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Re: Thanx to Serbian Friends!

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  • Harvey D Norris
    ... Tomarich in Russian anyways... I had a dream I was in Serbia last night. Some of the Serbian freinds on this list supplied some nice fist symbols from
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      --- In teslafy@yahoogroups.com, "Harvey D Norris" <harvich@y...> wrote:
      > Daka, even I forget how to spell the word (Freinds).

      Tomarich in Russian anyways...

      I had a dream I was in Serbia last night. Some of the Serbian freinds
      on this list supplied some nice fist symbols from their revolution;
      when I requested them. In return from this dream it gave me another
      symbol past the fist; with the slogan "They are finished."

      It would seem wise for a man not to divide his efforts; whether he is
      pursuing God, Science , or political reformations. These all become
      instruments of observation; where we form favorite persuasions, But
      perhaps best of all of these persuasions should begin from God and
      Science in that order. And then realistically political persuasion
      should be last; without a Capital letter to indicate that importance.

      Geez; where did this reply come from then?
      Date: Mon Feb 2, 2004 2:03 am
      Some folks sent pictures of the Serbian fist used in their revolution;
      and I used it good in my own regard; which is the third manner of
      importance; which can be regarded as least things to do in the future.

      I was looking through the archives for a specific matter; and I
      stumbled upon this past entry; and thought an immediate reply was
      necessary symbolically; since this was about a symbol to begin with.

      Last night I had a dream whereby another symbol became more important
      then the fist: so I can only tell the dream and the derived symbol/.
      In the dream I was there in Serbia with a freind and another one. I
      was walking around with many people; and I was afraid because the
      people were separate; but living together. Three different peoples
      each wore a different color cap. I remember tan, black, and red. I
      imagine they are the Croats, Serbs and Muslims. Each had a predjudice
      against the other. And I was afraid because I did not speak the
      language, so my freinds helped me. I was afraid because these people
      were at war with themselves, and a foreigner is never appreciated. I
      asked my guides to take me to a store so we could have some food. They
      said; the lines may be long. But the lines were no hard and I was led
      into a hungry situation; and the first thing I saw was a cheese pizza;
      which I happily purchased for all of us. I asked the cashier if she
      could accept US currency; and was quite surprised to recieve a reply
      in English; and then later we walked down the road and ate our pizza;
      and I talked to many English speaking Serbians; who always had an

      In a certain sense; the Serbian people have a national identity going
      far back in time. Nicola Tesla is a national hero to them. He has a
      face in currency value; just as Abraham Lincoln does in the USA. He
      has his archival museum in Belgrade, Serbia; where if it were not for
      the good efforts of our Serbian freinds there; the Colorado Springs
      Notes would have never have been published; along with the excellent
      commentary by Marincic, and the efforts of that museum to show
      previously unreleased information. All this due to the good efforts of
      those peolples in then Yugoslavia to recognize their own son. Years
      ago I went to the Akron, Ohio public library; and read the
      introduction to N Teslas volume by TC Martin. Inventions, Researches
      and Writings of NT. I was quite suprised to find that in the old
      editions in the introductions Tesla is portrayed as a hero against the
      Moslem hordes that invaded their country; and of course in the modern
      editions of this book that introduction is omitted; as it would be
      viewed as racist by the outside world.

      In my dream three different peoples are walking in a triangle with
      three different colored hats. These can be three different colored
      arrows on the outside of that triangle. On the inside a trisection wye
      takes place with three circled arrows inside each trisectional area;
      symbolic for the trisection of three phases of delta series resonances
      into three different tank circuits; where when equality sets in for
      each side; each side uses a new partner for its function. But on the
      outside of the triangle things are changed to the primary colors of
      the rainbow; and on the inside are the secondary ones; being mixtures
      of the outside components.
      I will use such a symbol forward in the future. This is where I left
      off. Looking for a rainbow poem; and then remembering this dream.
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