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Re: Renishaw Confirms DLC powder is Radiation Insensitive

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  • pulsed_ignition
    It has been almost three years since I posted this, and things are speeding up quickly. Introductory price of NanoLube on eBay is ending + Breaking News!! For
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 9, 2007
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      It has been almost three years since I posted this, and things are
      speeding up quickly. Introductory price of NanoLube on eBay is ending
      + Breaking News!!

      For those of you that need lower friction and higher efficiency from
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      I have already irrevocably withdrawn the concentrates from the market
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      I have discovered first hand that some people absolutely fight like
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      My warmest regards to everyone on this list,

      Chris Arnold

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      > Any information or references to literature will be appreciated.
      > Happy Holidays,
      > Chris Arnold
      > http://members.aol.com/hypercom59

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      > Renishaw Confirms Powder is actually Radiation Insensitive Diamond
      > Like Carbon
      > In July 2004, my partner and I were invited to visit Renishaw
      > Instruments in Hoffman Estates to have the Synthetic Diamond Powder
      > analyzed. The scientist performed several tests on two (2) of our
      > samples. WE were shown a case of computer disks that were coated
      > Diamond Like Carbon (DLC), and he explained DLC film is the known
      > form of DLC, not powder. After a half an hour of testing, the
      > scientist reluctantly told us the samples were indeed DLC, but the
      > samples also had very high fluorescence which he found - unusual. He
      > asked to keep the samples to perform photo bleaching of one hour
      > to "Calm Down" the fluorescence and also asked for permission to
      > them further analyzed at the FBI lab under a UV Raman system, to
      > which I agreed. By On August 19th, 2004 - he did not have the
      > of either test.
      > August 23rd, 2004 - About 1.5 months after dropping the samples off
      > for the one hour test, the scientist advised me there was no
      > significant change when our DLC samples when subjected to "Photo
      > Bleaching" under normal Raman lasers, however he refused to provide
      > report stating exactly what was discovered and UV Raman spectrum
      > the FBI lab could not be provided.
      > Information provided from this scientist by email confirms previous
      > test results performed in Hong Kong, whereby the material was found
      > to be "Radiation Insensitive" under the TEM w/EELS electron beam. I
      > was also told the EELS electron beam is more aggressive than the
      > Raman laser, therefore resistance to Photo Bleaching under Raman
      > Laser should be expected.
      > Radiation Insensitive Synthetic Diamond has instant Military and
      > Defense applications. Produced with Extreme Energy Efficiency.
      > http://members.aol.com/hypercom59
      > CA
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