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  • Harvey D Norris
    Just Imagine when I am asked to erase these things! Fortunately I may have to refuse certain things like this because it is my greatest invention/ but some
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2005
      Just Imagine when I am asked to erase these things! Fortunately I
      may have to refuse certain things like this because it is my greatest
      invention/ but some other things may be compromised. Again it is for
      the greater good. I have been careful to censore the unauthourized

      My work is published on the internet as a Yahoo discussion list
      known as teslafy; Tesla Research Group. To access the cited jpegs
      and research postings it would be neccessary to sign on to this group
      which is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

      I am also the authour of what I call "magic square" technology.
      A huge capital expenditure will be necessary in the future to proove
      this technology, which will be one of my later projects. What this
      technology claims to do is REDUCE the resonant frequency of a coil
      construct by simply constructing the windings according to the
      pattern found in a magic square. Formerly magic squares were
      considered to be nothing more then a mathematical curiosity, but here
      a real world application of natures constructs is contemplated. A
      magic square is simply a mathematical array of numbers rearranged so
      that all the horizontal, vertical and diagonals add to the same
      balanced number. I have also started but not finished some
      preliminary work on the same principle applied to a 3 dimensional
      construct known as a magic cube. In fact in all the progress of
      humanity the solutions for magic cubes has only been published in
      Scientific American within our lifetimes in 1976. [Recent solutions
      to magic cubes only two years old; HDN 10/05] In my minds eye I can
      also see the application for magic cubes as a series of coils that
      could also be wired for possible even further reduction of resonant
      frequency. As you may be aware one of Tesla's primary ideas was to
      construct a station that could resonate with the earth itself, said
      to be in the 8-12 hz range. However if we consider that the
      electrical impulse propagates at the speed of light, such a vibration
      would require a coil of almost inconceivable lengths of wire for the
      impulse to bounce back and forth on the wire endings, at 8 to 12
      cycles per second, one side which would be grounded to earth. This
      could never be practically done unless a mechanism for reducing the
      speed of this electrical propagation were to be found, and this is
      exactly the purpose of the magic square wiring code. The
      ramifications of such a huge project; where the speed of light is
      slowed to a comparable standstill to its normal action should
      scientifically rival the Michelson-Morley experiments which first
      measured the speed of light; where the (Case Western Reserve)
      University where the work may have began was only one town over from
      my near lifelong residence here. One may also understand that
      Einstein capitalized on these results because of the paradoxical
      result that no matter how this speed was measured; with or against
      the earth's own rotation in space, the light speed was measured to be
      the same. Einstein came forward with his famous relativity
      conjectures to explain the effect by time dilation. Most remarkably
      in my current work I have also established circuits that show time
      dilation as the only way out of the apparent paradox. Time is
      essentially converted to voltage. However I am keeping this under
      wraps until (when and if) the circuit can demonstrate this
      conclusively. I will give you a mental exercize to demonstrate my
      proposition. I am going on a very long journey. After a certain
      distance I make a right angle turn, and then again travel the
      original distance. Again I make a right angle turn making the three
      sides of this uncompleted square. Ending the third leg of my journey
      to complete this square I am a somewhat amazed to find that I have
      already arrived back at my origin spot, and the fourth leg of the
      square has been accomplished using only three of them. How far was
      each leg of this journey? This is actually a very simple question to
      answer once we realize that the flat plane Euclidean geometry laws do
      not apply when they are circumposed on the sphere of the earth.
      Similarly the phase angle laws of vectors from a three phase
      alternator can be violated when the time-space metric is altered by
      electrical resonance involving mutual inductance of the components.
      This presently is only a theory to explain the observed results of
      the circuit; exactly as Einstein did to explain the results that
      Michelson-Morley made in their attempts to measure the speed of
      light. As we may realize there should be 360 degrees in a circle;
      and in the electrical analogy the same thing should apply as the
      voltages created by electrical resonance, and the voltages BETWEEN
      those phases relatively speaking when three of them are created from
      three phases of the alternator, where common sense tells us the three
      phases are 120 degrees apart. What I have accomplished in my
      research of resonances in mutual inductance is to EXPAND these phase
      angles so that they are stretched as far as 420 degrees to complete
      the circle. I feel however that these circuits are not conclusive
      proof of time dilation per se, I will first need to see whether it is
      possible to construct the circuit so that it shows a circle being
      completed in 560 degrees, in order for the analogies here to be
      completely analogous. But the flat plane vs sphere argument is used
      to show the layman what "might" occur if the normal space-time metric
      is violated. There are also other conjectures about the procedure
      involved in the so called mythical "Philadelphia Experiment" that can
      be shown to be a logical extension of how we might use high frequency
      electromagnetic fields to block a radar signal, but that is beyond
      the context of this enquiry.
