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Re: [teslafy] Progress on Current Teslafy Business

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  • Pickur
    you should have bought an acs350 abb drive,,it is sooooo easy.. tim
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 7, 2008
      you should have bought an acs350 abb drive,,it is
      sooooo easy..

      --- Harvey D Norris <harvich@...> wrote:

      > A variable speed motor drive is purchased for wire
      > rewinding. After
      > some confusion regarding wiring, we now learn the
      > unit must be
      > programed resulting in a delay of start up
      > operations. This is a
      > Leeson "Speedmaster" Solid State Unit that converts
      > single phase into
      > three phase, but allows for a variable frequency to
      > be harnessed on
      > the three phase conversion motor end so that a
      > variable rpm is
      > obtained on output.
      > A great deal of confusion initially exists
      > regarding whether the
      > 750.00 dollar frequency controller and the 350
      > dollar 3 phase motor
      > should be wired at the same choice of voltage, be
      > that 120 or 240. We
      > have agreed consensus wise after several opinions
      > that both should be
      > the same. The programming requires a password and
      > some things I am not
      > aquainted with, but Doc says he will pour over the
      > manual.
      > A lot of (women) stresses at home have taken
      > place, having to do
      > with Queen Guinevere in the story; but I shall
      > persevere against her
      > most vile and selfish ways to the end of my final
      > liberations... My
      > own lap top computer has ben sent back to Hewlant
      > Pakackart for
      > repair, a somewhat amazing mishap. Some Indian lady
      > apologized for
      > delay. Of course I am tired of delays myself... So
      > I have
      > repurchased important components for the resurection
      > of this research
      > regarding source frequency resonances, and how they
      > might be harnessed
      > according to the agenda I have already set forth in
      > my elucidations,
      > which assuredly so shall be repeated into the
      > future.
      > Sincerely Yours;
      > Harvey D Norris
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