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Kuchinich Re: Today! Re: End Of Secret Government? [A-C] How Our Rothschild World DyNasty 'Operated' ...

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  • Templar Twain
    We need to find a way to help insider Wall Street pay for its own problems. You can do that with a 20—.25 percent stock transfer tax, cancellation of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2008

      We need to find a way to help insider Wall Street pay for its own problems. You can do that with a 20—.25 percent stock transfer tax, cancellation of dividends. You know, make the shareholders and the investors have to pay for the funny business they are running on Wall Street. Why make the taxpayers pay for illegal market games? The underlying idea that government works for Wall Street needs to be challenged, frankly. There has been enough of that for a century.

      What we have is a transfer of wealth, basically from the taxpayers to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. This bailout is a continuation of that rotten transfer of wealth. This whole corrupt government has become nothing more than a big stealth machine that transfers the wealth upwards with our unconstitutional tax laws, our energy handouts, with our secret fiscal policies, with our war on the world. All the wealth of the country goes from the pockets of the people into the hands of a few individuals kept from public view. This is a very dangerous moment in history you know. It’s a small injection of capital, to hide the biggest continuous theft of capital by the government in a single time since the New Deal. It's intended to distract us from balking at the Federal debt and dismissing the Federal Reserve. And frankly, there is no trickle down in this stink. It is bleeding us all, and upwards. We are just rewarding old black market bad behavior practices.

      Dennis Kucinich on Amy Goodman

      http://www.ojaipost .com/2008/ 09/barack_ could_use_ some_of_this. shtml

      Shakti Maa Durga Escorting Obama

      -- On Wed, 30/9/08, Templar Twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:



      I DO see incrementally expanding information and dialog around the
      world, on the internet, everyday, of the 'guys behind the curtain' pulling the
      strings ... but I do NOT yet see any revelations of their secret government
      or statements by the government or corporate state, or its owners,
      that CHANGE is here, or even in the offing? No end of secrecy, yet.

      So far just business as usual, with a LOT more 'pulling their hair out' by
      those business 'men'.

      Yet still men, still at secret war, still murder of our Mother Earth,

      Upon all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain

      cc: Eleni Constantinou, World

      -- On Tue, 30/9/08, Templar Twain <yonibluestar@...> wrote:

      I suspect these European Rothschilds who own the world are no more evil than the politicians in Washington, or our industrialists, clergy, scientists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, media, shopkeepers, soldiers, police ... serfs all.  sick, evil yes, VERY, but healing. refining, connecting.

      Together, all ...

      Millennium Twain

      -- On Tue, 30/9/08, Cal <calgirls> wrote:

      http://winnipeg. indymedia. org/item. php?22493S

      How the Rothschild DyNasty Operates

      Posted by BROTHER NATHANIEL KAPNER (REAL JEW NEWS) on Saturday, September 6th at 4:17 AM

      How the Rothschild Dynasty Operates


      How the Rothschild Dynasty Operates

      SECRECY IS THE HALLMARK of the Jewish Rothschild Dynasty. But I, Brother Nathanael Kapner, a former Jew, am intent on bursting the “Rothschild-bubble.” I am doing this because I perceive that the Rothschilds, (they are Jews), are the leaders, (they are secretive), in destroying Christian civilization throughout the world.


      Here Is A List Of The Prominent Family Members Of The Jewish Rothschild Dynasty & Their Principal Functions:

      Jacob Rothschild: Born in 1936 in England. After gaining prominence in the family bank, NM Rothschild and Sons in London, he established in 1988, the Rothschild Investment Trust, now known as RIT Capital Partners Here which holds controlling investment interest in Royal Dutch Shell Oil.

      ~ Jacob Rothschild is the Chairman of Yad Hanadiv (link), a Zionist Charity of the Rothschilds’, which gave to Israel the Knesset & the Israeli Supreme Court.

      Nathaniel Rothschild: Born in 1971 in England. He is Jacob Rothschild’s son & heir apparent. He began his career in 1994 at the Rothschilds’ Jewish sister bank, Lazard Brothers in London.

