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Recent Moon Eclipse

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  • Harvey D Norris
    Not directly relevant to this thread, but I did do some eclipse experimentation. I have observed that during a full moon, magnetized water appears to obtain a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2004
      Not directly relevant to this thread, but I did do
      some eclipse experimentation. I have observed that
      during a full moon, magnetized water appears to obtain
      a higher ambient voltage. The magnetised water used
      rain water in my experiments. I use a special
      (logarithmic) cone where water is funneled into a poly
      100 gallon holding tank, which I use in the summer for
      the garden. 3 inch wafers of ceramic magnet are on
      either side of the funnel vortex. A pair of silver
      electrodes taped to styrofoam is made to float near
      the top of the water, this is the positive electrode.
      The bottom of the tank has a steel exit bend for
      releasing the water, this is the negative electrode.
      The water appears to have a DC voltage imposed on it
      after passing through the magnetic vortex. The very
      funny thing about this voltage is that it consistantly
      goes up at night time. During a full moon I have
      always got the highest readings, near 1 volt.
      Temperature may have something to do with this factor
      also, as on this trial the highest voltage recorded
      was only .75 volts, after almost an entire night of
      the moon being full. (A 5 AM reading) Tank was filled
      to 80 gallons near sunset and read .443 DC volts. At 8
      pm it read .450 DC volts. These readings go up ~.006
      volts every 15 minutes. 15 minute checks of the
      voltage rise were also made from 9:30 to 11:30 the
      time during the eclipse. The voltage rose at least 40%
      faster during those reading times. Those started at
      9:30 when the voltage read .486 volts
      9:30 - .486 volts
      9:45 - .496 volts a .010 voltage increase
      10:00 - .505 volts a .009 volt increase
      10:15 - .516 volts a .011 increase
      10:30 - .530 volts a .014 increase
      Now the moon was fully eclipsed
      10:45 - .544 volts a .014 increase
      11:00 - .560 volts a .016 increase
      11:15 - .575 volts a .015 increase
      11:30 - .589 volts a .014 increase
      12:00 - .614 volts a .025 increase, where now the
      moon is now reappearing as its full light

      No further readings were made until 5:20 AM where the
      readings was .753 volts and again at 6:15 AM where it
      read .757 volts, only a .004 increase. We might
      estimate .750 - .614 = a .136 volt increase /5 hour or
      ~ .027/ hr or ~ .00675 increase for every 15 minutes,
      which is near identical to the original voltage rise
      rate before the eclipse. These facts correlate to
      other facts regarding silver chemistry during a full
      moon, where a distilled water used in the production
      of silver colloidal water may appear as much as 15%
      more conductive during a full moon. To increase the
      voltage storage during garden watering I often added
      silver colloidal water made from rain water, which
      deposits more electrical conductivity into the water.
      A DC current can be passed from the top electrode to
      the bottom, and this also has the effect of
      temporarily holding a voltage in the water, beyond
      what its normal reading will hold. This will only last
      about 15 minutes to one half hour however. Voltage
      readings coming from the tank last for many days. Last
      night, about 48 hours after the first set of readings
      I again made hourly readings...
      7 PM - .418 V
      8 PM - .423 V
      9 PM - .426 V
      10 PM - .428 V
      3 AM- .452 V .452 - .428 = .024 / 5hr ~ .005 volt
      This set of readings does not show the greater
      increase rates formerly made during the night of the
      eclipse. Perhaps tonight I will try recirculating the
      80 gallons through the magnetic vortex to see if this
      will restore the higher rates of voltage increase.
      Sincerely HDN
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