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Re: [jlnlabs] Tesla Magna Coil Concept.

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  • Harvey D Norris
    To: jlnlabs@yahoogroups.com Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 ... If one starts out with a very narrow diameter solenoid, using a single layer of windings, some amazing
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      To: jlnlabs@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004

      --- OnTheCuttingEdge2005
      <onthecuttingedge2005@...> wrote:

      > Hi everyone.
      > I want to throw out a concept I have for what I was
      > wanting to use for a power generator for exotic
      > vehicles like flying saucers and so forth that use
      > electrogravitics.
      > 1. The concept of making an extremely powerful Tesla
      > coil is setting multiple secondary coils inside each
      > other.
      > 2.When these multiple secondary coils are inserted
      > into each others air cores it will look very much
      > like tree rings repeating inside each secondary's
      > support cylinders.
      If one starts out with a very narrow diameter
      solenoid, using a single layer of windings, some
      amazing calculations can take place from there. In
      fact by interpolations of Wheelers equation we can
      find other single layer solenoids that can use the
      same length of wire, the same spacing between wires,
      and yet using these requirements we can construct
      another coil of an entirely different geometry, and
      yet that coil can have the same inductance as the
      center coil. If we constructed many of these coils
      stacked inside each other, (there is a limit to the
      number of mathematical solutions that will present
      itself when we additionally make the requirement the
      identical spacing between wires also be observed), if
      the outermost coil were made to ring at its natural
      resonant frequency, by virtue of the magnetic field as
      the energy carrier we would suspect that the inner
      coils would then also ring by the analogy of
      sympathetic resonance that occurs with identically
      tuned tuning forks. In any case I observed some time
      ago that a plot of the various height/diameter, (H/D
      ratios) when the coils are stacked inside each other
      does in fact show the outline of a saucer shaped
      vehicle. I will below show a mathematical method
      involved there. Initially about 10 years ago I found
      the first of one of these many solutions, which others
      can calculate using Wheelers equation for themselves
      for verification. I started with a center coil with a
      H/D ratio of 1.5. The next coil in space that will
      have a (near) identical inductance, with the
      requirement that identical length of wire, and
      identical spacing between winds is observed, will be a
      ring shaped coil that has about pi times more diameter
      then the starting coil. It should be possible to plot
      more of these solutions out, where the outlines of
      these various rings then resembles the shape of the
      UFO's that folks have reported as observations. Bear
      in mind also that if we further reduce the requirement
      so that identical spacing between wires need not be
      observed, but we observe the requirement that
      identical lengths of wire be used in all these coils,
      in that case the number of solutions is quite
      infinite, but when we also require identical spacing
      between winds, then we obtain a relatively few finite
      solutions. Now bear in mind the next corroborating
      fact, the tuning of a tesla secondary is also
      generally based on the length of wire in the
      secondary. If we can have many concentric coils all
      exploiting the same length of wire, and all having the
      same inductance, can we ring one secondary up, and
      find that all the other secondaries would also start
      ringing at their same resonant frequencies? Imagine
      the analogy of tuning forks, a tuning fork that
      produces a certain frequency of sound will excite
      another tuning fork to vibrate by sympathetic
      resonance, but only if those tuning forks are designed
      to vibrate at the same sound frequency. Here we have a
