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Re: [teslafy] resonant system

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  • alex
    Great, thank you for the update, will continue to follow your saga.( was not able to open links) Regards, Alex ... From: harvey norris To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 25, 2002
      Great, thank you for the update, will continue to follow your
      saga.( was not able to open links)
      Regards, Alex
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      --- al19552002 <telecomt@...> wrote:
      > Mr. Norris!
      > I'm a new member and started to read messages from
      > the beginning.
      > In your experiment when you used aluminum siding of
      > your house as a
      > capacitor:don't you think that it can get some
      > energy from an outside
      > sources such as radio stations?
      > Do you have a scematics of that experiment?
      > Where can I get more basic knowlege on the work you
      > are
      > describing?
      > Regards, Alex
      Early after the formation of this list, some work was
      done with making observations on the 180 phased series
      resonances, based on using two high induction coils at
      60 hz resonance. It was found that after the switch
      was turned to the off position, miniscule currents and
      voltages could be extracted. These accounts start from

      Wall Voltage Free Energy Circuit./Pt 1 of 3
      starts the account of things.

      It is now thought that turning the off position on the
      utility strip outlet, is not actually a double pole,
      double throw switch, but instead a breaking of only
      one of the 2 line connections represented by the
      resonant load behing the plug, and that the line
      remaining intact may actually be the ground neutral,
      which may also be a safety factor used in electrical
      wiring. In this case then the observed currents in the
      system must be actually derived in a one ended fashion
      from one wire delivery. It was also observed that the
      measured voltages extracted from this off switch /one
      wire method could be enhanced by magnet windings.

      The configuration at
      (URL may be to long, this is in
      BRS Magnetic Amplifier  as
      Dual 20 inch bulbs given plate area ending
      in folder

      Shows a  metal plate connected to one resonance's
      midpoint voltage rise, and the other potential
      connected to a glass of water through needle contact.
      Initially the needle was used to be placed slightly
      above the water, to cause surface arcing to water at a
      rapid rate

      This was because the metal plate rests on a magnet
      with windings aound it, and by using arcing it was
      thought that this method would make the windings act
      as a receptor to high frequency vibrations, which they
      do. But it was also found that the same sort of
      vibrations in a cleaner form could be obtained with
      needle water contact, hence this was as effective
      method of creating arc less high frequency. I will be
      posting scope forms of those differences later.

      In any case with the plug in the off position a
      voltage meter would then measure 60 volts across the
      neon. The next adaptation was to make it into a better
      performance by using the windings as an
      autotransformer. To do this one ending of the magnet
      winding itself was connected to the plate, whereas
      before no direct electrical connection and the voltage
      sources existed. This increased the voltage to
      household levels of 120 volts. Later this was
      rectified to chagre a 4 uf cap to ~170 volts in 3 secs
      (DC) Further exeriments showed that a small radio
      shack neon that only requires 60 volts to disharge
      could also be made, and that the magnet windings were
      actually superfluous, and the final mechanism was
      merely placing the load between the midpoint potential
      and ground, where house siding might be considered a
      better ground.
      Magnet Windings Superflous in free energy tests.


      concludes the end of this work, where during a power
      blackout, it was found the neon quit working, meaning
      the whole subject is somewhat of a goosechase, and
      that power seemingly coming for free is only coming
      from the power co as a one ended transmission in
      miniscule amounts compared to the same circuit in
      actual draw conditions.
      Sincerely HDN

      Tesla Research Group; Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances http://groups.yahoo.com/group/teslafy/

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