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    http://www.hymotion.com/pdf/Specs_PHEV_L5.pdf http://www.hymotion.com/products.htm http://plugsandcars.blogspot.com/2007/07/plug-in-hybrid-bills-in-
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      Corning Bends Fiber To Improve Networking 100 Times By W. David
      Thu Jul 26, 6:11 PM ET

      Optical fiber technology that enables signals to bend around corners
      has been developed by Corning Incorporated.

      Announced this week, the breakthrough, called nanoStructures,
      creates fiber that is 100 times more bendable than traditional
      optical fiber, according to Corning. In developing nanoStructures
      the firm worked with Verizon Communications, which has targeted the
      technology for use in its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

      "This is a game-changing technology

      I need a new car. What kind of diesel cars work best for using bio
      diesel? Any other alternative fuel cars?
      I am looking at the Jetta TDI's made after 2001. Anyone have any
      pro/negative comments about those? Or the VW Gulf's? What other cars
      have people found that work well or don't work well? Any comments
      appreciated. Air filter issues, etc. Where I live I have access to
      B20, B50 and B99 straight from the pump, so I'm not thinking about a
      conversion, but I'm open. Any other alternative fules that people
      recomend? I know Honda makes a natural gas Civic. Thanks!

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      I am a firm believer in electricity.
      Take a look at this car, which is on the market today:
      The Phoenix electric pickup truck - using new, advanced Altairnano
      batteries (based on research from MIT) - can:

      -Travel up to 250 miles per charge
      -Carry 5 passengers plus cargo at 95mph.
      -Charges batteries in as little as TEN MINUTES.
      -Has batteries that last 250,000 miles (never need replacement.)
      Look carefully, because the battery problems have all been solved.
      Yes, it is a real car - being manufactured right now for fleet
      customers like PG&E.
      Driving on electricity is very cheap. I drive an EV (a very old
      one.) My cost for electricity is only about a penny per mile, much,
      much cheaper than gasoline. And electric cars need very little
      maintenance. Electric motors have only one moving part, and can run
      for decades with no service.
      And even if powerplants burn dirty fuel, electric cars still cause
      very little pollution, thanks to their extremely high efficiency.
      Hydrogen fuel cell cars cannot compete because fuel cell cars ARE
      electric cars (including batteries, needed for acceleration), with
      an added fuel cell and hydrogen tank. So the hydrogen car will
      always be more expensive than a plain EV. Hydrogen is also much less
      efficient than battery power because of the wasted energy needed for
      hydrogen extraction, transport, and storage.
      My next project is to install a solar panel on my garage, and drive
      my EV for zero cents per mile, and zero emissions. Can any other alt-
      fuel option can beat ZERO?

      More electric car info - and electric cars for as little as $5000:

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