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Essex Wire Purchase/ MegaCable Purchases for Octahedron

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Journeyed to Ft Wayne, Indiana today to pick up some 350 lbs of 23 gauge wire for projects. We may try marketing TC secondaries on Ebay. Have also ordered 16
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2008
      Journeyed to Ft Wayne, Indiana today to pick up some 350 lbs of 23
      gauge wire for projects. We may try marketing TC secondaries on Ebay.
      Have also ordered 16 sets Of Radio Shack MegaCable 14 gauge 50 ft
      length wire spirals to be rewound again in a spiral form as rounded
      triangular spirals. These will be attached to the exterior of an
      "octahedral" styrofoam "double base connected pyramid" of eight
      equilateral triangles glued together in 3 dimensional space. I was
      trying to understand in my mind what the exterior angle between those
      outer triangles would be, as I had Doc build one from the styrofoam
      panels we are using to insulate the garage. This may have confused him
      also as the first cut triangles didn't quite match up at the angled
      seams, but it seems we have determined somewhat through trial and
      error that the correct angle is measured near 110 degrees. This is
      measured on the completed triangular octahedron. Sometimes I get
      distracted while making teslafy posts and don't finish work, so I put
      it in wordpad and forget about it for awhile, and then return to word
      pad to continue the post there. Sometimes I forget about it entirely!
      This is not good! "The Developement of the Alternator Powered TC" was
      only posted after I was somewhat amazed to find that the document was
      finished, but I had forgot to post it! So It would be better to repeat
      myself. The are other concurrent matters that have not been continued
      on the alternator resonances, where a q factor of over 100 has been
      attained, but this will be returned to.
      In any case the following was started as a post and will be repeated
      again later; however the study of Moons atomic nuclear theory and its
      3 dimensional ramifications is impressive. How many magnetic fields
      can operate it the same space without interference, or what we presume
      to be mutual inductance? If we take a cube and put NS paired spirals
      on three parallel pairs of the six cubes faces, do these three air
      core (electro)magnetic axis in xyz three dimensional space interfere?
      Apparently the answer is they do a little bit, but for them not to
      interfere you must use instead FOUR magnetic axis, modeled on the
      octahedral formation. This has further inspired me to invest in the
      idea so that ACTUAL scalar interferometry tests may be made with
      variations of presumed results, but first these must be seen. In fact
      now at this point I can immediately test the non-mutual inductance
      thesis, as three existing four layer (circular) METR spirals can be
      put on three sides of the octahedron. The refinement of the shape of
      these spirals to conform to the edge of the outer triangle will result
      in each face spiral to closely form a 110 degree angle with its
      neighbor in space. From here other ideas come into play, but first the
      piece shall be built. Below I have initially described the idea as
      spirals wound across the corners of a cube, which then comprises a
      eight triangular spiral faced octahedral.
      A bit of arguing between Doc and myself ensued before this
      triangular design was decided upon; at first I thought this might be
      jumping the gun and we should first test eight spiral surfaces of
      circular circumferences placed on a octahedral support structure, but
      in that case only the edges of each spiral would touch at this angle.
      It would be more impressive to test this neutral angle thesis if a
      majority of the octahedral coils outer wind interfaced with its
      neighbor in space. Again I must agree with his arguments so we will do
      it his way. Without further adieu, here is what is to be repeated again;

      From Records;
      Octahedral Magnetic Field
      The first requirement here is to procure a situation whereby more
      energy is stored in space in the form of a magnetic field; then the
      true amount of power expended as heat on the windings comprising the
      air core magnetic field windings needed to create it.

      http://www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/Articles 2005/MoonModel_F04.pdf
      New Explorations with the Moon Model shows on the last page a
      remarkable thing. According to Amperes angular force formula parallel
      current carrying wires will either attract or repel according to the
      polarity of their respective currents. By varying the angle of the
      current elements with each other a neutral angle is found, but it is
      not 90 degrees but rather 109.5 degrees. If my understanding is
      correct this is the angle present between the four "3 dimensional"
      diagonals or vertices connecting the opposite 8 corners of a cube.
      Picture spirals wound around each of the eight corners of the cube, at
      some distance down towards the center, so that the corners of the
      holding coil cube has its corners projected above its surrounding
      spiral core volume. Now each of these triangular shaped coils will be
      made to approach the center of the cube until the point where each
      spirals edges of its outer winding is adjacent to the other. Now each
      spiral winding uses 1/8ths inch flattened braided insulated copper
      available as Radio Shack MegaCable speaker wire,
      so that a definite angle can be formed between the outer windings.

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