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HDN In Exile??

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Still been working with a few things with the 60 hz resonance,(using the 12 lb coils of 23 gauge wire). I found I was wrong on some aspects concerning the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2008
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      Still been working with a few things with the 60 hz resonance,(using
      the 12 lb coils of 23 gauge wire). I found I was wrong on some
      aspects concerning the mutual inductance factor when the coils are
      placed pole to pole. A very great inbalance exists between coil
      sytems and their amperage consumptions. We could for example compare
      the reactance or in this case where the impedance is practically the
      same value as the inductive reactance, and what I found was that the
      reactive amperage consumption for each coil can achieve a value
      either 15% above or 15 % below the value achieved in isolation, this
      was the same result shown with the larger 80 lb coils, and this
      depends whether the magnetic fields are made in unison or
      opposition. I have not yet retuned the coils for each higher or
      lower case, but the issue here is using 3 uf as a value close to that
      needed in isolation, we find the reactive currents may differ by only
      a few % pts at most, but when put into resonance, if I recall, (my
      notes are not with me) one coil might pull 30 % more amperage then
      the other. The most mysterious thing however is the referencing of
      secondary generated voltages in time to that of primary generated
      voltages: for the scenario when the secondary is powered only by air
      core induction by virtue of being somewhat of a tuned resonant
      circuit. We might have for example 2/3 the voltage on the secondary
      that the primary shows in its voltage rise, but a volt meter BETWEEN
      each primary and secondary AC voltage, despite the fact that the
      LOWEST possible voltage difference between them would be the case
      where they were in phase; in which case if the primary had 100 volts
      across it and the secondary had 70 volts, The LEAST amount of voltage
      that could be between them would be 30 volts, and that is if they
      (the primary and secondary voltages) were in phase. If we understand
      the interpretation of Lenz law, perhaps then the secondaries voltages
      would be 90 degrees out of phase with its air core induction source
      of voltage, in which we should see a 100 volt difference between the
      signals. And for the maximum case of voltage difference we should
      see 170 volts difference if the signals were 180 degrees out of
      phase. Yet for these three case scenarios, the voltages measured
      between the primary and secondary remain near zero!!! It almost as
      if the secondary voltages occur in an entirely different time zone,
      that cannot be referenced to our time sequence for comparison! I can
      only conclude that this is yet another example of time distortion
      evident in electrical resonance. The first example was the evidence
      that over 360 degrees of phase variance between three (120 degree)
      phases of resonant voltage rise can exist, which also defies logic...
      I may not have mentioned that in the previous white neon
      discharge jpeg that the bulb was ballasted by a 3/8 inch block of
      ferrite in series, and the bulb was still passing too much current
      evidently because the ends of the bulb became very hot, including the
      ferrite which was to be expected, but not the bulb itself. I would
      imagine running the neon bulb in that fashion would ruin it. Doc
      suggested that the end filaments might have a mercury coating that is
      coming off during the discharge, hence the white color. The normal
      orange discharge was seen when instead discharging the neon to a
      ground post.
      In other matters I am very perplexed concerning my use of the
      internet. My computer is still being repaired by Hewlat Packard, it
      is a Pavilion Notebook PC. Sent out over a month ago first they said
      it would be back April 12, then the 23rd, then when I called again
      they didnt even give a delivery date, now today they say it will
      arrive on May 12th. The virus software on Doc's Computer expired so
      we have been without a computer for some time, but now I have
      arranged for him to obtain this, since his computer is at my
      residence. He says he doesnt like Norton?? Go figure. So today I
      journeyed back to my brothers house to check my Yahoo mail. I have no
      clue what is going on there, it only gives the first page containing
      20 messages, and all the old entries are being deleted before I even
      have a chance to read them! What good is a mail service that only
      gives you 20 messages in storage, when I pay them 25 dollars a year
      for extra storage! I guess I'm just going to have to raise some hell
      about this, or just start using a different email harvich@...
      is the one I started. In fact you HAVE to do such a thing to even
      COMPLAIN to Yahoo, as they request an alternative email acct when you
      complain to them, which they never seem to have answered my last
      Will try to return some time later.
      Sincerely HDN
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