      ~ Currently, Nathaniel Rothschild is an executive (what else would he be?) with Gleacher Partners, a New York-based mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm founded by Eric Gleacher, former head of M&A at another Jewish sister bank of the Rothschilds,’ Lehman Brothers.

      ~ It should be noted that both Lazard Brothers & Lehman Brothers hold shares along with the principal share holder, NM Rothschild & Son, in the privately-held Jewish bank known as the Federal Reserve System of America (link).

      Evelyn Rothschild: Born in 1931 in France. He began his career as Director of the Paris-based De Rothschild Frères Bank. Between 1976 & 1982 he became Chairman of NM Rothschild & Sons in England & Rothschild Bank in Zurich. He is also honorary director of De Beers Consolidated Mines & IBM United Kingdom Holdings Limited.

      ~ Evelyn Rothschild is a man of many propaganda-hats. He has served in Directorships of the internationally renowned, The Economist, and newspapers owned by Lord Beaverbrook, which included the London Evening Standard & the Daily Express. He has also served as Director of Lord Black’s Daily Telegraph.

      David René Rothschild: Born in 1942 in NYC. He is currently the Senior Partner of Rothschild & Cie Banque of Franc Here. He took over the Chairmanship of NM Rothschild & Sons of London upon the “retirement” of Evelyn Rothschild in 2003.

      Benjamin Rothschild: Born in 1963 in France. He succeeded his father, Edmound de Rothschild, as Chairman of the LCF Rothschild Group in France Here. The LCF Rothschild Group, centered in Paris with a branch in Tel Aviv, has a global network (link) of financial institutions with assets over €100 billion.


      THE STATE OF ISRAEL would not exist if it were not for the Jewish Rothschild Dynasty. Shimon Peres, the current President of Israel, recently said the following about the Rothschilds:

      “Never has a family donated so much of its wealth to the making of the State of Israel.”

      Between 1890 and 1924 Edmound Rothschild had established many settlements in Palestine Here through his co-funding of the Jewish National Fund. Later his son, James, established Yad Hanadiv, to finance the Zionist entity of Israel. Today, Jacob Rothschild is the Director of Yad Hanadiv.

      Due to Yad Hanadiv donating 6 million Israeli Pounds towards the construction of the Knesset building & millions more for the Israeli Supreme Court, and because of his continual benefactions, Jacob Rothschild has been named an “Honorary Fellow of Jerusalem.” In other words, the Rothschild Dynasty is underwriting the Zionist State of Israel.

      Sources: The Rothschilds, Frederick Morton;
      The Empire Of The City, E. C. Knuth;
      The Elite Don’t Dare Let Us Tell The People, Robert Gaylon Ross;
      Two Rothschilds And The Land Of Israel, Simon Schama.

      http://www.realjewn ews.com/? p=190

      Re: End Of Secret Government RE: BENJAMIN FULFORD Re: House ROTHSCHILD Monarchy Re: Unspeakable- Horror-of- Rockefeller- Cheney-Bush- Gangland- Age to End?

      http://www.ojaipost .com/2008/ 09/burnin_ down_the_ house.shtml

      London, 29 Sept 2008 -- by Fritz S. Meier -- Early in the 19th century the Pope came to the Rothschilds to borrow money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing one journalist to sarcasticly say "Rothschild has kissed the hand of the Pope...Order has at last been re-established. "The Rothschilds in fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican's wealth. The Jewish Ency., Vol. 2, p.497 states, "It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure." Researcher Eustice Mullins writes that the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823.

      Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds and the rest of the International Banking system. Viz the Vatican's Bank of America in the United States which recently acquired the Wall Street investment giant Merrill Lynch. The great wealth of the Russian Czars was entrusted at that time to the Rothschilds, $35 million with the Rothschild's Bank of England, and $80 million in the Rothschild's Paris bank. The Rothschilds then financed the Russian Revolution which confiscated those fortunes plus vast portions of the Orthodox Church's wealth. They were able to prevent (due to their power) the legitimate heirs of the Czars fortune to withdraw a penny of the then mere millions deposited in a variety of their banks. The Mountbattans, who are related to the Rothschilds, led the court battles to prevent the claimants from withdrawing any of the fortune. In other words, the money they invested in the Russian Revolution, was not only paid back directly by the Bolshevists in millions of dollar of gold, but by grabbing the hugh deposits of the Czars' wealth, the Rothschilds gained what has now grown (been 'leveraged') into tens of Trillions.

      Until this year Rothschild's Bank Of America was the largest bank in the United States. It has been surpassed now by JP Morgan Chase, another Rothschild bank, which in March was given ownership of its rival Wall Street investment house Bear Stearns. All at US taxpayer expense. Then, last week, it was given ownership of the failing Washington Mutual bank, that nation's largest Savings and Loan.

      Lehman Brothers, the other financial house collapse which shook the world, is apparently to be acquired by Rothschild Barclays PLC Bank in London, under the direction of the US bankruptcy court.

      The total assets of the Rothschild financial empire now surpass 165 Trillion Pounds Sterling.

      -- On Mon, 29/9/08, Templar Twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:

      -- On Sun, 28/9/08, Fulford Benjamin <benjaminfulford> wrote:

      Millennium, Thanks for passing on the astute criticism. The reason I concentrated my fire on the Nazi Rockefeller/ Clinton/Bush clan and avoided criticizing the Rothschilds was simply to isolate the genocidal branch of the illuminati from the rest of them. That strategy worked and they are going to lose power starting next week because they will not be able to make payments they owe on the September 30th end of the secret government fiscal year. Now that they are coming down, we will be able to rebuild and expand the eco-systems of the planet while ending poverty.

      Benjamin Fulford

      -- On Sat, 27/9/08, Messiah Twain <yonibluestar> wrote:

      Subject: BENJAMIN FULFORD Re: House ROTHSCHILD Monarchy Re: Unspeakable- Horror-of- Rockefeller- Cheney-Bush- Gangland- Age to End?

      always GREAT to hear from you Eleni!

      re: Benjamin Fulford.

      I am waiting a response from Ben-san ... my impression is that
      he always lumps his criticism on Rockefeller, for what Rockefeller
      has done to Japan ... yet Fulford does not criticize the House
      Rothschild, which owns Rockefeller and the whole game. My
      guess is Fulford and Japan are cozying up to House Rothschild.

      Fulford is the shallowest of 'critics' actually, just an apologist for
      his beloved corporate state. Seems to be a faker, on the make
      with/for House Rockefeller. He never comes out and speaks for
      the ONLY true values, those of nature and spirit -- the ONLY issue
      before US today, of ending the slave money debt ignorance economy
      and crafting a global 'garden-place' of knowledge and equality and
      universal decisionmaking focused solely on ethics, multicultural
      respect, upraising/protectin g women and children, and reforesting
      the Earth tenfold.

      bringing back the oceans, rivers & wetlands, atmosphere, rainforests.

      all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain

      cc: Benjamin Fulford, Japan

      --- On Sat, 27/9/08, eleni constantinou <tpanayiotou> wrote:

      Great stuff Templar..... Whats Fulford's take on the 'falseflag'
      situation we are in now?

      I was just reading about this Billionaire called 'Lord' Ashcroft who
      lives in Belize, and practically owns it like som Old time
      warlord...he owns the only Bank there and his business tantacles
      dominate the whole Island, whilst he of course gets favours from his
      pals in Illuminati motherland, the UK, especially the conservative
      party which he pumps money into....

