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The Case of Antoine Priore /HDN's MWO devices

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  • Harvey D Norris
    MWO stands for the same thing the other famous French inventor advocated: Multiple Wave Oscillators. Lakhovsky of French origen talked with Tesla and made an
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2004
      MWO stands for the same thing the other famous French inventor
      advocated: Multiple Wave Oscillators. Lakhovsky of French origen
      talked with Tesla and made an antenna system of partial loops to be
      bridged by an arc, in which the arc gap might jump from loop to loop
      length: thereby engaging a numerous amount of multiple frequencies
      engaged by the radio emmittor comprised of a series of concentric UHF
      old style television antennaes, bridged by concentric moving arcs as
      the variation of high frequency output vs affected antennaes in time.
      And then we go on the next enigmatic French inventor; Antoine Priore.
      And both of these inventors had the pre-occupation of looking at the
      problem from the outside -in, instead of the inside-out, as I have
      fathomed things.

      You see HDN worked things out as a learning process. This is that
      means analogy. Logic can be double edged sword if this means that,
      but that dont mean this. And so be it that HDN's coil devices also
      produce multiwave emmissions from the source; as if the source were
      emmitting many spontaneous frequencies at one time: but in fact the
      end effect does not preclude its source, where that thought embodies
      the exoteric viewpoint is where the effect follows its cause. Cause
      and effect in itself as a study can take one into mysterious realms,
      and to explore these realms of abnormal behavoir we need only study
      the subject of differences between resonant mutual induction vs
      inductive mutual induction, and the actions of the groups acting in
      mutual induction at resonance. As it turns out mutual inductance as
      broadly defined is anything but mutual. It can act as a one way valve
      where one geometry can have more mutual inductance then the partner
      it is engaged with. Loosely coupled air core coils can exhibit
      practically no reactive inductance between them, yet when each group
      is resonated the mutual inductance increases many fold.

      The essential problem that has not yet been considered is how
      to "trap" electron movement withing a coil: without sending in the
      same proper amount of electrons to excite the entire circuit, and it
      is THIS UNIQUE QUALIFICATION that distinguishes its actions from the
      ordinary tank circuit: where the same occurence is made whereby the
      electron flow into the oscillation is Q times lower then the actual
      pre-existant reactive current. In this regard the differences of
      resonance amperage consumption from the source from its maximum to
      minumum is expressed as the impedance differences between the two
      states and its normal actions in comparison. By taking these ratios
      we find that by adapting the Marx method of rearranging charging
      capacities in parallel, and then discharging them in series for a
      voltage gain, that simple multiplication plan is enhanced q times
      when those capacitor switching schemes are made in conjuction with
      equal reactive inductors paired on opposite ends of the circuit. For
      a bipolar 60 hz resonance high induction coil pair I named the Binary
      Resonant System, two q voltage rise factors of 15 are made in
      opposite polarities, by placing two inversely phased series
      resonances into parallel, thus establishing an amperage max flow
      factor vs amperage consumption measurements made with a shorted
      voltage rise between the systems. By comparisons of active q's in
      both parallel and series resonances, there is generally 2q squared
      less amperage demand into such a system upon short of resonant
      voltage potentials. The use of such an arc gapped system to create
      high frequency effects becomes unique in that the arc can easily be
      made to "scintillate" or divide itself into many parts between narrow
      arc gaps on parallel metallic bars, where the no of rf bursts per
      cycle approaches 10/1. The magnetic field from a neon as measured
      from a line coupled resonant circuit shows that on each half of the
      cycle, a high frequency oscillation occurs near the peak of the AC
      cycle. A small 4 inch neon could be energized at 250 volts by such
      direct 60 hz frequency effects as a polar capacity circuit to foil
      ending. However when the scintillating arc gap is added in series to
      the bulb, it makes a paler color orange disharge, and multiplies the
      effect of the high frequencie disharge through the gas, making a
      better scoping evidence for the production of double polarity high
      frequency signals. This is the first thing noted about body contact
      to high frequency signals, in that an opposite high frequency signal
      in opposition to the source is seemingly created as an inductive
      effect. I would interpret that not to a so called time reversal
      wave,, but rather the body responding to the influence of the
      original rf burst, and producing its complemetary assisted responce
      according to lenz law applied electrically.

