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Five Noble Gas Tubes

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  • Harvey Norris
    Need five of the longer ones of different gases for 120 dollars plus shipping as per your last correspondence. Reply concerning payment method. I think I also
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2008
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      Need five of the longer ones of different gases for 120 dollars plus shipping as per your last correspondence. Reply concerning payment method. I think I also I may be interested in larger diameter bulbs, where I am wondering how much current can be passed through bulbs of this diameter, where I later may be interested in larger diameter xenon bulbs, although they may be costly. I have forwarded this correspondence to my 500+ yahoo group membership as useful bulb information. Can you say if the krypton bulb has a unique color of discharge?

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      > Subject: Re: Need Short neon bulbs
      > To: harvich@...
      > Date: Monday, August 4, 2008, 8:29 PM
      > Hi Harvey,
      > If you are pushing high currents through the neon tubes, a
      > larger diameter
      > might be advantageous to you. One-half inch diameter is
      > between 12-13mm, but a
      > 15mm tube would not get quite as hot. It would also have a
      > slightly lower
      > voltage drop and longer life. I'd suggest using 15mm
      > tubing with 15mm/60mA
      > electrodes.
      > If the color of the neon discharge changed while in use, it
      > was probably
      > from the overheated glass outgassing sodium, CO2 or H2O
      > vapor and spoiling the
      > purity of the neon. (Have you tried forced air cooling to
      > keep the tubes from
      > overheating?) It is not common practice to use mercury with
      > neon, but it does
      > make a temperature sensitive tube that shifts from red to
      > blue as it heats
      > up.
      > I can fill your tubes with any of the first 5 noble gasses,
      > He, Ne, Ar, Kr,
      > and Xe, to whatever pressure you desire. Normal filling
      > pressure is about 10
      > Torr, but the life of these short tubes will be less than
      > that of longer
      > ones. A complete set of tubes containing all five noble
      > gasses costs $120, plus
      > shipping, while 5 neon filled tubes would be $100, plus
      > shipping, usually less
      > than $10. I could probably make the tubes and have them in
      > the mail to you
      > within a week of receiving your money order.
      > Some other things that you might find useful are as
      > follows:
      > * Larger diameter tubes run cooler and require less voltage
      > than smaller
      > ones, but have less light output.
      > * Short tubes usually have a shorter life due to the
      > smaller quantity of gas
      > contained.
      > * Increasing the fill pressure increases the life, raises
      > the starting and
      > operating voltage, and increases the operating temperature.
      > * Tubes with less pressure run cooler and have a lower
      > starting and
      > operating voltage, but do not last as long.
      > * Helium has the highest resistance and produces the most
      > heat, while xenon
      > has the lowest.
      > * There is usually an optimum diameter, length and fill
      > pressure for each
      > specific purpose.
      > I hope this info is helpful in determining the best
      > parameters for your
      > purposes.
      > Best of Luck,
      > Tony Greer
      > Special Effects Neon
      > 502 Avenue G
      > Lubbock, Texas 79401
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      > In a message dated 8/4/2008 10:41:10 A.M. Central Daylight
      > Time,
      > harvich@... writes:
      > I would like five of these at the mentioned length of a
      > four inch discharge
      > between electrodes. Looking at my existing bulbs they
      > appear to be about 1/2
      > inch diameter; this would be fine. I need the bulbs to be
      > ready for use from
      > a NST; therefore they need to be (cooked) and filled with
      > the proper
      > pressure of neon gas. I would also like some other bulbs
      > of the same dimensions
      > filled with other noble gases, such as argon, helium and
      > xenon; if this is
      > practical. The shorter length of these bulbs means after
      > bulb ignition the
      > voltage across the bulbs is relatively low, about 250 volts
      > compared to some 550
      > volts for the ordinary longer length bulbs. I do not know
      > if a wider diameter
      > would influence this factor, as a half an inch seems to be
      > a standard width.
      > If you can give an idea of costs I can forward you a money
      > order, as I need
      > these as soon as possible. In some experiments where the
      > current through the
      > bulbs may have been excessive, the neon orange
      > glow changed to a white one, and the bulbs seemed to be
      > getting very hot.
      > This is probably damaging to the bulbs, and so I was
      > wondering whether it is a
      > practice to coat the bulb's electrodes with mercury,
      > and would this cause the
      > discharge to assume a white color with excessive currents?
      > Sincerely Harvey D Norris
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