      --- In Seven-Seven@ yahoogroups. com, Templar Twain <yonibluestar@ ...>
      > forwarded to  "Fulford Benjamin" in Japan
      > N M Rothschild & Sons, the UK-based investment bank founded in
      1811, known as Rothschild.
      > N M Rothschild & Sons (more commonly known simply as Rothschild) is
      the investment bank company of the Rothschild family. It was founded
      in the City of London in 1811, and is now a global firm with over 40
      offices around the world. The firm acts as a financial advisor to
      some of the most important companies, largest governments, and
      wealthiest families in the world.
      > History
      > In the late 18th century and early 19th century, Mayer Amschel
      Rothschild rose to become one of Europe's most powerful bankers in
      the principality of Hesse-Kassel (Hesse-Cassel) in the Holy Roman
      Empire. In pursuit of expansion, he appointed his sons to start
      banking operations in the various capitals of Europe, including
      sending his third son, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, to England. Nathan
      Mayer Rothschild first settled in Manchester, where he established a
      business in finance and textile trading. He later moved to London,
      where he founded N M Rothschild & Sons in 1811, through which he made
      a fortune trading bills of exchange.
      > According to notable historian and professor at Harvard University
      Niall Ferguson, "For most of the nineteenth century, N. M. Rothschild
      was part of the biggest bank in the world which dominated the
      international bond market. For a contemporary equivalent, one has to
      imagine a merger between Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, J. P. Morgan
      and probably Goldman Sachs tooâ€"as well, perhaps, as the
      International Monetary Fund, given the nineteen-century Rothschild's
      role in stabilising the finances of numerous governments. "
      > Early 19th century
      > During the early part of the 19th century, the Rothschild's London
      bank took a leading part in managing and financing the subsidies that
      the British government transferred to its allies during the
      Napoleonic Wars. Through the creation of a network of agents,
      couriers and shippers, the bank was able to provide funds to the
      armies of the Duke of Wellington in Portugal and Spain. In 1818 the
      Rothschild bank arranged a £5 million loan to the Prussian
      government and the issuing of bonds for government loans. The
      providing of other innovative and complex financing for government
      projects formed a mainstay of the bank's business for the better part
      of the century. N M Rothschild & Sons financial strength in the City
      of London became such that by 1825-6 , the bank was able to supply
      enough coin to the Bank of England to enable it to avert a liquidity
      > Late 19th century
      > Nathan Mayer's eldest son, Lionel de Rothschild (1808-1879)
      succeeded him as head of the London branch. Under Lionel the bank
      financed the British government's 1875 purchase of a controlling
      interest in the Suez Canal. Lionel also began to invest in railways
      as his uncle James had been doing in France. In 1869, Lionel's son,
      Alfred de Rothschild (1842-1918), became a director of the Bank of
      England, a post he held for 20 years. Alfred was one of those who
      represented the British Government at the 1892 International Monetary
      Conference in Brussels.
      > The Rothschild bank funded Cecil Rhodes in the development of the
      British South Africa Company and Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917)
      administered Rhodes's estate after his death in 1902 and helped to
      set up the Rhodes Scholarship scheme at Oxford University. In 1873 de
      Rothschild Frères in France and N M Rothschild & Sons of London
      joined with other investors to acquire the Spanish government's money-
      losing Rio Tinto copper mines. The new owners restructured the
      company and turned it into a profitable business. By 1905, the
      Rothschild interest in Rio Tinto amounted to more than 30 percent. In
      1887, the French and English Rothschild banking houses loaned money
      to, and invested in, the De Beers diamond mines in South Africa,
      becoming its largest shareholders.
      > 20th and 21st centuries
      > The First World War marked a change of fortune and emphasis for
      Rothschild. After the War, the Rothschild banks began a steady
      transition towards the raising of finance for commercial and
      industrial concerns, including the London Underground. In 1938, the
      Austrian Rothschilds’ interests were seized by the Nazis, bringing
      to an end more than a century at the heart of Central European
      banking. In France and Austria, the family was scattered for the
      duration of the Second World War. After the war, the British and
      French banks committed themselves to further developing their new
      operation in the United States, which was eventually to become
      Rothschild Inc, and increased focus on mergers and acquisitions and
      asset management. The 1980s gave birth to the international
      phenomenon of privatisation, where the Rothschilds were involved from
      the beginning and developed a pioneering role which spread out to
      over 30 countries worldwide.
      > Over this time, the London banking house continued under the
      management of Lionel Nathan de Rothschild (1882-1942) and his brother
      Anthony Gustav de Rothschild (1887-1961) and then to Sir Evelyn de
      Rothschild (b.1931). In 2003, following Sir Evelyn's retirement as
      head of N M Rothschild & Sons of London, the English and French
      financial firms merged under the leadership of Baron David de
      Rothschild. All Rothschild offices around the world therefore now
      operate as one firm.
      > The only major non-family owner is Jardine Matheson, a hong which
      holds 20% of the main Rothschild company (Rothschild Continuation
      Holdings). The stake was acquired in 2005 from Royal & Sun Alliance
      through the Jardine Strategic subsidiary, which specializes in
      leveraging stakes to protect family owners.
      > Operations Overview
      > Rothschild is consistently in the top 10 global investment banks
      for M&A advisory. According to Thomson Financial data, in 2007
      Rothschild announced 390 deals worth a total of $566bn, giving it
      12.6% market share.[1] The firm is particularly strong in Europe,
      especially in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and the Benelux
      countries, in each of which Rothschild consistently holds a top
      league table position. Rothschild's strength also extends to Eastern
      Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The main anomaly is in North
      America, where the firm leads the market in restructuring, but has
      made few inroads in M&A advisory.
      > The firm competes against a wide range of investment banks, from
      conglomerates like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, to other M&A
      specialists like Lazard and Greenhill & Co.. For comparison, Lazard
      is slightly smaller, and in 2007 announced 263 deals worth a total of
      $529bn; and Greenhill is about half the size, announcing 34 deals
      worth a total of $239bn.[2]
      > Divisions
      > Rothschild operates through three divisions:
      >  * Investment banking
      >  * Corporate banking
      >  * Private banking and trust
      > Next to these three main divisions, Rothschild is also active in
      real estate, venture capital, and asset management.
      > Offices
      > Rothschild's headquarters are in the City of London, the chief
      financial district of London. The firm is now a global investment
      bank with over 40 offices around the world.
      > [edit] New Court headquarters
      > Rothschild's headquarters in London have been continuously located
      at the same site over the past two centuries, at New Court, St.
      Swithin's Lane. In the 1950s, the firm outgrew its New Court
      headquarters and took up space in nearby Chetwynd House. Eventually,
      in October 1962, at the suggestion of Evelyn de Rothschild, the firm
      demolished New Court and built a 6-story glass-and-steel building on
      the same site.
      > In the 1980s and 1990s, Rothschild outgrew its New Court
      headquarters for a second time, and now operates out of several
      buildings on St. Swithin's Lane, including 1 King William Street,
      which was originally the site of the first Gresham Club. As before,
      the firm has decided to demolish the New Court and build a taller 15-
      story glass-and-steel building, again on the same site. This third
      reincarnation of New Court was designed by Rem Koolhaas and will
      provide 20,992 square metres of office space (with associated plant,
      servicing and car parking). The new building will open up views of St
      Stephen Walbrook church from its lobby, and views of the London
      skyline from a roof-top "sky pavilion".[3] Construction will take
      place over a 30-month period from March 2008 to August 2010, so the
      building will be completed shortly after Rothschild celebrates its
      200-year anniversary.

