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"outsider" References

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  • harvey norris
    I should explain this better so that work can sensibly continue. I cant continue until those guys are satisfied. The outsiders are aliens. They have an agenda,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2002
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      I should explain this better so that work can sensibly
      continue. I cant continue until those guys are

      The outsiders are aliens.
      They have an agenda, and give visions. I got mine and
      indicate now the simplicity of their vision. They dont
      want humanity dragging people down into their
      prison's, because of the politics of plant usage. They
      dont interfere with events,they only put the proper
      weapons in the proper hands.

      They are always with us, not against us. They are only
      against unjust imprisonment.

      Before I become a spokesman, for what will be called
      imagination, one must first listen to what that
      imagination involves.

      When you have a vision, you will first see something,
      and start to look at it harder to recognize it. The
      harder you look, the more you will see. This will
      produce the sensation of rapidly moving away from the
      object in your vision, and it will then produce the
      sensation of rapidly moving away from the object.
      Typically the sensation then becomes the same as if
      someone has struck your head with an object, also
      commonly experienced with a violent blow to the head,
      where the sensation of flying at great speed with
      stars in periphery vison occurs. You actually feel
      that you are going through the universe at great
      speed, and those stars you see are the ones passing
      you, as you feel like you are going the speed of
      light, and a small panic sets in.

      Usually then the vision comes to an end and you see
      what you were looking at. For mystics, you see the
      parahamahansa, or ect. For myself I have also had
      that, and the repetition makes it easier the second
      time. I see blackness spreading outwards, and square
      arrays then appearing with the separation of distance
      between the subject and object, where the arrays with
      separation no longer lie on a flat 2-d plane, but
      start to appear with curvature, with the squares going
      smaller and smaller until you realize that what you
      started looking at was only the smallest of smallest
      things as would appear with a microscope, and this is
      being contrasted with the large perspective made by
      rapidly moving away from the object in view. The
      squares become so small that you can barely recognize
      them, only as a grid going into three dimensions of
      curvature. Leaving that behind a most startling thing
      finishes. They dont have any whites in their eyes,
      only pupils. Then you start seeing the actual face,
      which is not like ours. Then you know the vision is
      done, because you got what you came for, and you are
      elected. You are elected to see their face, because
      they have permitted it, for your vision.

      Having finished this piece of business, other matters
      can be attended to. Innately the will is known. Now
      you are the instrument for greater things. The greater
      things become the no.s to be placed in that array. It
      may take 10 years, a very small amount of time in the
      greater amounts of time to get things done, and before
      the meanings of things are shown are apparent.

      There is an old saying/ to whom much is revealed, much
      is asked. These guys go to the core right away. They
      are going to strip away all your defences. They will
      make you cry if need be. They wont let you keep any

      So goes the journey, and the telling of ones way. They
      dont let folks have those secrets that reside in the
      innermost reccesses of the mind, but they also do not
      force their will. THE will to cooperate is up to you.

      I did not want to cooperate for some time, but i guess
      now the writing is on the wall. I dont know much, but
      I know enough to say some things to stop others. We
      dont have to start with just dreams, but it can be
      continued with dreams that may come. That is a story
      also told by others as a parable. They should not have
      to read that story as one who has died and gone
      looking after their soul mate, who has gone into hell.
      Not when the same story can be told with the living.

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