      collection of coils that have similarity whereby they
      all have the same inductance, but dissimilar
      geometries. At first this sounds like an exciting
      possibility, but immediately we see complications,
      where then the math for making these possibilities
      gets quite more involved due to the fact that these
      coils with different geometries, yet identical
      inductances, will also have an important difference
      where transmission of high frequency naturally
      occurring resonances are also involved; and the
      difference between these identical inductance coils is
      further complicated by the fact that the coils of
      different geometry will also have differences in
      "internal" capacity, which is also another parameter
      that will influence a high frequency vibration. In
      the cited coil that will have the same
      inductance when its diameter is increased pi times,
      provided equal length of wire and equal spacing
      between windings were observed, that outer ring coil
      will then also have pi times more internal capacity,
      or voltage between winding layers when given the same
      overall voltage is imposed on the endings of the wires
      for both case examples. In fact about ten tears ago I
      did an experiment that showed that energy could be
      passed through space, WITHOUT THE PREDOMINANT
      THAT ENERGY. Instead the principle became similar to
      the Aharonov-Bohm effect, where a larger loop that
      encloses magnetic flux change, can have an emf induced
      upon it, even though the majority of magnetic field
      lines do not cross the wires of the output winding.
      This experiment was actually sort of opposite or
      reverse to what Tesla did in Colorado Springs with his
      "inductive only" magnifier. In that situation Tesla
      had his exciting coil as a large 50 ft ring, and
      inside the ring the "extra" coil as the magnifier;
      this could vibrate solely due to the presence of
      energy being passed through space due to induction,
      which we also commonly understand as an emf generated
      by magnetic flux change common to both core areas,
      whose developed induced polarity is further ramified
      by Lenz law to include the fact that the generated
      field will always oppose that actual magnetic
      causitive influence, which is more mechanically
      pictured as magnetic lines of force crossing the wires
      of the secondary. This mechanical interpretation as
      an example of induced emf would seem to solely be the
      situation when we are dealing with AIR CORE
      transformers and electrical motors, where the induced
      emf is always accompanied by magnetic field line
      movement across the wires of the armature. I would
      assume that motors, like alternators assumedly can
      employ principles of ferromagnetics to enhance the
      amount of magnetic flux that crosses the stator or
      armature windings, by virtue of ferromagnetic flux
      leakage, but to have this leakage implies that a
      ferromagnetic air gap is involved; meaning that the
      field lines move both through the amplifier of the
      ferromagnetic material and a path through air.
      Magnetic circuits are in fact quite complex, but the
      presense of an air gap should reduce the magnitude of
      the amount of field lines, where this is no arbitrary
      term coined as lines of force; which was further
      defined near the turn of the century by Henry
      Transtrom in which the following definitions are
      The inductance of a circuit is sometimes
      expressed in centimeters, one of the cgs units or
      absolute units. By definition a circuit has a self
      induction of one henry when it generates a counter emf
      of one volt when the current is varied at a uniform
      rate of one ampere per second-- that is the circuit
      cuts 10^8 lines per second: so a circuit of one turn
      which has a flux of one Weber (10^8) when one ampere
      is flowing through it, has an inductance of one henry.
      One volt then represents a movement of a single
      conductor of 100,000 cm per second across a unit field
      (1 line per square cm) In this way the emf in volts
      can be given the dimension of length, namely 10^8 cm.