      -- On Fri, 26/9/08, Templar Twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:

      we ARE the blessings CorrinaStar,

      also known as the Adi Shakti, Global Consciousness, Maitreyah, Maahdi,
      Messiah, Maschiak, Field, Grid, Planetwide Harmonic Resonant Rainbow
      Being known as 2008 -- the returned Divine Feminine, Isis/Maat Judgement
      of Heaven --

      and that Judgement -- which means discernment, knowing, understanding,
      seeing -- is simply that:



      ARE ONE!

      together we are ending the secrecy and privilege of the security state,
      the banking and industrial and government monarchies, and extending
      the privilege of truth and participation (direct voluntaryist global decision-
      making) to all peoples planetwide.

      this day we end the economic inequities of cult-tures and nations,
      the enslavement of all peoples, the violence against girls and women,
      the war against aboriginal peoples, Mother Earth, and all our sacred
      relations of living creatures.

      today ~now~ we begin the global returning of the rainforests, of the
      wetlands and rivers, of all forests, and withdraw our industrial and
      consumer (feeding) murder of Mother Ocean, and return her life
      and the whales and dolphins ten times over, and so too our war
      against the atmosphere conducted by the world's militaries,
      industry and scientists.


      only because we are one,

      have we won,

      this first, most blessed of days ....