      In fact in my earliest experimentation using only a coil of
      nine miles of wire,(not a magic square construct), I was able to
      establish a circuit whereby a neon grounded to earth from the
      circuit would blink at the earths resonant frequency. I noticed that
      one of my neighbors had some strobe lights set up for halloween when
      candy was being passed out so I decided to hook up my blinking orange
      neon light, which amused some folks because it had no return wire,
      the earth itself was the return wire from a pole coming out of the
      ground. I thought nothing about any kind of dangers by doing
      this "halloween" demo of a blinking orange neon, when some younger
      teen person came to pick up candy, but she was being pushed in a
      wheelchair by her mother I assumed. The neighbor who had a strobe
      light on was much further up the street, and this couple then left to
      go up the street in that direction. As soon as she had left my
      driveway as went across the street to pick up more candy I noticed a
      great commotion, and the police were soon at hand. Apparently this
      child had suffered an epileptic seizure, and I later learned that
      when a television cartoon was shown in Japan that showed a rapidly
      blinking light that MANY of these children underwent seizures, being
      susceptible to the effect by their illnesses. In fact however I set
      up this demo again last year at Halloween, and in shutting down the
      circuit I carelessly received a high voltage shock, where I suppose
      that the circuit may have been shut down precisely at the moment
      between neon blinks. It still must have contained a voltage stored
      in the resonant 60 hz caps, which had not been grounded into the
      earth. In any case I had been drinking beer, so I cannot say
      conclusively that the shock was responsible for the illness that
      quickly set in, that created some sort of intestinal blockage that
      almost killed me. This had me laid up for several weeks, hardly able
      to even walk until I consulted a doctor who prescribed the
      appropriate remedy but it was about 6-8 weeks before I felt normal
      again. Quite coincidentally these same symptoms had appeared several
      years before in my workings with what I call the "magnetic flux
      capacitor", which is a process whereby the electric and magnetic
      fields in a resonance are constructed at right angles to each other
      in the same space. It is necessary to size things up considerably to
      achieve such a requirement; whereby the same nine mile wire coils are
      used for the magnetic field, and this coil contains a water
      dielectric capacitor that is enclosed inside the coil; ( thus the
      first requirement of the fields sharing the same space is procurred)
      and the whole process is driven by an alternator employing a
      vibration about 8 times the normal power Co frequency of 60 hz,
      instead 480 hz is inputed. In a normal electrical series resonance
      (the components of resonance being the electric and magnetic fields);
      they occupy a separate space, and because this energy manifestation
      also oscillates between the two components they also share separate
      time periods. In other words when the magnetic field is full the
      electric field is empty and vice versa. In electrical terminology we
      would say the fields are 90 degrees out of phase with each other. In
      this instance I was attempting to procure the next requirement, to
      make a situation where these fields not only share the same space,
      but also the same time period. To accomplish this is of the utmost
      importance as it may be the key to achieving a very high degree of
      efficiency in breaking up the water molecule and to achieving an
      unheard of efficiency in the process of electrolysis, which breaks up
      the water into hydrogen and oxygen. It was on this premise that many
      years ago I started this Co, named the Tesla Electric Co., (Deletions)

      The Co. was named in honor of Tesla because of some principle
      writings of his, which I will try to explain here, and how this also
      ties in with the quadrature magic square construction method. The
      (three Phase) Electric Co. has missed a fundamental premise; namely
      which is the CORRECT method of sending electrical impulses over the
      wire. It concerns the TIMING between their sending phases, which is
      totally wrong. In the often quoted volume "The Inventions, Researches
      and Writings of Nikola Tesla" never once does he mention three phase,
      but rather all his drawings and mention of the polyphase AC