      Now because motors or generators always consist
      of a rotating part, we always have an air gap in the
      circuit. Apparently however exceptions to this might
      be found in the homopolar generator, where an
      additional explanation for that effect can be further
      made by illustrating the fact that every changing
      magnetic field is also accompanied by a changing
      electric field. The point leading up to here is that
      there are also ferromagnetic principles whereby no
      magnetic field lines need cross the secondary wiring
      of the transformation. This is done by supplying the
      magnetic circuit a complete loop of ferromagnetic
      material, where then no air gap exists in the magnetic
      circuit, thus we have virtually no flux leakage
      outside the core material, thus we have no magnetic
      field lines specifically transversing the wires of the
      output coil. The common ferromagnetic transformer acts
      in this way, again because a complete high
      permeability loop of iron domains encloses all the
      magnetic flux in that loop; and the sole generation of
      electricity by the output windings consists of that
      generated by the interior flux change principle;
      whereby an emf is created by delta B, interior to the
      loop of the output coil, where no magnetic flux
      necessarily need orthogonally cross the wires of the
      output coil for an induced emf to occur.
      Now in the above generalizations, we seem to find
      that with relationships involving magnetism in empty
      space , or air gaps and air core magnetic
      transformations; those converters involve either
      generators or motors, and then the magnetic field
      lines DO cross the wires of the output coils. If our
      converter is instead a ferromagnetic transformer, then
      the magnetic field lines need not cross the wiring of
      the output coil. What all of this is leading up to is
      the inventive creation of an air core analogy to that
      of the iron based transformer. Essentially the
      question is asked; can we also create an air core
      transformer that resembles the principle of the iron
      core transformer, where the magnetic field lines need
      not have physical contact with the magnetic field
      lines? Ordinarily we visualize the magnetic field as
      an agent that transforms energy across space, and it
      does this by the physical interaction of magnetic
      field lines physically orthogonally interacting with
      the wires of the output coil. We then say the magnetic
      field conveys energy through space. Now in further
      high induction coil experiments, it was found that
      when an inductor is given an axially shaped capacity
      for its C component of resonance, we then assume that
      the electric lines of potential voltage difference
      then axially reside in the physical volume of space
      between the concentric outer and inner plates of
      electric potential, and we have no reason to believe
      that they would exist axially beyond the outer
      concentric plate of potential. Now these discreet
      components of L and C, each occupying a separate space
      can be shown to be in resonance at a certain
      frequency, but if the sizings of these components will
      allow for a spatial interaction between them, we can
      insert the axial capacitor C inside the interior core
      volume of the inductor L: but in the doing of this we
      find that this practice has caused the LC combination
      to go out of resonance. We have observed that electric
      lines of potential should not leave its outer
      boundary, thus they should not intersect the wires of
      the coil L, yet the impedance of L has been changed by
      the insertion of an interior electric field, causing
      the series combination of L and C no longer to be a
      resonant combination. This situation of why the
      resonance has been altered is comparable to Eastern
      philosophy of Yin vs Yang. And the western thinker can
      equate this same problem by dealing with the fact that
      two processes represent the same thing, and it is only
      the position of the observer that makes them appear
      different. A changing electric field creates a
      changing magnetic field 90 degrees in timing action
      difference from its original action, and the same
      effect applies vice versa. There is no authentic
      author to any action, they are merely infinite
      reflections of the inherent oscillation that has no
      author. To claim a beginning of effects is comparable
      to heresy. But because of logic a beginning and ending
      effect is necessary for the western mind. So we can
      categorize a phenomenon to better understand things
      according to the linear progression of rational logic.
      So we always say one thing causes another, but the
      truth of the matter is that we are deceived by our own
      observations, but yet both conclusions reach the same
      truth, so the entire matter can be looked at from one
      observation point as being irrevalent to begin with,
      and both points of view contain the same truth.
      But in that seemingly endless circle, a
      changing magnetic field generates its counterpart
      changing electric field: as an after effect in time
      itself, and those oscillations might continue forever
      if God had not put a stop to those vibrations by
      including the effect of losses of resistance. Thank
      you God for preserving the Universe! Us silly humans
      only wish to act as thee, and we wish to make
      oscillations that wont die down, only so that we can
      make them die down according to the desires of the
      loads we would place on the oscillations, but lucky
      for us God in his infinite wisdom; he has designed the
      universe so that every vibration will be damped
      according to the material in vibration; but by time he
      has allowed for the priviledge of finding controllable
      self feedback loops that do not employ such runaway
      effects to destroy the universe we happen to live in,
      and then everything is kosher.
      Going back to more sensible realizations, as
      Tesla dealt with, an outer concentric ring excited
      into resonance, causes the inner ring to vibrate by
      induction of magnetic fields moving through that
      interior volume of space. By cause and effect logic we
      understand that this is possible, because the magnetic
      field is used as the agent to convey energy. But our
      logic also makes the reverse principle appear
      illogical: We should not be able to excite the inner
      coil and expect the outer ring coil to pick up energy
      because the inner coils magnetic field does not reach
      sufficiently through space to excite the outer coil.
      But again as in the flux capacitor resonance analogy,
      the changing electric field of the inner device will
      still induce an emf on the outer device, even though
      no sensible magnetic connection exists between them,
      as in our point of relativity the device can work from
      the outside in , but not the inside out.
      So to conclude here, when I erected an outside
      loop construction of 7 ft diameter, around an inside
      loop construction of only 20 inches diameter, and both
      of these geometries were made to be approximately
      equal inductances, and the inner coil secondary was
      used as a tesla coil secondary, the outside loop of
      somewhat equal inductance was able to receive energy
      from the inside electric field change, even though
      that magnetic field from the inner coil should have
      had minimal interaction with the outer loop by virtue
      of ordinary magnetic field line crossagesÂ…. Instead
      the energy was carried through space by virtue of the
      changing electric field within the loop, exactly as
      occurs in the ferromagnetic analogy contained in the
      transformer example. In that transformer example the
      changing magnetic field in the core makes a changing
      electric field, ( the induced emf) 90 degrees out of
      phase with the primary emf, provided those respective
      measurements of timing of developed voltages are made
      with no load on the outputs. A changing magnetic field
      makes a changing electric field 90 degrees out of
      phase with its source, and the common transformer is
      proof of such. It then is also possible to provide the
      same analogy of actions using air core coils, which in
      that particular case the coils can be separated more
      widely in space, but by design of geometry and equal
      inductance the same ringing effect might be expressed
      between coil structures.
      (Mathematical Reference)