      Millennium Twain


      -- In Nativefamily, CorrinaLynnMorningS tarAriel <cmorningstar2007> wrote:

      Blessings To You Dear One;
      Welcome and thank you dearly for sharing your heartfelt thoughts with us all....
      They are completely appreciated, at this time and always...
      In our ever changing World within and upon our Blessed Mother Earth, Gaia, along with the never ending heartfelt prayers to our Blessed Creator, for all to come together as One, as it has and is still foretold to be...it is still an evolutionary process, for humankind to grow, in all lessons, with each step that is taken forward, upon our Blessed Mother, and with Creator, in us all experiences all we do...therefore I believe the moment will come within true hope for all with unconditional love with compassion can and will bring us to the point of living, loving, in unity with all nature, from yes, returning to growing our own food, that money is no longer creating slaves, of us all....
      Thank You again for all you share...

      May You Have Love, Light, Joy, and Peace Within Always
      That You are always Blessed with enough To Spare,
      That You are always Blessed with enough to share.
      as Morning Star
      as Ariel

      --- On Thu, 9/25/08, Templar Twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:

      --- On Thu, 25/9/08, Satya <yasatya2002> wrote:

      Hello all

      I joined this group today and the latest post reflects the state of the world today. My response will also reveal something about me and will serve as an introduction, if you do not mind. 

      Last post reflects a necessary ideals but how are these things to happen?

      I continuously spend time on these things and one of the "hows" I came up with 30 yrs ago was to 'ruralise' the population of the world using the modern technology. This foundation offers a lot of possibilities and one has to come from the rural lifestyle to see the practicality. Obviously it solves all the problems of th densely populated urban living.

      Everyone grows some vegetables and keeps some animals and what is lacking comes from the neighbours/marketpl ace in exchange for kind or money. Need for packaged food becomes zero excpet to preserve for non-production periods of the yr, centres for recreation and entertainment etc...International trade happens to some degree as need demands etc..

      Basically, production of food by everyone drastically reduces the heavy dependance on money. This freedom is the beginiing of a great liberation as it also affects the hours of paid job one might engage in. Ofcourse, inclusion of alchemical products would give added bonus to health issues. One should look at the alchemy practiced by the rural Ayurvedic health caregivers in India and its neighbours to realise how practical these things are.

      "Man the Creator
      Created money and
      Enslaved humanity..."

      is something I wrote in my youth.


      --- On Thu, 9/25/08, Templar Twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:

      I/You/WE are being heard!

      In this Hearing and Speaking, We are Deciding!

      We ARE World "Civilization' s" Ear/VOICE/Heart/ Mind!











      24 September 2008
      Goddess Moon, Califa, Turtle Island,
      Mother Earth

      - "lanilila@.. ." <mountainpalace@ ...> wrote:

      These are great posts M.T.  Keep em coming, por favor.

      And thank you for responding to my query about perchlorate.

      Kindest regards,


      -- On Wed, 24/9/08, Templar Twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:

      kia ora, Cass,

      indeed, an end of secrets -- back-room evil dealing, perversity,
      maintaining the lies and serfdom.

      and, kia ora Drew,

      Maori blessings.

      the political upheaval we already have ... and we are very close
      to psychological meltdown now. nobody has a clue as to what the
      devils have planned for the next few weeks ... or I should say TOO
      MANY clues, plans, and examples of the HORRORS they have
      committed the last few years and decades.

      it is up to us -- with our feet on the Earth, our hands holding
      those of all our sacred world cultures, our eyes and senses
      attuned to the divine heavens -- to show the way to universal
      truth and universal participation --

      those who are 'evolved', 'refined', 'gentled', whole rainbow
      beings, bathed in the light of 'ten thousand' cultures, seven
      billion sister/brothers, countless trillions of living plant and
      animal relations.

