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  • Harvey D Norris
    Submitted this 1 month ago. I guess when the experts cant answer a question they ignore it. Should the DC current in the revolving field coil of an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2007
      Submitted this 1 month ago. I guess when the "experts" cant answer a
      question they ignore it.

      Should the DC current in the revolving field coil of an alternator be
      in the same direction as its rotation?

      The dc direction of field current shows that one drection of current
      delivers better stator winding output then its equal but opposite
      directions,leading to a secondary question as to whether the field
      wirings own relative motion in space exceed that of the wires
      electron drift velocity? Additionally it is seen that when no field
      current is inputed, the rotation alone will cause magnetism and
      electricity output, which to be again reduced in output back to zero,
      the field current is intially sent in the "wrong" direction opposite
      to its prexistant rotational magnetic effect. When the field current
      is increased beyond this point to again create stator output, (at a
      marked decrease in efficiency), and then turned back again to the
      amount of field current that formerely yeilded zero stator output, we
      now find that this zero margin has changed, and the rotation itself
      has preserved its former state of magnetization. Can these effects be
      caused by a gyroscopic reaction of electron orbits?

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      maybe Should; maybe Shouldn't depends on your bevaviour;

      HDN/ Heres another one I answered, but it was not selected as the best
      Why is the unit of magnetic field B or H?
      In physics, the conventional units of magnetic field are H (magnetic
      flux strength) and B (magnetic induction). However they seems not to
      be abbreviated symbols. I'd like to know what is the terminological
      roots of these two symbols.

      Dr. R
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      Dr. R
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      These are symbols for the total and free magnetic field itself, not
      the units. They may have just started running out of capital letters.
      In electromagnetism alone, C, D, E, F, I, J, L, M, P, Q, V, and Z are
      taken. The best candidate, M, is magnetization, for example.

      Oh yes, and A and R are taken too. (vector potential and resistance)
      Unit of B is TESLA.

      H and B aren't the units, they're the symbols for magnetic flux
      strength and magnetic field. Same way F is the symbol for force but
      its units are newtons (N).

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      A magnetic field exists in three dimensions of space. We can
      describe a three dimensional volume as a certain area times a certain
      Magnemotive force (mmf) = total force that produces
      magnetic flux. B is expressed as the magnetic
      induction, or flux density. If we know the total flux,
      the density must be that value divided by the interior
      area or A. Thus this first method gives the magnetic
      interaction with those first two dimensions to
      determine the density. The English unit of mmf is the
      Ampere-turn, the equivalent cgs (centimeter/gram
      second) unit is named the Gilbert, where the
      conversion ratio is shown by 1 Gilbert=.796 Amp turns,
      and conversely 1 amp turn= 1.25 Gilbert.
      The field intensity or H is the force per unit length
      of flux path. We are simply now applying the
      definition of B for 3 dimensional space, where in the
      English system this is made as amp-turns/inch. The cgs
      equivalent is the Gilbert/cm, named the Oersted. 1
      Oersted= 2.02 amp-turns/inch.

      Around the early 80's I also attended Akron State Univ
      after dropping out, but the different text from that
      same Elementary Classical Physics course does not seem
      to deal with H at all, as the other text did. In the
      early 90's I purchased another Physics text,(Physics
      for Scientists and Engineers) in which the following
      is noted on pg 654;

      We have named B the magnetic field and H the magnetic
      intensity. These names are not universal. Sometimes B
      is called the magnetic flux density and H is called
      the magnetic field. Admittedly, the terminology is
      confusing, and universal adoption of a single set of
      terminology is unlikely in the near future.
      Fortunately, the usage of the symbols B and H as we
      have defined them is nearly universal. Thus the
      calculation of a magnetic force on a moving charge or
      a current nearly always involves B; similarly H is the
      appropriate field in Ampere's Law.

      It has cost me a bit of time to try and understand
      that thing with Amperes law, as I did not pay
      attention then, and integrals need that concept of
      summation. I think it can be summed up by guessing
      that a linear relationship is made between the amount
      of magnetic field B obtained at a certain distance r
      away from a conductor of i current. This becomes a
      ratio, where a constant is derived. That constant is
      known as the permeability of free space,mu(0) or k
      determined by the equation (B)(2*pi*r)=k*i

      What it seems to be is that B/H= the permeability
      constant k, which of course also changes with core
      material. To end this long post this is from pg 491
      concerning ferromagnetics;
      Iron,nickel,cobalt and gadolinium are the only
      ferromagnetic materials at room temperature. Because
      of the complicated relation between the flux density B
      and the magnetic intensity H in a ferromagnetic
      material, it is not possible to express B as an
      analytical function of H.{Note; I assume the
      analytical equation with k=1 then does always apply
      with a non saturable air core inductor} Instead the
      relation between these quantites is represented by a
      graph of B vs H, called the magnetization curve of a
      material. The permeability, equal to the B/H ratio {is
      not constant for that material.}

      0 Crystals and electric currents?
      Can anyone suggest a crystal that will produce an electric current
      (however slight it may be) when pressure is applied.

