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Re: The Effects of Magnetic Water

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  • Harvey D Norris
    ... that I collect by tying a magnet to a string and drag around the area where it is. It looks a lot like iron pyrite only dark brown. Want me to Fed ex you a
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      --- In teslafy@yahoogroups.com, Johm Waller <scifuntubes@...> wrote:
      > Mr Norris,
      > I live in western colorado and there is natural magnetite near by
      that I collect by tying a magnet to a string and drag around the area
      where it is. It looks a lot like iron pyrite only dark brown. Want me
      to Fed ex you a pound?
      Yes, please do this when you have the time. Let me know what your
      expenses are, and I will send you a personal check after an address
      is supplied. No big deal here, if and when you have the time to make
      the effort that is fine...

      My adrress is
      Harvey Norris
      1396 Russell Dr.
      Streetsboro Ohio 44241

      A lb should be enough to fit in the core of a smaller coil. I will
      report the tests of 480 hz resonance with and without the magnetite
      core addition. I am not prepared to purchase a larger quantity at
      this time without first seeing some potential uses for the substance.

      I also have some New Jersey Green sand used for gardening which could
      also be tested as a core material to see if non magnetic sand itself
      alters the ability of a coil to resonate. This might be possible
      since sand itself should act somewhat as a glass dielectric.

      The subject of water research is in the file

      I had posted in the past that water being magnetised by a vortex
      falling motion appears to hold a charge, as shown by
      DC Voltage Measurement of Water Vortex (.648 volts)

      The filled tank measurement is somewhat less at
      DC Voltage Measurment Of .58 volts on Filled Tank

      This rises to about 1 volt during a full moon.

      but this is unconclusive and might simply be a measurement of the
      earths surface ground charge itself. I say this because typically the
      charge increases at nighttime, and even more when a full moon is
      evident. Believe it or not the conductivity of distilled water used
      for making colloidal silver water increases by about 15% during a
      full moon. This would be a good one for the myth busters show, as I
      doubt whether they could disproove this one.

      other stuff...

      Cone and Magnets over Holding Tank

      Other jpegs in the file can be cross referenced by noting the date
      and then noting any postings corresponding to the date by going to
      the bottom of the homepage http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/
      and cross referencing by selection of monthly message history.

      HDN, late for work again, gotta go, its past noon time bar opening.
      Good thing I work for a family business or I would have been fired
      long ago.
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