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Re: FEB 2006 TESLAFY Investigations

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  • Harvey D Norris
    ... they ... would be the difference if instead ... ~8 ... capacities ... These things will have to wait for now, all the garage equipment for teslafy research
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2006
      --- In teslafy@yahoogroups.com, "Harvey D Norris" <harvich@...> wrote:
      > Good to get into the habit of monthly teslafy investigations as
      > say; so this month a question is posed?
      > Shall A capacitive reactance load be amplified with regard to its
      > ferromagnetic transformation?
      > If I need 500 uf to resonate,(to the alternator output itself) what
      would be the difference if instead
      > I used 62 times less capacitance via the intervening 62/1 voltage
      > rise available with a pole pig tranformer so that I now need only
      > uf to represent the same capacitive draw on the source that
      > ordinarily would involve the huge quantity of 500 uf??? The
      > difference between the reflection of impedance draw through the
      > transformer, and the draw through actual nameplate higher
      > might be compared as such, as to how high each case supplies an
      > increase of stator voltage, and the possible losses through the
      > transformer case also accounted for.
      > HDN
      > Tests will tell...
      > Sincerely HDN

      These things will have to wait for now, all the garage equipment for
      teslafy research will shortly be moved to a new garage area..., this
      presents some problem with regards to three heavy transformers at the
      garage entrance, each of these being near 500 lbs. I will try
      running these capacitive draw tests before the pole pig is moved, but
      in the meantime the kerosene heater has been transfered to the new
      house, making garage tinkering in the winter somewhat of a hassle
      with the continuance of cold weather in Ohio. The new house I will be
      residing in also now requires a lot of work with the ripping up of
      carpet, and laying of tile, ect, so it may be awhile before
      experimental issues are addressed.

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