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Deviances from Professionalism/Exiled To Siberia

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  • Harvey D Norris
    I will try to be more professional in the future. But I will also hide my profession. I am at a loss for words, except to say that I would like a door bell
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2007
      I will try to be more professional in the future. But I will also
      hide my profession. I am at a loss for words, except to say that I
      would like a door bell ringer that sounds like the low horn heard at
      the Addams Family Entrance.
      There is always an enter and exit point, so lets be professional
      about it.
      Many reconsiderations and mistakes have occured in
      these suppositions to the effect that many
      possibilities are forwarded. In the first supposition
      the calculations are made according to Wavetech LCR
      Meter readings, but these must also match the
      predictions made by mathematical calculations alone.
      Other parameters also come into the picture, which
      shall shortly be minimized for better observance of
      predicted actions. In this case 36 segments in nine
      winds have been used for a three layer multiwind
      inductance where the windings themselves are square
      aluminum tubes of 1/2 by 1/2 inch square by 1 ft long
      length. The distance between each of the nine wind
      square segments in each square array is 1/16ths inch.
      The internal facings to be counted as ACTING internal
      capacity is different from the DIELECTRIC BARRIER
      CAPACITY which can be established and sensibly read by
      LCR meter capacity reading, which for this instance
      can be read constantly both in a one dimensional plate
      capacity construction that equals its two dimensional
      plate capacity version that exists both as a capacity
      and an inductance, but it only becomes an inductance
      at the point where the middle point of the coil
      windings becomes connected. If this connection becomes
      an arc gap manipulation, the inherent L and C values
      expressed in the equation can be calculated from
      Thompsons resonance formula R(f)= 1/2pi{sq rt}[LC],
      and a resonant frequency of the interaction thus
      calculated. Here is where mistakes can be made. Thus
      the formulaes for inductance are needed, and also
      capacity, but the LCR readings of capacity seem
      reliable. The short comings brought about by right
      angle turns negotiated by corners established by only
      using four 1 ft segments per turn manifest themselves
      as a deviance of LCR reading vs the mathematical book
      value, which for the tightest sensible connection at
      corners involves using a 9 inch radius figure which
      establishes a 64 uH figure by formulae, but here in
      addition to the 36 ft of segments, there are also the
      outward folded loops of 36 ft of alligator clips, thus
      the meter shows some 110 uH vs the calculated 64 Uh.
      A much more professional construction minimizing
      the corner length conductors will be established
      before considerations are matched according to
      expectations. It is here where any deviances from
      expectations can be more explored. Now copper tubing is used between
      the squares for practical constructions for industry work.
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