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  • Johm Waller
    Magicbill;please restate that.Scifuntubes magicbill_2000 wrote: I would file a Freedom of Information request on your
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      Magicbill;please restate that.Scifuntubes

      magicbill_2000 <htmagic@...> wrote:
      I would file a Freedom of Information request on your
      equipment/materials . I would also quit paying taxes because if that is
      what you're funding obviously the Nazis can pay for their own stuff.

      I would also declare the loss on your taxes. Figure in lost time and
      money to track down your equipment/materials . And meanwhile, keep
      doing what you're doing. The fat cats are running scared and have to
      use dirty tactics to try to even the field. I would file a lawsuit
      against the people responsible for the break-in.

      $1/2 million with today's inflation is more like $3/4 million. Should
      be a nice sum to be reimbursed with. Now you know the value of backup
      copies in alternate locations...

      Hope this helps!

      --- In teslafy@yahoogroups .com, "Harvey D Norris" <harvich@... > wrote:
      > I would prefer at this time to use someone near my Ohio area, here is
      > Steve's Moderator info;
      > Hi,
      > I just joined the group; however, I am disabled with a bit more time
      > on my hands than most people I suppose. I am an electrical engineer
      > with about 20 years project management experience with utilities,
      > cable, electrical contractor and internet over the power lines
      > company experience. I was involved with zpe research until the no
      > warrant theft of my equipment, computers, notes disks and the
      > subsequent planting of evidence by the so-called police-state (after
      > one year and I would not go away). It seems like that would be an
      > admission of guilt; but not in the state of WV, they did not address
      > the nearly $500,000 of stolen equipment. I had no investors, no
      > sales or any correspondence with anyone except my son who was
      > assisting the project with his labor. I purchased everything when I
      > was working on the Gray motor and the tube electronics. The unit was
      > semi-working with a rate of approximately 1500 watts input (from
      > batteries) to produce about 50 hp on the motor. I did not have
      > specific information available today on the motor or the tube. I
      > looked at Gray, Correa and Tesla to help with what I developed over
      > 14 years. I can guess at most; I have only a very small bit of the
      > earliest development that my son had on a dvd. Lack of funds is now
      > my problem. All I am trying to ask is who pays the fees for the
      > group to exist? I am not sure how it is paid for.
      > I will be glad to assist and would appreciate your participation when
      > you can get online. I would like to make any information that I
      > develop available free of charge especially for hospitals and clinics
      > in third world countries where there would be no grid to supply
      > power. I am 56 and alone; therefore, money is not my greatest
      > concern. I do however wish to assist the poor and less fortunate in
      > the world; what more do we have when we die except what we have done
      > in this lifetime.
      > My personal telephone is 812-962-3703; I live in the Steubenville,
      > Ohio area (internet telephone). You can have the job back when you
      > get back for real. LOL. Lots of luck and hope you are fine.
      > Take Care,
      > Steve Roby
      > 658 1/2 Commercial St
      > Mingo Junction, OH 43938

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