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Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter: A compilation of material on this amazing device

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  • Harvey D Norris
    http://www.frank.germano.com/teslas_magnifying_transmitter.htm I will be quite explicit on the subject of my magnifying transformer so that it will be clearly
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2006

      "I will be quite explicit on the subject of my magnifying transformer
      so that it will be clearly understood. In the first place, it is a
      resonant transformer, with a secondary in which the parts, charged to
      a high potential, are of considerable area and arranged in space
      along ideal enveloping surfaces of very large radii of curvature, and
      at proper distances from one another, thereby insuring a small
      electric surface density everywhere, so that no leak can occur even
      if the conductor is bare. It is suitable for any frequency, from a
      few to many thousands of cycles per second, and can be used in the
      production of currents of tremendous volume and moderate pressure, or
      of smaller amperage and immense electromotive force. The maximum
      electric tension is merely dependent on the curvature of the surfaces
      on which the charged elements are situated and the area of the
      latter. Judging from my past experience there is no limit to the
      possible voltage developed; any amount is practicable.

      On the other hand, currents of many thousands of amperes may be
      obtained in the antenna. A plant of but very moderate dimensions is
      required for such performances. Theoretically, a terminal of less
      than 90 feet in diameter is sufficient to develop an electromotive
      force of that magnitude, while for antenna currents of from 2,000-
      4,000 amperes at the usual frequencies, it need not be larger than 30
      feet in diameter. In a more restricted meaning, this wireless
      transmitter is one in which the Hertz wave radiation is an entirely
      negligible quantity as compared with the whole energy, under which
      condition the damping factor is extremely small and an enormous
      charge is stored in the elevated capacity. Such a circuit may then be
      excited with impulses of any kind, even of low frequency and it will
      yield sinusoidal and continuous oscillations like those of an

      Frank Germano has done a lot of work in compiling Tesla material.
      Also has a Yahoo Group on Victor Schauberger
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