      The Wheeler equation is normally used in coil
      design to calculate inductance.
      L = R^2*N^2 / (9*R + 10*B) uH
      R = radius, inches
      N = number of turns
      B = coil length, inches

      If the quantity expressed by
      wheelers equation are applied for a constant length of
      wire, the top quantity NR squared also remains
      constant. By knowing this an important axiom can be
      developed. Given a specified inductance the remaining
      quantities R and B are such that they satisfy a
      parametric equation with two unknowns. Or the custom
      of supplying a function with y=f(x) can be specified.
      The simplest parametric equation is that of a circle
      where the radius of the circle being 1, is established
      by the equation x^2+y^2=1 If we further place this in
      customary form for applying calculus to find
      instantaneous rate change made by taking derivatives
      we change the formula to y^2= 1 -x^2 further reduced
      to y=sq rt{1-x^2} However when we do this, it only
      shows the top half of the circle above the x axis, so
      the true answer is both positive and negative the
      above function. In other words given one quantity as
      the parameter, and determining the matching parameter
      that will satisfy the equation we do not find unique
      answers but dual quantities that can satisfy the
      equation. In a likewise analogy to Wheelers equation
      the following fact is derived;

      Given a coil of specified length of wire,with
      spacings between wires to determine B as a parameter
      of ht of the coil, the radius of that coil can be
      easily calculated to construct an entirely identical
      inductance coil, but at a different H/d ratio. Like
      the parametric example of two different solutions
      presenting themselves for a given parameter input, we
      can also conclude that two sets of R,B quantities can
      present themselves as a solution, even WITH the
      additional requirement of equal spacing between
      windings be observed. This has been mathematically
      approximated and shown for a single layer coil of
      h/d=1.5 will have a ring shaped coil close to pi times
      the radius of the first coil as the alternative
      solution. However this is pure mathematical
      speculation and ignores the Medhurst considerations of
      geometry vs internal capacitance which can be viewed
      as an exotic tesla coil magnifier system design
      possibility expressed as the fact that every secondary
      may have another coil of entirely different geometries
      that will also respond equally to rf bursts on the
      primary. To easily establish this (mathematically
      only)we can make R any quantity and compute what the
      height of the coil, or the parameter B will have to be
      to secure the requirement of making a coil of
      identical inductance. This is done by understanding
      that since the top term is reduced to a constant with
      the same length of wire, this gives the bottom term
      the requirement of also becoming a constant value as
      determined by its parameters of existing R and B
      quantities, to be computed to deliver a constant value
      of inductance. Thus given any solenoidal coil with
      radius R, B is also a known quantity, and the
      denominator 9R+10B becomes the new constant first made
      by the existing coil. Thus by the equation 9R+10B=K we
      can vary R and find the corresponding B ht that such a
      coil would have to have to be identical inductance.
      Now each of these linear R&B solutions provide all the
      solutions, but those may be all but two that use
      identical spacing between wires and also many
      different solutions with different spacing between
      wires, still delivering identical inductances by
      Wheelers equation.

      > 3.All the secondarys inserted within each other are
      > hooked in parallel to step up current and amp
      > densities while the voltage changes little.
      > 4.I call this concept a Secondary Magna coil inwhich
      > there could be hundreds of inserted Secondary coils
      > inserted into each other.
      > 5.The Secondary Magna coil can be inserted within a
      > cylinder of insulating oil or even an inert fluid
      > like the noble gases to add to the coils needed
      > insulated properties.
      > This is for all people interested in building a
      > really small but very powerful tesla coil.
      > Best of wishes and brand new discoveries.
      > Gerald L.Blakley
      > Visit My Site:
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