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The Progression of Prime Numbers.

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  • Harvey D Norris
    After watching kundun twice on cable TV, and taping it too for further reference, these things about the Dalai Lama are also recalled. He is the 14th Dalai
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2008
      After watching "kundun" twice on cable TV, and taping it too for
      further reference, these things about the Dalai Lama are also recalled.
      He is the 14th Dalai Lama. I used to have better knowledge about the
      Tibetan tradition, where years ago at 70's Kent State University the
      books by Evans Wentz as translations were very common. I greatly
      enjoyed the stories of Padma Sabhava, the story of Marpa, and things
      I have forgot. But if someone buries a scripture to be retrieved many
      years later as a prize, it is worth the reckoning of its presence.
      I remembered that when I was very young I had told a story about a
      small treasure chest I buried in the back sandlot in the valley of
      Hardy Rd.:(Northampton Ohio, which is no longer on maps near Akron
      Ohio.) where I lived as a child. As memory serves itself this was just
      an old box I stole and buried from my parents dresser drawer, and I
      put some old costume jewelry in there; and then I buried it as a
      childish thing imagining I was a pirate burying a future treasure to
      be retrieved. Then some many years later, (while still a child), I
      told this story to my neighbor Lorrie Cummings, whose family we rented
      off of. She and her older brother were immediately fascinated and
      questioned me incessantly afterwards about where we could find what I
      had buried. But to me it just seemed like an old memory, and I could
      not track down it's validity, or find this supposed buried treasure,
      and even then I began to wonder where fantasy and reality met, and
      whether somehow I had dreamt the whole episode up.
      Now it may seem very strange in retrospect but that whole episode
      was prophetic as to what would occur in the future. I had indeed
      buried a treasure near there. And other people also buried things on
      these hills of Northampton, or the next township up in Bath where they
      found the remains of Jeffry Dahrmors first victim(s)?
      In any case my story is not quite as morbid. You see there was
      this thorn in my side, the little girl up the hill named Darlene that
      would never leave me alone, and made me visit her everyday after
      school on the long walk home into the valley. I could never oppose her
      easily, but I determined by trickery, treachery and deception to rid
      myself of her forever. To do this I escaped from the territory as the
      Dalai Lama did. At 10 years old our family moved away, and Darlene was
      left in the dark. It seems that every 13 years the calender repeats
      itself as I later discovered. For it was some 26 years later that we
      met up again, and she remembered me, but I did not at first remember
      or recognize her. She of course played the part of non recognition,
      even though she did things to make me remember.
      In a single second I then remembered, as if my mind was
      illuminated by a light bulb. "This is the person I betrayed in my
      youth!" And then the mind went out searching for answers. But
      everything in my memory about her was literally "blacked out", it was
      an episode that I preferred not to remember. This was the buried
      treasure I had left behind. It was buried in the subconscious, not
      easily retreived. I could not even remember her family last name of
      Krusinski. But her unique oval slavic face was revealed in high school
      records, and I was made to remember the truth. Like the Dalai Lama
      peering through a telescope back to his land of childhood, this is no
      longer viable. There is no return journey. Their family has seen to
      that, and no correspondence seems possible.
      For this one given the honorable title of seven of nine by birth,
      name and mirror image, I thought of a way to make a mandala. It is
      true that after looking into the labyrinth of a 64 move chess knight
      pattern after two periods of incarceration; I remembered that the code
      was based on the squares of seven and nine. It represents four layers
      condensed to appear as eight. To show each layer I put them on the
      corners from the center of the completed chess knight square. In
      between those outer corner squares the three fold magic square is
      shown in progression. This gives nine squares as the center part.
      Outside of the center of nine squares are both 7^2 and 9^2 shown in
      progressions outwards. For seven square there are 49 placements or
      orderings of sequence. Four squares of seven surround the squares of
      three on the faces. To divide the movements across each square in
      progression, each square must contain 12 moves, but when finished this
      leaves one left over, either 1 or 49. One square must contain 13
      members, and this is a prime no.
      For the next progression of nine squares to be placed on the
      ending corners of the mandala; these are squares of nine with 20 moves
      each, making for 80 total, whereby one square then must contain 21
      members for totality. 21 however is not a prime no, since the starting
      point of the square as 9 itself is not a prime no. Instead one number
      under the squaring of four movements is chosen as the prime, or 79, or
      SEVEN OF NINE, the first exception to the rule.
      With 11, another prime to begin with; yeilds 121/4, four movements
      of 30 with one left over, where 31 is a prime. Prime squarings yeild
      yet another prime plus one.
      With 13 squared being 169 this puts an end to this discourse,
      since no primes are left, both above and below and itself as a square
      from the origin.
      Perhaps this why the 13th Dalai Lama knew of the impending
      difficulties with his nation Tibet. I wonder if this procession will
      continue? One would certainly hope this obscure mathematics has
      nothing to do with reality, but,analogies can be amuzing.

      Pure speculations;
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