      generation system are shown in quadrature. It may not be perfectly
      obvious to the layman as to the importance of phasing issues here,
      and without skirting the technical issues let me simply state what
      every electrical engineer already knows. In a three phase delivery to
      a Delta three phase load, where obviously these phases are 120
      degrees apart, it takes 1.7 Amps on the supply line to supply one amp
      each on the arms of the triangular load. Suppose we ask these
      electrical engineers if this is the best method to be using. They
      may of course not even understand that question, so it can be
      rephrased as follows; what phase angle should be used on the arms of
      the load so that the supply line contains the minimal amperage to be
      split between the arms of the load, which of course would be the
      greatest efficiency. The answer is simple enough; a quadrature
      square load containing one amp each will have supply lines containing
      1.4 amps, not 1.7 amps, so essentially only 82 % of the current on
      the supply lines will exist in comparison of the two systems. Even
      though this is true, it is actually irrevalent. Resonance and magic
      squares consists of a balancing act. Now in the three phase system,
      or any polyphase system, the supply lines consist of the "vector
      difference" STOP

      Stopping here on 10/26/ 05; In order to create TWO phases of
      resonance whereby by one resonance contains a full electric field in
      its oscillation: at the same time that another phase of resonance
      contains a full magnetic field: this is the necessary next step for
      juxtapositioning. In order for this to occur the generator making the
      polyphasing must be a quadrature phasing generator, instead of the
      common trisection made as three phase. In fact a common three phase
      generation principle can be modified so that those conditions might
      be replicated; but obviously a great loss in inherent efficiency
      would occur by making the misphasing on each angle to turn a 120
      phase angle into something resembling a 90 degree one. Here again I
      do not discount the dangers involved as I have not yet made those
      attempts for some 4 years from the present date. At that time period
      afterwards I first became violently ill and felt that my intestines
      had been burnt from the inside out. I could not shit and a great
      blockage seemed to develop; it was a severe case of constipation.
      Three days later after laying in bed for almost two days with a great
      deal of pain I was able to go to the toilet and a monstrously long
      hard turd that was very hard to pass came out, and then I finally
      recovered. Remarkably during this same time period, (the prior night
      to these three days of suffering when I worked at a third shift job))
      some thiefs had come by to rob my brother Michael Norris. Me and my
      brother Michael don't exactly see eye to eye, and I seek to get away
      from him, we are both bachelors living in this house for a number of
      Jahren and I also realize the parallels here, as Michael had a broken
      back some time ago from a car accident, having later been somewhat
      cured by a back operation, he gets a social security check claim to
      live on, but I also realize that Teslas brother Michael Tesla died
      from the horse accident from a broken back circa,
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but I already knew this. But I consider my
      own brother to be somewhat mentally ill, lets let that go at that. I
      arrived home after the that night shift in the morning ( before my
      own illness began because of the juxtaposed flux cap experiment )to
      find a sizable pool of blood inside the front door of the house.
      Mikey had a sizable sum of money in his pocket and the druggey thiefs
      had come to rob him. Mike got one of them in a headlock and kept
      twisting around while the other one kept trying to get his hand into
      his pocket. They had a gun and repeatedly kept hitting him on the
      head, where he managed to get outside of the door and break free.
      Then he ran to the neighbors around midnight screaming for help, and
      the thiefs ran off in their car. He was taken to the hospital and had
      his head sown up. Remarkably these same theifs came back the next
      night and broke out the window of the back door at the same time mom
      was coming to check up on him, and then she frightened them away by
      screaming. Michael is lucky to even be alive, and he still has his
      own current problems, but this discursion is quite off topic for the
      subject at hand.
