next 10 to 15 to 20 years that you're going to have to use fractals because it's the only way to get cheaper costs and smaller size for all the complex telecommunication needs we're having.

      BENOIT MANDELBROT: Once you, you realize that a shrewd engineer would use fractals in many, many contexts, you better understand why nature, which is shrewder, uses them in its ways.

      (companion web site)

      And now as the radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say; here is the rest of the story that makes all of this sort of coincidental. This morning my friend John Pennell came over for breakfast, and to take me out to vote against the local school levy. He then asked me about my gout problem, and I replied that it hasnt bothered me lately. John has problems with his feet and ankles also, and he goes "Look at this; I now can move my ankles easily. I went down to Wooster, Ohio and got treated by the wand. I'm going to buy one for 300 dollars."

      John sometimes believes in all kinds of hocus pocus stuff, He once went down to southern Ohio and got treated by Lee Crock, who claimed to heal people with a common commercial 9 volt battery treatment or something so I asked him what the wand is. He says it has a crystal on the end of it, and it makes your body go back to its original pristine state or something. He then tells of a demo those folks made for him, where the promoter of the device cuts a lemon apart in half, and waves the wand around one of the halves of the lemon for a minute or so, and then he tells John to taste each different one of the lemon halves. John says the ordinary lemon half tasted bitter, but the treated one tasted sweet. A similar demo was made with some very poor quality wine, where the wand made the wine better.

      Jesus Christ of Ohio, whats next? I hope they aint gonna imitate Jesus by turning water into wine! Sure enough he says they also have a water product. Hmmm, sounds a bit like John Ellis,(whom I do happen to believe in for now) where unfortunately the ozone bulb on the machine got broken on New Years Eve, where a drunken visitor fell on the machine and broke the damned ozone bulb, and I am going to have a hell of a time replacing it.

      So to make a long story short, he tells me that this invention comes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He shows me the web site at;

      They advocate something called "Fractal Therapy" found in their products section.
      AMized® Fusion Technology - restores the natural harmony of the body thus aiding natural healing.

      Resonating Life

      AMized® Fusion Technology is Amega's proprietary technology solely developed by the Amega Global R&D Team, comprising of a group of scientists, doctors and physicists. It is a resonance technology developed over a period of 15 years research in bio-physics applying the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

      AMized® Fusion Technology is a proprietary process where any organic matter is energized to resonate at Zero-Point Field, the source of all life creation. The energized items (eg: Pendants, Creams, Oil, etc) when in contact with our body's Bio-energy field, restore the distortions in our Body's bio-energy field bring about the homeostasis condition.

      What a CROCK OF SHIT.

      Well thats all for now, I just thought I'd mention that these folks are on the fractal bandwagon also, and that nothing in their web site corresponds to what John was saying about this magic wand BS, but if he wants to throw his money away, thats fine with me.

      Their center in Malaysia must be for milking rich westerners on vacation. Doc aint rich, but if he's in the city, he might want to check out their claims. John says to tell him to ask for some of their water to drink.

      In fact I do not see how anyone at all can claim they have a process that resonates on the zero point field, and this whole thing to me smells of crockery. Doc's Malaysian girlfriend, Delia from Ohio, who is giving him this grand vacation; once also wanted me to go to a seminar that tells about another cure all product, but at about a 100 dollars a bottle, I declined. It does taste good, but since I am not in a crisis state of health, and my money is soon running out, I declined to purchase it.

      Sooner or later, I will get back to the real work on resonance, sorry for all the off topic stuff I've been submitting lately. But I just cant believe that some folks can spout this garbage, and then claim it has something to do with quantum physics, and the zero point field, which as we all know by now is the source of all life creation.

      Most Un-sincerely
      Harvey D Norris
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