      Heres another answer I gave that was selected as the best of two.
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      My answer may be non applicable, but I will say strontium ferrite,
      the substance of ceramic magnets. I am not sure if SrFe can be called
      a crystal however. It will show an increase in capacity with
      pressure, but more importantly if we apply the proper electrical
      pressure from a source containing the necessary amperage demand, it
      heats up, emits radio waves, and eventually glow to incandescence,
      and its resistance will decrease significantly at the highest heat
      margins near 900 degree F. I have passed 3 amps through a 3/8 inch
      sample normally registering about 20,000 ohms , where when glowing on
      a corner it acted as only a 7 ohm conductor, being driven by a 21
      volt car alternator source.

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      Other Answers

      You are probably thinking of the piezo-electric effect.
      Try a web search.
      Quartz is the traditional one, but the effect is tiny. There are
      synthetic materials, such as those used in gas lighters, which will
      produce a spark.

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      In other work with coils of aluminum square tubing as conductors I
      have elected to use the 12 inner winds between 9 square conductors
      for the first testing, but this project has already been dismantled
      several times due to complications. Will report on this at another
      time when it is completed., probably soon within a week. The
      complications for this small project were enormous. I will then take
      the coil to the local ham radio club meeting for comments, and will
      report back. Will try to make entrees every Sunday, as my old
      computer is still down, and am using an aquaintances lap top for

      Sincerely Harvey D Norris/ Soon to Tennesee.

      More Q&A
      Who is greater than u?


      Everybody has got his own potential and you can't compare it.

      1 month ago
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      by Mister Nice Guy
      just about every other white trash low life out there today.

      Shakhawat (Nayem)
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      Prothom katha
      my soul.



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      i too think its god but it will be a burden for him to carry
      everybodies gr8ness so i think its my heart

      kimo youakimo
      the one who created me God

      Another greater You,what adds many other greater equals


      by amleth 1 month ago
      V (We) is greater than u (You).

      by mustroyal 1 month ago
      Move a chess knight 64 times from a corner without trapping yourself
      by formerly occupied moves. After move 57, if you grasp the
      mathematical dharma grasshopper, you will see now it is impoossible
      to make an incorrect move, and you have negotiated your way through
      this labyrinth at odds exceeding trillions to one. Your next job is
      to make a coil this way with 64 winds and apply its magical
      properties, as these 64 knight moves yeild the balanced square array
      called a lateral quadratic magic square These builders are the modern
      day masons of yesteryear, who will resurrect the code.


      Mein Kampf

      What is the nature of the output of the choke coil (ballast) used in
      a tube light? and how?

      harvichMember since: April 08, 2007
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      Heat energy by copper losses, or the I squared R quantity which goes
      to waste as that energy expenditure does not go into the output
      portion of energy needed to light the tube itself. We might also
      consider the energy stored in the choke coil as a magnetic field, but
      every magnetic and electric field is only a form of borrowed and
      returned energy from the sender.


      God!Man aka:Jason bMember since: January 05, 2007
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      God!Man aka:Jason b
      0 Do you believe in Free Energy?
      Free energy as in the ether or vacuum energy. Nicola Tesla's free
      energy. Magnets have energy, lightning, static shock. These are forms
      of energy that exist in abundance. Obviously the device to collect
      this energy may indeed cost something, but then provide more energy
      than we could ever need. The impact this technology would be for the
      greater good of all on this planet. When we have this energy source
      there would be no more fossil fuels to buy. How much money do you
      think you would save every month when this is possible? No light
      bills, no gas for your car, you could grow your own food faster than
      you could eat it, everything would cost less if no one had to pay
      electricity for their company's or their company vehicles. So on and
      so on. These are just a few examples. If you don't believe......why

      Additional Details

      2 months ago
      Please, this is not some idiot asking stupid questions. I will admit
      i don't have a degree from MIT or anything. That is why I want good
      feedback to my question. I can make water boil with a maginifying
      glass(I know, big deal). But steam engines do work....don't they. I
      am just trying to gather information that will help me understand the
      situation better. I have read a lot about Nicola Tesla and I have
      reasearched his inventions on the U.S. patent office website. It
      seems to me he was a genius and was a pioneer in electricity. And
      that was 120 years ago. Just imagine what could be done now. I guess
      i am really asking nonjudgmental people who care to help me
      understand. Thank you all.