      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Seven- Seven/message/ 3365

      our 'Adi Shakti' reached eight years of age by my count, and
      this is the year of Her/Our making the global decisions, the
      ethical decisions, which have not been made in written
      history, which will now become are global constitution,
      blueprint for a global parliament and global voluntaryism.

      which is to say, as we ARE dealing with the Adi Shakti here,
      Global Consciousness, what we know, we speak, and all the
      world is 'now' hearing and responding.

      and what we know and speak, we act. individually, collectively,
      culturally, globally.

      so please speak up, and do not stop ...

      with and for all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain

      --- On Wed, 24/9/08, Cass Silva <silvacass> wrote:

      God isn't going to solve the problem.

      I agree that people get the government they deserve, but all political systems are built on lies.  For the most part all a voter can do is to attempt to find out who is the better or worse liar, and as most voters, vote through their pockets, the politician who promises to fill that pocket usually gets the vote.
      I believe that America is now on a steep learning curve and the citizens can either wake up and demand an 'open government' or remain asleep and suffer more of the same.  An open government means that there are no state secrets whatsoever. Whether they rise to this cause remains to be seen, as the free and forward thinkers are hamstrung to the christian belt.  So in my opinion, religious affiliations should not be considered a compulsory characteristic of anyone wanting to lead.   The bias will always show through.  Until America drops its religious addiction it will never produce a leader for all as religion divides and separates society.

      -- Original Message -- Drew Harrison <>

      Dear Twain,

      Don't get me wrong, I really like your proposal!  However, I am just curious how you would get across to over-working, arrogant Americans your plans without initiating a political upheaval.  Please explain it to me!  Thanks!

      God bless and keep em coming!


      Drew Harrison
      Schreiner University



      Be still and know that I am God.
      Psalms 46:10

      ----- Original Message ----
      From: Templar Twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk>

      please note, I do not agree with the, understandable, emotional, proposal below..

