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Re: DC Flux Cap Embodiment

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  • Harvey D Norris
    ... then ... I have overlooked the possibilities here, and the further ramifications. Certainly from this entry of two years ago, I did not appear to explain
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      --- In teslafy@yahoogroups.com, "Harvey D Norris" <harvich@y...> wrote:
      > Heres something I decided to draw out, and did quite a bit of bar
      > wondering about it to begin with. But According to this idea, it
      > might be easy to measure the amount of a EXB reaction. We simply run
      > the electrolysisor by itself; and then compare the results when the
      > EXB components are added. What makes one wonder is whether the RSG
      > would be needed. The electrolysisor will have to be one with a large
      > surface area, so as to appear with miminal resistance. The idea is
      > perhaps more relevant at alternator frequencies of 480 hz, where
      > the axial water capacity can be placed near the resonant values.
      > DC Flux Cap Embodiment
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/files/SP/DCF.jpg
      > HDN
      I have overlooked the possibilities here, and the further
      ramifications. Certainly from this entry of two years ago, I did not
      appear to explain it well, so lets explore this unique "self feedback"
      loop... As I had noted some confusion about the need for the RSG or
      rotary spark gap, I now see a unique opportunity to now incorporate
      its use in the scheme, again by quadrature commutation. As such this
      is the second embodiment to the idea, which incorporates a similar use
      in Tesla's unique DC patent whereby the inductance of the motor itself
      operating the arc gap is used to in avail of the arc gap itself... the
      patent itself is very deep in its ramifications, where I have debated
      Dr whodini several years ago about the merits ect, who when confronted
      did not even initially recognize that this was a DC patent idea... but
      here a similar thing takes place as shown in the diagram.

      In the inside outer circumference of a water cell a set of contrasting
      polarity radial plates serve as a water cell, which recieves its
      input from an AC rectification, which however may not see the entire
      voltage drop of its AC source across it. In fact this is only a
      preliminary load in series being placed across the AC source, where
      the second load in series is the primary of a step up tranformer,
      which in turn is secondarily connected to a higher voltage DC
      rectification to a large induction coil of thousands of winds,
      orthogonally encompassing the said water cell in which the air core
      magnetic field can sufficiently manifest itself, and does so that it
      establishes an orthogonal magnetic field to a flux capacitor concept
      where an axial capacity C is placed at right angles in the core of the
      inductor B; to secure the desired Lorentz EXB reaction force upon the
      moving charge othogonal to both the causitive B and E fields. In the
      AC embodiment of the flux capacitor idea; we immediately jump to the
      concept of 90 degree phased resonances as a poly phased input, so that
      the magnetic field of one resonance can be in simultaneous time to its
      adjacent phase then concurrently containing the storage of energy
      expressed as the axial electric field. Thus by proper timings of two
      resonant inputs, there exists two sets of spatial interaction which
      should make a possibility whereby each magnetic and electric field
      orthogonally interacts in each reaction vessel in alternating time
      periods. Now the AC embodiment does not preclude the actual third
      dimension charge movement that is assumed to be reaction lorentz
      voltage derived from the EXB reaction. However by this PRIMARY
      BALLASTING sheme applied to DC we can now include that current in the
      equation also. This should make a tremendous difference in the EXB
      reaction, which in AC schemes is dependent on the ability of the coil
      to resonate at the input frequency, which may not be a problem at 60
      hz, but at 480hz the
      reduction of resonance is very marked. The counterpoint however is
      that frequencies near the 500 hz are necessary so that the low level
      of capacity needed for resonance using a widely spaced copper
      tube/water/plastic/ foil can itself fit in the dimensions of the
      interior coil volume. What this then further implies it that the DC
      flux capacitor concept might work especially well with a 480 hz input.

      Now all of this does not ALSO include the ramifications of a possible
      self feedback loop as MIGHT occur between the primary current and the
      EXB reaction forces on that current. One should quickly ascertain that
      because the primary has the added resistance of the water cell in
      series with the primary of the step up transformer, we have regulated
      that transformer by the ballasting of a water cell. In fact we could
      probably safely short the secondary transformer outputs, but that is
      not its usage; instead the output is used to create an pulsating air
      core magnetic field produced by thousands of winds in the high
      induction coil. In contrast we must also consider that the concentric
      radial set of water cell plates in parallel may have a low ohmic
      value, and that actually it is the primary of the transformer that is
      effectively ballasting the water cell, and in any case each element
      may be limiting the other as series ballasting.

      Now DC power from a full wave rectification Occurs in DC pulses, at
      which case a filter C value is added in parallel, which has the effect
      of storing the energy of the magnetic field, and releasing it when the
      DC pulse goes to zero, thus smoothing out the ripple of the DC
      amperage input to the inductor. However for this case the energy
      storage C element and the active current magnetic core space are
      shared at right angles as they co-exists in the same space, BUT NOT
      necessarily in the same time period, which is where the second
      embodiment of this concept comes into play, whereby the electric and
      magnetic fields might interact between phases as occurs in the AC

      Here however the DC return high voltage loop can be given an arc gap;
      producing the stable DC induction arc, whose inherent production of
      voltage beyond the source input voltage is the result of the magnetic
      fields collapse on itself as self induction; which in this special
      spatial case means that when the magnetic field collapses it will
      deposit a higher voltage charge on its interior set of axially
      concentric plates surrounded by the intervening volumes of water and a
      thin layer of polyethylene, needed for the device to act as a water

      Conceptually here if the EXB reaction were to contribute a significant
      addition to the current in the transformers primary; thus increasing
      the secondary mmf of the unsaturable air core coil itself causitive
      in the EXB reaction; in the event of a very unlikely runaway chain
      reaction a rotary arc gap on the primary side might be employed to
      momentary short out such a hypothesised reaction, such as those
      observed in unregulated stator/field feedback loops.

      In fact in the usage of and production of DC induction arcs from these
      1000 ohm, 20,000 turn winds of nine miles of 23 gauge wire, the
      induction arcs are not easily extinguished at close separation, and
      will easily engage themselves in continuous stable operation, where
      similar to the arc gap of tesla coil primaries,the wider the
      separation of electrodes,the higher the voltage maintained across the

      In fact in this instance, having two high induction coils and a switch
      to allow a new coil connection in parallel to the induction coil being
      shut off by switch will not prevent that induction arc from forming on
      that switch. In fact arc suppressors employ capacitors in paralell to
      the arc gap. We might consider such a binary system of induction
      arcing, where one coil has a full stable magnetic field, at the moment
      another coil has its induction arc, where the DC commutation merely
      attempts to alternate its DC current through one or the other of these
      coils. Each time the induction arc acts a high frequency signal might
      be imposed on the ballasted DC water conductions. In the final
      analysis, one might suppose to to achieve the best storage of electric
      field energy the amount of energy storage as magnetic field should
      equal the available storage in the electric field, whereby each
      reactance is equal at the imposed frequency.

      In any case a sort of catch 22 exists in possible lorentz force
      interactions, in that these forces only deflect charge movement caused
      by the electric field that exists at right angles itself to the actual
      deflection voltages, As such this unique ballasting scheme seems
      worthwhile for further investigations as it allows us to gauge the
      effects of orthogonal electric and magnetic field interactions upon a
      circular water cell employing radial fin electrolysis.

      Sincerely HDN

      Simcerely HDN
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