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Time Distortion Upon Demand

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  • Harvey Norris
    Yes, I drank some more beers with this discovery tonight; whereby the virtues can be discussed. I went back to several days ago and again measured currents and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2006
      Yes, I drank some more beers with this discovery
      tonight; whereby the virtues can be discussed.

      I went back to several days ago and again measured
      currents and seemed to discover an additional gem.

      But perhaps a precursory discussion is necessary.
      I hate to have to mention the specifics in every case
      here, but I can only say here that an amazing circuit
      quality seems to present itself as a load.

      The load while being a comparatively high resistance
      in comparison with the ability of the generator to
      supply current; the load is like a jealous women that
      will never allow the generator to allocate that
      current to other sources; it causes and makes to act
      on that generator like a current limited supply to
      other sources; although there seems to be no rational
      reason for that generator to act in this manner...

      In addition to this every Irishman should have a drink
      on Saint Patricks day, cook his corn beef and cabbage
      and good greens and reflect upon their ancestry. They
      should remember to tell a story each time this time of
      year, so amazingly I can tell such a story in the
      spirit of truth.

      You know these Irish folk are in the spirit of
      imagining things; and they say some of them see
      leprocahns, dont remember the pronunciation or more
      properly the spelling, but I seen one and photographed

      But this was only a analogy for creating a bonafide
      time distortion device. As they say the lepracahn is
      mysterious, elusive, and even has some kind of gold
      pot and the end of the rainbow.

      Here I thought it was very strange that my sets of
      three long coil branches could be resonated, and
      produce different results; which means science is
      somewhat kaput. And I was looking at my Mary statue,
      and making a melody. And I realized the best way to
      explain things are by timing notes made in sequence.

      Because of the fact that opposites attract; each one
      changes the other to move closer in opposition... The
      question becomes how far can this opposition act to
      become greater then the sum of its opposing actions;
      whereby a voltage in excess of the outer components
      vector solutions is registered between the vectors
      themselves? Two phases in mutual induction (DO
      NOT)show this easily; whereby each phase chooses the
      opposite role. But when three sources are combined the
      result can become greater then the inputs. But only on
      one side of the triangle.

      And only when one phase is sacrificied by short.

      And what symbologically is shown is that the short
      circuit of the phase reduces its current level one
      third or so, but the action of the agent made to
      exterminate its current as the short itself bears less
      then one half of the diversion. These two currents
      themselves in addition actually sum to less current
      draw then is experienced before the short is even

      It is in this unusual circuit application; that more
      appears then would first be apparent to the eye,...
      but one of the ramifications appears to be that the
      remaining circuits supply time distortion upon demand,
      which is this elusive leprocahn.

      So for example we can go from here and describe the
      results. Three phases convey three currents in
      resonance, but each one has an effect upon the other,
      because they are tuned resonant air core circuits in
      very loose mutual induction. Three phase means the
      time period between each phases fields appearance in
      space is one third of the input cycle.

      But what actually happens is that because Of Lenz Law,
      and tuned resonant air core circuits; the time period
      of one third of a cycle dictated by the 120 degree
      phased generator is altered when the three resonant
      circuits are placed together in space; although
      reactively alone they may not show a high degree of
      mutual inductance; when placed into resonance they do.

      When this is done the time period separation between
      each phases magnetic field expression in opposition is
      forced closer to its complete simultaneous opposite in
      time, referred to as a 180 phase angle. Thus the 120
      degree phase angle between phases is stretched near to
      180, but this extra 60 degrees of stretch is ideally
      cut in half, since each phase only then needs 30 extra
      degrees to meet in opposite with its partner.

      But again in three phase this never actually happens,
      but when it does it is a leprocahn. In fact those
      opposing phases become more opposite then opposite
      will allow in our space time fabric; with the net
      result that more voltage exists between the components
      then the sum of their 180 vector individual voltage
      rises in resonance.

      So how does one procure this leprocahn upon demand?
      Time will tell. Every good Irishman should look 13
      times before believing what he sees. And Luckily my
      new adress will add to 13.

      Looking Backwards into Time

      Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/
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