      What happens when you take a large induction coil and resonate
      it at the alternator frequency of 480 hz is that you will hear a high
      pitched whine. Even silicone iron transformers display this large
      sounded high pitched musical note if they are used to power the coil
      at resonance. But in this case I did not use a transformer; I used
      larger coil systems as a preliminary stage to make the voltage rise
      instead of transformation via transformer. In any case I used a water
      capacitor in series with the large induction coil to achieve
      resonance. And the idea of the flux capacitor is to put that water
      capacitor INSIDE the coil: to react each of these oscillations of
      magnetic and electric energy against each other at right angles. For
      the single phased flux capacitor this is still rather useless,
      because we may have satisfied the first requirement of allowing each
      of these fields to manifest themselves in the same orthogonal space;
      but the idea is still not perfect because the energy is only going
      from one vessel form to the other, and they are not simultaneously
      being manifested. Yes by sizing things up to a larger scale, and by
      using a higher frequency we can try making the flux capacitor, but
      the cross product result of simultaneous magnetic and electric fields
      is not there. It is rather like the Zen saying; " What is the sound
      of one hand clapping?"
      Now the same high pitched whine also appears in a muffled form
      off this water capacitor, the water itself is apparently vibrating
      to produce this musical note, but where does it come from? I am
      somewhat convinced that the electrical vibrations themselves set up a
      harmonic into the sound spectrum, and knowing something about music I
      understand on a guitar that the lowest A, (or E note) is close to the
      original electrical vibration of 480 hz, but the note itself sounds
      like a high A on the highest string of the guitar, so it seems
      logical that a second harmonic is expressing itself, which is two
      octaves above the original vibration. But more importantly here is
      what the water itself does under these conditions. It aquires a
      totally different surface water tension, and the top surface of the
      water appears to "pucker". It forms a very curved edge in reaction
      to the poly vessel that contains this water. And when we put this
      water vessel inside the coil in oscillation(flux capacitor idea):
      magnetic field sensors have shown that it automatically starts
      broadcasting a high frequency emanation. And if you are standing
      next to this Frankenstein creation there is no telling whether that
      specially created radio wave isn't going to start changing the
      surface tension of all the water molecules in your own body, and most
      especially the part of your body that contains the most undiluted
      water, namely your intestines, or possibly your blood. So I take
      concern in the light that the last time I got ill, it practically
      killed me. Experimentation may seem innocent, but it could be
      deadly. I now have a very recurrent problem in my urinary tract, they
      seem to think it is a urinary infection, but I make silver water to
      ingest, and that seems to help in the place of antibiotics. Air
      regularly goes into my urinary tract, and it is like a fart going
      through the penis, but when I go on the silver water regimen it seems
      to cure that. Stop taking the silver water and the bad symptoms
      Guess I'm meandering here a bit, so lets get to the crux of the
      biscuit. If one looks at the mathematical way the quadrature magic
      squares are formed from the core coding; we will see a wave within a
      wave at right angles. One quadrant of four will have a high value
      when looked at both horizontally and vertically; and the adjacent
      quadrants will have its lowest values. The magic squares are only
      natures way of showing a mathematical resonance or balance. To
      duplicate the same idea with electrical resonance we need only copy
      by analogy the same principle. And to do this we take TWO phases of
      resonance and do the same thing. Ideally we need a poly phased power
      source that is made in quadrature; not by trisection. We now make TWO
      flux capacitors, each from separate phasings. One flux capacitor
      will have a full electric field at the same time the other flux
      capacitor will have a full magnetic field. And now instead of having
      two (90 degree phased) flux capacitors we will change the rules. We
      will JUXTAPOSE both flux capacitors. We will instead put the full
      electric field of one flux capacitor; and instead of putting that
      electric field inside its own phases magnetic field, (which is also
      instantaneously empty at that point in the phasings timing) it will
      go instead inside the field of its phasing partner. And its phasing
      partner will likewise do the same thing vice versa. And this
      perfectly models what nature tells us is the coding inherent in the
      pattern of mathematical resonance expressed as the quadrature magic
      square. And to part ways here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx some
      such imperfect episode made with three phase alternator instead of 4
      phase. The juxtapositioning of course is not perfect since a 3 phase
      alternator was used, and the phasing was not exact as it should be.
      But I am drawing an arc to neon from the water electric field used
      for resonance from the adjacent coil which uses that water capacitor;
      where that coil that contains its partners electric field; but that
      coil itself uses a conventional plate capacity separate in space. As
      we can see this is not a perfect arrangement, and many pieces of the
      puzzle remain to be put in placement.

      FC file
      Orthogonal Field Interactions of E and B derived from separate
      5 wire Flux Cap delivery,(using extra DSR1 coil in magnetic opposition

      Harvey D. Norris
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