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Glenwood Jail/ 13 moves

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  • Harvey Norris
    Good time through ten days of(Summit Co.) Glenwood Jail. Met many good people. Seen many good personalities, and the debtors prison bondage analogy to England
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20 1:19 AM
      Good time through ten days of(Summit Co.) Glenwood
      Jail. Met many good people. Seen many good
      personalities, and the debtors prison bondage analogy
      to England practices, many centuries ago.

      During the first night, the journey of the chess
      knight came up. One inmate was an expert in Sudoko? A
      mathematical game involving squares of nine.

      Checkerboard squares of seven and nine,
      Deceptive in the rhyme.

      Anyhows, this young guy nicknamed "rooster" was touted
      as this great worker with numbers. So I explained to
      him that a chess knight could move 64 times, never
      stopping on a former move, and the random odds for
      that completion of journey might be millions to one.
      So after explaining the code, and showing the first 13
      moves, he was amazingly able to find the solution
      within an hour or so.

      What the code is; and its further ramifications is
      that the journey involves moving from pairs of seven
      squared to nine squared; or 49 and 81 as pairings;
      each laid out horizontally as eight lines of
      checkerboard pairings. The further deduction becomes
      the fact that every move predicts a future move by
      basis of the fact that the move is always a pair of
      additions adding to either 49 or 81. The secondary
      deduction is that the actual chronological number of
      moves also determines the pair that will be used for
      the addition which again also shows a future move.

      Thus for instance on move no 1 the chess knight has
      two options from the corner, both of which can be
      correct. But move no 2 can be made incorrectly, such
      that the maze inside this journey labryrinth has
      forever doomed the path to extinction thus a concept
      for predestiny of failure, made by wrong preliminary
      moves... But this is only move number two... And here
      we get to go through some 60 gates or less. Actually
      at move 58 or so, then the predestiny of finding the
      solution is there, because it is not possible to make
      the wrong move...

      But to explain this further. on the first move, or
      actually ANY move we can know the horizontal pairing.
      What that means is the horizontal pairing is the
      number laterally next to us that shows where our move
      number will be in the future, to successfully complete
      this maze or labryrinth! So on move no 1 we are only
      asking for another number that will combine with one
      to result in either 49 or 81. But however, since only
      64 moves are possible, the first 18 pairings should
      all be multiples adding to 49 and not 81. And each of
      these pairings display themselves as a lateral
      checkerboard pairings,or as rows of diagonals.

      This information becomes crucial after being shown the
      13th move in succession for the total pattern. As one
      will realize the first move shows that it sits next to
      move 48, to add to 49, and the first 18 moves are
      checkerboard pairs of seven squared, whereby the
      sequential pattern then later obeys pairs of nine
      squared for the finish of the journey.

      Here it was also a coincidence that Friday the 13th
      occured during my stay and it was near a full moon. I
      got to make a comment on the origin of the Jacques De
      Molay thing; his leadership of the Knights Templar,
      and the robbing of assets by the King of France.

      How do we know for instance that the chess knight
      journey in completion does not show a symbolism for
      the crusades, the fighting in the fourth quadrant
      holy land and the return knights journey? Would not
      such a unique mathematical pathway be construed to be
      a sort of secret or code of the Knights Templar? This
      remains a possible mystery.

      Sincerely HDN

      In actuality of course the move numberings also mirror
      image themselves timewise sequentially as opposite
      directional pairings. To reach the 13th correct move
      involves touching every pairing as four pairs in each
      quadrant, until the fourth quadrant is reached. Here
      the knight must move seven times and then escape back
      to the third quadrant on move 20. Thats as far as I
      looked at the journey, as the quadrant moves go in a

      And I thought this would be a good jail puzzle for me
      to solve, and looking at the fourth quadrant the
      information does show where a move can be shown to be
      incorrect, for those next seven moves in the fourth
      quadrant. But damn the next morning rooster had a
      chart showing all 64 moves.

      But thats okay cause a couple days later I beat him
      three chess games in a row, the only chess I got to
      play in jail. This was a disappointment, along with
      the food, and other medical issues...

      Did digest most of CSN commentary by Virginia Group
      espousing magnifiers also,while in jail: his emminent
      name escapes me , Richard something or other, oh yes
      Hull, how could I forget???

      Tesla probably never made arcs excceding 25 ft or so
      at Colorado Springs. The antenna mast had nothing to
      do with excessive arcing experiments. A reference to
      low frequency resonators is made in accordance to
      internal capacity methods, perhaps I can cite the page


      I think that the chess kni9ght code of wiring may have
      significance for the future.

      Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/
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