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      We haven't learned yet how to stick this paddle into the wheel work
      of nature. It is clearly possible to have a situation where the
      transfer of energy between electric and magnetic fields exceeds the
      actual power input as the I^2R heat loss of the coiled conductor. In
      fact Overunity as it is called is PREDICTED by quadrature magic
      square design, which is the basis of my juxtaposed flux capacitor
      designs. This is precisely the reason I am building these special
      winding methods. But for now my experiments in time distortion must
      take precedance. Of course this is easy for me to say, since I was
      Nikola Tesla in a past life, and that makes me predjudiced on the
      subject. Just do a web search on my name Harvey D Norris and you will
      probably see some of my work in this category. Or just type in

      2 months ago
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      ithinkineedtosneezeMember since: March 25, 2007
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      0 Telsa superconductors?
      why is there not more research into (more or less) free,
      enviornmently friendly sustainable energy resources? why did i hear
      recently that a scientist who perfected telsa-like conductors has had
      his funding cut? is it oil cartels holding us back?

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      Answerer 1(HarVICH)
      A superconductor having zero resistance, is just that :a conductor
      of zero (DC) resistance. However DC resistance is different from AC
      resistance, which is known as impedance. Impedance, normally
      represented by the symbol Z is equal to the square root of the sum of
      the resistance squared, (zero) and the inductive reactance X(L)
      squared. Even though that conductor will have zero DC resistance, it
      will not have zero AC resistance because it will still have inductive
      reactance, which in this case since the resistance is zero, the AC
      resistance of impedance will be just the inductive reactance itself.
      If we attempted to cancel this inductive reactance by having an
      opposite capacitive reactance in series, ( which is called series
      resonance) the internal voltage would have to rise to infinity to
      accomplish the conductions, since the Q factor X(L)/R determines this
      voltage rise, and a number divided by zero can only be described by

      harvichMember since: April 08, 2007
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      S Can the steel of a ferromagnetic transformer instead be fashioned
      as a set of windings, acting as a secondary?
      Here I am building prototype transformers for testing, using 1 ft
      length aluminum conductors of 1/2 by 1/2 inch width square
      conductors. I am structuring the (aluminum square tube)windings
      (connected at corners by ordinary round copper wire) in return layer
      diagonals, ( the pattern set by odd magic square sequences) to
      establish maximum internal capacity in the windings. If the current
      in the windings is opposite between every internal lateral square
      facing, most of the external field around the windings is cancelled,
      but internally between the windings the magnetic loops will be in
      unison. I therefore wish to put insulated steel tube sleeves around
      the internal aluminum loops of the wiring array, for a very
      unconventional honeycomb type core transformer. I should be able to
      measure for eddy current output on any steel sleeve by shorting the
      ends of the outside steel segment with an amperage meter. A conv.
      secondary will also need copper loops wound lengthwise around the

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      Rufus Cat
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      An AC transformer connects AmpereTurns in the Primary to AmpereTurns
      in the Secondary using the time varying magnetic field in the core.
      The maths for the size of the core is well established.
      If you double back on turns they do not count as part of your
      ampereturns - unless you shield the doubled bit. Such methods are
      used in shaded pole motors.

      The only way to lighten the Tx is to use higher frequencies in the
      core. This 'dumps' the magnetic energy into the secondary more often
      so you can use a smaller core (bucket of energy!)

      The magnetic field is always perpendicular to the current and hence
      so are the core loops (in a Vector Notation sense - not necessarily
      If you introduce Iron windings in the windings space you will get
      bigger Ohmic Losses.

      I hope this helps - you obviously have a plan to make hyper-efficient
      Tx but they are already near 0.999 efficiency.

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      harvichMember since: April 08, 2007
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      S Can Time itself be distorted in a way other then how Einstein
      predicted this by Relativity?
      I have discovered this process that converts time into voltage. It
      involves creating resonant voltage rises themselves separated in time
      within a cycle of the same frequency from a polyphase generator,
      where each phase has a voltage rise beyond their respective voltage
      inputs, and then measuring the relative voltages BETWEEN the
      resonated phases. To explain this to the layman initially requires
      the following question. I'm going on a long journey on planet earth
      where after traveling so far I turn at a right angle. I should have
      to do this 4 times to make a total square for each equal length of
      journey in one direction. After arriving of the 3rd corner, I am
      astouded to find that I have prematurely arrived back to the point
      where I started the journey. From this we can see that 2-D geometry
      laws may be distorted when applied to 3 D, and in this analogy the
      ordinary time laws of this dimension may be distorted by using
      opposing magnetic fields in resonance.

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