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History Hacker Fraud.

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Recently seen this guy that does a show on cables History International Show where he is supposedly going to hack Tesla s inventions, namely by making a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2008
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      Recently seen this guy that does a show on cables History
      International Show where he is supposedly going to "hack" Tesla's
      inventions, namely by making a bicycle generator by glueing neodymium
      magnets to a bicycle rim. That just fine with me and when he
      demonstrates it; it does produce 15 volts. Then he goes to make his
      hack of the neon tube invention, which was very informative on the
      method of gas tube production. But near the end of his show he puts
      the bulb on his bicycle generator of only 15 volts and lights it!!!
      I have spent years researching bulb discharges through resonant
      voltage rise, and also in this resurrection of assets, explored
      transformer voltage rise, and found many perplexing things about gas
      discharges, (powered through small alternators and resonant circuits).
      I am so totally amazed that the history hacker guy can propose to use
      some kind of automotive transformer to light a longer neon bulb
      through his bicycle generator, especially since in the beginning of
      the show he talks it about how when he pedals the generator around
      town it will power his GPS locator in New York City, but when he stops
      it don't, it even won't, so he put a rechargable battery between the
      bicycle generator supply; and then it will. I find it fascinating that
      near the end of the show he does the same thing with the neon bulb,
      whereby he stops pedaling to make his discourse and the neon continues
      to ignite?
      I asked Doc about this; saying what kind of battery is that which
      will continue a neon discharge after ceasing the power input? Doc,
      being more astute then I replied "I think that when he quits pedaling
      the wheel is still revolving, it is on a stand." Perhaps so, but I am
      dubious and should review this again, as perhaps it is not a fraud.
      But I just hate seeing someone do something easy, implying that I have
      done it in a difficult manner.
      Sincerely HDN
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