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Electrical Knucklehead

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Yeah about a week ago I went to post something here, but I misspelled the teslafy address from yahoo mailbox. So it never got delivered. Better late then
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2005
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      Yeah about a week ago I went to post something here, but I misspelled
      the teslafy address from yahoo mailbox. So it never got delivered.
      Better late then never. I was looking at things from a certain
      viewpoint, but it takes awhile for realization to set in. Once the
      realization set in I began to realize how my viewpoint was wrong. The
      concept of voltage having to be in phase with amperage for a
      definition of true power delivery was that guideline. I had wrote
      from a past entry;
      Transcending Reactive vs Real Power Concepts.
      Here is where the kicker comes in; the apparent power
      in is yeilding almost the same amount as real power
      (This was concerning the SrFe heating effect where I surmised that
      according to phase angle laws perhaps my actual power in was less
      then the real power out.)

      Later I understood the phase angle definitions for what consists of a
      real power inpuut are inadequate for definitions of tank circuits. In
      fact we have to think in a different way for those cases. And I
      imagine there is no real free energy gain there at all. I like to
      remain a skeptic; and keep questioning things until a logical answer
      is arrived at. Once I realized this logical answer; I felt like an
      electrical knucklehead.

      But there are still some things that create doubt in my mind. My
      early air core alternator experiments (from several years ago)seemed
      to show that a series resonance had currents closely in phase with
      the impressed voltage; and the parallel resonance phenomenon was
      exactly opposite to this; in that those currents would be exactly
      OPPOSITE to the impressed voltage. This however creates a mental
      dilemma in that it seems impossible for that to happen. A reactive
      current can only be at most 90 degrees out of phase with the
      voltage ; and to make it have another 90 degrees difference should be
      impossible. You need those extra 90 degrees difference to satisfy the
      parameters for that problem, so that it could actually be 180 degrees
      out of phase. But those things seemed to be the case when
      investigating facets of air core transformers.

      In any case my mind and body is growing tired now, and I give up even
      caring about this conceptual problem. Give me a proof and that is
      everything. But I am tired of thinking about it. The mind grows tired
      with age. It gives me a headache and I just dont want to think about
      these things for now. This is springtime and nature takes over. I am
      putting in many plants in the garden, so that is my vocation for now.
      The family gives me a little work to supplement income. The great
      windfall of asset profits from land sale failed to develope, it will
      take maybe another year ...

      So when I was feeling sorry and drunk for myself a week ago; I wrote
      the following which should be part of these recorded records here..

      Wed, 1 Jun 2005
      Electrical Knucklehead

      If you concentrate on a subject long enough, the
      answer is given.

      I only took certain definitions of resonance:
      and tried to ascertain the two different definitions
      of electrical resonance within my own understanding,
      whereby there seemed to be a gap.

      Now I think I understand that gap better; but if I had
      never questioned it: if I had never forwarded the
      questions to others; if I had never questioned it for
      myself; I would have never understood it. But now I
      understand these things better then before: I am a
      electrical knucklehead!

      It is better to understand for yourself what others
      cannot or will not understand. But this is a cop out.
      One does not light a fire under a bush and expect it
      to go out easily.

      I was wrong about some matters: but why the wrong
      exists consists of understanding the wrong itself.

      The wrong itself starts from the conventional
      knowledge given as book understanding. We cannot take
      that book understanding and apply it universally, and
      that is where the mistake comes into view.

      A mistake is a mistake, and that is the best viewpoint
      to take after we in fact make a mistake. There may be
      one viewpoint to understanding, but that viewpoint is
      not universal for all viewpoints.

      The definition of amperage being in phase with its
      cause of voltage for "real power input" is only one
      side of the coin: but we cant flip the coin over and
      then say everything is wrong. That was my former
      viewpoint which makes me an "electrical knucklehead".

      Concentration: Meditation: Samadhi.
      What is the opposite of an an opposite?
      From the outside viewpoint of the intellectual mind
      these problems seem insurmountable.

      But the subconscious is a powerful thing/ you think/
      you think? and then the answer is delivered.

      And you are quite embarassed when the answer is
      delivered. It has been there the whole time. It has
      been there but you would not look at that answer.

      You are an electrical knucklehead.
      Everything you think about came from yourself. You
      yourself are the cause of these consternations,
      therefore you should negate yourself...
      Of course I joke here: a better solution then that is
      at hand.

      The solution is the viewpoint, and how it is applied.
      Is it a power factor correction? In terms of tank
      circuits it is.

      Which side of the coin is correct? Are they both
      correct? Is it an enigma wrapped inside a riddle?
      It certainly is. Is there a realization there?
      There certainly is. But the spelling is in question
      also. So I will let this go for now without explaining

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