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Re: Calling Harvey, come in please...

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  • Harvey D Norris
    ... happened? ... Hello group, this as a long time friend of Harvey, perhaps he s mentioned me in some of his earlier posts. He s written me a letter and asked
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2007
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      --- In teslafy@yahoogroups.com, "Keith Nagel" <knagel@...> wrote:
      > So Harvey really seems to have disappeared. Anybody know what
      > K.

      Hello group, this as a long time friend of Harvey, perhaps he's
      mentioned me in some of his earlier posts. He's written me a letter
      and asked me to post it for him, so here it is:
      Hello folks, this is Harvey Norris writing from a jail cell.
      On my birtday, Sept 7 I was sentenced to six months for DUI's. If I
      stay the whole time my release will be on St. Patrick's day. I have
      used the good graces of friends [that would be me] tp send this
      letter.Brother John says that it is odd because the catholics believe
      that Sept 7th is Virgin Mary's birthday. Ant one ever hear of that?
      Anyways to get down to business. I need someone on the list:
      preferably a Lot of people on the list, to write the judge so that I
      might obtain an early release. I have prepared a letter to the judge
      so that people could use to send. It should be published in my next
      letter to the group.
      Now my address here in jail is
      Portage Justice center,c/o Harvey Norris DM5
      8240 Infirmary Rd Ravennea, Ohio 44266.
      I would certainly appreciate any correspondence from list
      members and I would certainly appreciate it if someone could locate
      Tesla's short autobiography and copy and send it here. I started
      writing my own and I would like to see his again.
      I need one of the administators or any one on the list
      willing to take charge to write me as soon as possible so that I canI
      can send them mail back to post on the list. I don't want to burden
      my brother Micheal with this responsibility. End of letter
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