      And so to end this long dialogue have anther one...
      There is no transmission of specific frequency according to LC
      transmission laws when the length of the wire is so long, that the
      the rest of the circuit attachments act by mimicking their own
      natural resonant frequencies. In the exoteric viewpoint the
      frequencies are transmitted, but in the esoteric viewpoint they are
      only recieved, analogous to a one way valve. As such the MWO effect
      is an effect that appears to be a universal transmittor of resonance,
      because each of those vibrations are far so removed from the original
      vibrations to be considered distant harmonics of the original. In any
      case the device of having a long wire length resonator produces the
      same sought after attribute of transmitting many frequencies
      simultaneously, because again each of those resonators responds to
      its source of vibration. Yet in the exoteric viewpoint it is the
      specific frequency that is being sought over, as if it were a holy
      grail or something??? And so in the Priore work, the investigators
      get bogged down as to what so and so frequency wave will do, but do
      they ascertain whether their instruments record the truth of the
      vibration? I fail to see how if low 17 meter wavelengths were
      achieved with neon bulbs ect..., that the investigators did not see
      the abundance of these harmonics...


      On the other hand one could detect a magnetic field which was the end
      result of a field proper to the tube and of the magnetic field of a
      solenoid that constituted the experimental chamber, an
      electromagnetic field with a frequency of 16 megacycles (19 meters)
      and a high frequency field (metric waves), the whole being pulsed at
      a very low frequency of an order of one per second. It was
      impossible, in such an imbroglio, to determine what was necessary and
      what was sufficient. Priore maintained that the simultaneous action
      of his various generators was indispensable to achieving his effect."

      "To go from an apparatus that developed 1,240 gauss applied over an
      effective area of some 20 centimeters, to one developing 5000 gauss
      over an area of 60 centimeters means to take on an extremely risky
      technical and technological wager. Electrical, mechanical and glass-
      blowing specialists plunged into the unknown. They had to conceive,
      make, adapt and put together all the various myriad components almost
      haphazardly with no precise technical study being previously
      available. Priore's stubbornness forced them to take on a trial-and-
      error manufacturing "gimmickry" without precedent. As the thing was
      put together and preliminary tests made, it became clear that many of
      the components were unsuitable and that they would have to be
      modified or replaced. The tube itself, made of pyrex, 60 centimeters
      in diameter, and 6 meters tall, had to be replaced twice after it
      imploded. In fact, practically everything had to be reconsidered or
      readapted. "Everything" meant the parts going to make up a generator
      of 50 tons in weight. For example, the coil which created the
      magnetic field: 5.5 tons with 11 miles of copper wire. For
      example, the numerous cooling circuits which stabilized the thermal
      equilibrium of the generator and its environment or, additionally,
      the circuits governing command, control regulation and selection - 6
      tons of electrical cables of which 15 miles were of tele-command
      "Priore astonished everyone. Breakdown after breakdown,
      incident after incident, it was he alone who showed what to do next,
      indicated the proper steps to take, the right settings to adopt, the
      right way to assemble the components: He was virtually building his
      machine by himself, nursing its construction along day after day, all
      the engineers' studies and efforts actually, and ultimately, serving
      only as a preliminary attempt, a sketch as it were. When Priore
      made his presence felt, things began working. "
      Then after the machine was built: "The part of the entire
      apparatus to generate electricity was set up on a provisional
      basis. It was so noisy that, while functioning, it woke up the
      whole neighborhood. The number of experiments had therefore to be
      curtailed so that the machine would not be used at night. And, all
      at once, everything came to a halt. The Faraday cage, shielding and
      isolating Priore's apparatus, was torn and fissured by the shock of
      the cement pilings that were being sunk into the ground all around to
      hold up the building under construction. This allowed high-
      frequency waves to escape which disturbed radio broadcasts emitted by
      local radio stations, the army, and civilian aircraft for miles
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