      it WOULD be sound to immediately end the marketplace of debt, interest and servitude -- particularly that which is managed clandestinely, by the security state described below.
      but no forgiveness of debt, or economic relationship, is appropriate without demonstration by all parties involved that they have embarked on a new and different course, different from the current stream of western consumerism -- the rape and murder of world culture, and our Mother Earth.
      if and only if universal direct democracy and voluntaryism is emplaced, and a constitution based on ethics, the 42-Laws of Maat for example as a start, then and only can a dialogue begin. only when that dialog commits our economy to equality, and EVERYONE planting forests, bringing back the wetlands and rivers and life, bringing back the rainforests, ending the industrial and consumer and military murder of the oceans, healing the atmosphere -- when everyone is paid equally to DO GOOD FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY -- then and only then can we talk about redistributing the wealth to all equally -- for universal land stewardship.
      and end of universal land (and sea and air) rapacity.
      return the (95 percent eliminated) forests, rainforests, rivers, wetlands, oceans, atmosphere, whales, dolphins ... divine life!
      that is, all our sacred relations,
      Millennium Twain
      A Brief Proposal to Restore Financial Sanity and the People’s Wealth by Sam Kennedy
      Everyone in the patriot movement saw the “crisis” coming. The World Bank reaching out to confiscate the wealth of a nation. The methods are well known. Create a crisis. Promote hysteria. Act ABRUPTLY to consolidate power and seize society's wealth.
      In 1995, it was the Mexican “bailout” where annual inflation of 125 percent forced Mexicans to accept $40 billion in NEW CREDIT (new debt obligations) from the World Bank (and of course, all of the usual austerity measures and tax demands), effectively transferring the wealth of a society to a privately held banking cartel. In 1993 it was deflation in Argentina, and more credits and bank oppression. And in 1933, it was the transfer of all American wealth to the Federal Reserve Bank when F.D.R ordered all of our families’ privately held gold to be delivered to the nearest branch of the Fed (ask your grand parents) and passed laws replacing payment of debts with the spurious legal concept of “discharging” debts using notes which are printed by a private banking cartel and backed by nothing. Yes, the Federal Reserve Bank IS privately owned by the Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan families. Something Henry failed to mention on this week's television blitzgkrieg.
      This very week, the latest crisis comes to fruition - total seizure of wealth by fear-mongering the collapse of “markets” that never existed in the first place other than as digits in Paulson’s computer system. The man who is widely acknowledged as the architect of the securitized mortgage, architect of the notorious investment scheme that brought the world to its knees when he was chairman of Goldman Sachs (the only Wall Street brokerage dynasty unscathed by the credit meltdown), is now in charge of your life, your home, your retirement, your welfare. Even as he blames speculators, unscrupulous lenders, and your poor judgment for the crisis.
      This very morning, George Will called Paulson’s bailout plan “the start of the Paulson administration” but offered no alternative. Every politician and pundit seems to agree that the fate of the world during the biggest crisis in history should rest on the shoulders of the fox who ate the hens. They are quick to point out that no one understands the crisis nor how much is owed, but...“We have to do SOMETHING.” We're politicians. First in line for your wrath when your IRA bottoms out.
      And that “something,” of course, is the takeover of the financial world by the United States government, and it’s backers, the Federal Reserve Bank acting as agent and receiver for the World Bank, as always.
      WELL HERE’S AN ALTERNATIVE that will provide immediate relief by returning to the people all of their assets, making credit unnecessary, and eliminating all of the house-of-cards phony baloney “markets” that everyone admits is beyond comprehension:
      1. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Takes about five minutes to write the statute. This would provide an instant end to the $9 trillion dollar U.S. debt currently owed to the Fed for borrowing our own money that they merely print (that's what the Act actually says). What, you actually thought the country owed $9 trillion to China for making trinkets? Think again. the Fed buys most of the Treasury notes that we have to repay - and they use new money hot off the presses at a cost to them of 4 cents per bill. How do YOU think the country might fare if $9 trillion in debt were wiped out overnight? Would we be flowing in new capital? Our own capital? Rather than the banking cartels flowing in our capital?
      2. Repeal the Income Tax Act of 1913 which exists to pay the interest on the debt to the Fed. How would YOU fare with the elimination of withholding from YOUR paycheck?
      3. Process (finally) the Articles of Impeachment filed (and still pending) for conspiracy, fraud, unlawful conversion and treason in 1934 by Congressman Louis McFadden, the chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank, the Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of the Treasury.
      4. Deliver to every media outlet in the country the following words of the world’s most knowledgeable man on the issue of banking spoken to Congress in 1934:
      "Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over.
      "This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.
      "Some people who think that the Federal Reserve Banks United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime.”
      5. Confiscate the total assets of the Federal Reserve Bank thereby effectively returning all the credit, liquidity and wealth that were stolen from the American people in 1913, 1933, 1964 and 2008.
      Imagine that. With the mere stroke of a pen on a single piece of paper, Congress, with or without the President, could effectively:

      - Return all of the people’s wealth.
      - End the greatest financial scam in history which will otherwise inevitably lead to tyranny, oppression and destruction of world order.
      - Restore the dignity of the American people by abandoning satanic principles such as debt, instant gratification and avoidance of responsibility.
      - Restore dignity AND SOLVENCY to our children and grandchildren. The deeds to THEIR home should never again call them a TENANT.
      - End the vile satanic Internal Revenue Service scam that has literally destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of honest Americans and transferred the wealth of a nation to a private banking cartel.
      If you agree with the above, might I suggest circulating it as never this plan as widely as possible? If just one noteworthy media outlet reports on these options, if Ron Paul were to come forth from his cocoom and speak out at this very moment, perhaps the course of events could be changed and your children might be spared enslavement.
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