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Re: Brilliant Vortex Theory Post

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  • Adam Marquis
    A Laws comes to mind: Force as a phase difference (difference is the linear vectorial, as in fondamental, operator) see recent post on intaltek group for
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      A Laws comes to mind: Force as a phase difference (difference is
      the linear vectorial, as in fondamental, operator)
      see recent post on intaltek group for references on this.)

      Near field (RR*/ Effect, R being the distance between points,
      see the triangle inegality rise by itself from common experienced
      viewpoint of Geometry, one of the Sacred Liberal Arts, love those
      Wooden Books! Let's write some ourselves.) are Instantaenous.
      If the signal can resist translation and rotation, a
      cylindrical surface exists. simple transformation to get the
      sphere, think Archimedes! He wanted it on his tombstone!
      I recall this paper, along with the work of Distinti, his BMP model.
      (briefly, two same polarity weight-less charges rotating on same axe,
      phase relationship binds them. Its a quark!) charges

      take a look upon figure 15! Excelent paper, an example.
      Always room for improvement...=)
      -Article by Elektor magazine, faster speed than causality
      using regenerative amp in 400m Common CAT-5 along with very
      low frequency, under the hertz. unquantum charge wave in action?
      on the surface of the conductor? Used for platinum-catalyst
      organic chemistry(Recent Breakthrough at ULaval, about Using
      coatings to get one enantiomer only out of platinum catalyzed
      reactions), concentric circles on drumskin, like figure 15 somehow.

      ?Wonder what would it be if used Distinti's math instead?

      I believe:
      Using vortex theory at every scale, the Earth is (and other bodies are as)
      hollow as Euler thought.

      Explains better the conic coils used in levitating superconducting
      tetra-monopole gadget patent.

      Exterior of solenoid = A Magnetic Potential present = information can be sent.
      Scalar potential doesnt care about magnetic shielding. !!!!!!
      What is it? Phantom DNA Effect!!
      Straight from patent on magnetic vector potential, made by remote viewing guy.
      This guy is also inspiration for the US Military Teleportation paper.
      I have it, Las Vegas address on the top. With false relativity reasoning,
      but talking about zero potential and vacuum engineering,
      wich was exactly where the previous post leads us.
      Light in the atto second for 500,000$(?), USherbrooke's chemistry
      department has (in part) done it. Instant breaking of bonds by laser
      shaking. Use spectrum ometer

      The post on Intaltek contains references, some unfound at the moment,
      which is a shame, i recall them and will provide them shortly)

      Bifilar coil is a monopole. And when made flat(easy, with hot glue and al),
      a pretty good (capacitive?a perfect mix?) antenna.
      Even for human interaction. I know, I hooked one on a 20Mhz scope
      with a resistor to measure current. It worked some distance away.
      Lot of experimenting to do with this and with:
      -Water, frozen water.
      -Electrolytic capacitance effect between household items,
      Aluminum/Baking Soda : Spark, Bang, Buzz and other good stuff website
      -Hollow tubes?
      -Moebius band, one-edge-one-face surface, coated?
      -Could provide direct phase-difference relationship adjustment!
      need two contact point forming a mirror, same length, same time?.
      Patent exist on this, quite old. Used in radars for precision resistors.
      home cable can do it, perhaps an excelent electret also!!
      abio genesis of small microorganism, through electrified crystal growing!
      rexresearch.com! Promises of open-source ORMUS research reach even far
      beyond that!!! Red Lion...

      Wish this all could be more presentable, lets get the word out anyway!

      Electromagnetism Research
      Dirac used that force! His arguments can take more value now we KNOW
      there's only an anti-electron, out of phase, existant only at infinity,
      inside the center (there's a sacred geometrical shell enabling an hologram.
      no joke, yet to confirm.) Can Distinti's math account for the force?

      Hey, my message to the archetypal Student this time:
      Great, actual homework, isn't? :o)

      One wavelength longer, how much time(really), how many steps(theoreticaly)?

      How many anti-particles, what is the role of the Thin Shell?

      Read the John-Titor story. Thanks. Will catch up soon with emails.


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